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Mercedes seal record eighth consecutive constructors title as Hamilton misses driver’s crown

2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Mercedes have won the Formula 1 constructors championship for the eighth year in a row, extending their record.

Ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Mercedes had held a 28 point lead over Red Bull, arriving at Yas Marina with 546.5 points to Red Bull’s 541.5. Sergio Perez’s retirement in the latter stages of the race left Red Bull unable to beat Mercedes to the title.

Mercedes has won every constructors’ title since F1’s hybrid era was introduced in 2014. Lewis Hamilton, who has been with Mercedes since the start of their winning streak, and Valtteri Bottas, who departs the team for Alfa Romeo at the end of this season, have now won five constructors’ titles between them, Hamilton also having won three prior in partnership with former driver Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton lost the drivers’ championship to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the race. However Mercedes have lodged two protests following the conclusion of the grand prix.

History of F1 constructors’ champions

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2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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24 comments on “Mercedes seal record eighth consecutive constructors title as Hamilton misses driver’s crown”

  1. Well done mercedes lewis and bottas

    1. That said, why was Perez ordered to withdraw from the race?

      He seemed utterly confused when ordered to do so, having not reported any issues to his team and showing no signs of being off the pace in any way. Have we had any explanation why Red Bull gave him that order?

      1. Found an italian article where marko said there was an oil leak or something, so since they were no longer in the fight for the constructor they decided to retire the car to avoid the risk it’d stop on track and make the race end with the SC, a strange decision to give up a podium like that.

  2. Protest by Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team against Car 33, alleged breach of Article 48.8 of the 2021 FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations

    Protest by Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team against the classification established at the end of the Competition, alleged breach of Article 48.12 of the 2021 FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.

  3. This will be decided in court. Hamilton was robbed today.

    1. @amg44

      I can tell this will be the case. But I can see the only appropriate solution is to end the race at lap 57. This is already more on sporting and rulebook rather than on track. It’s Mercedes against stewards and FIA.

  4. Two protests were lodged by Mercedes.

    One for overtaking under SC. Verstappen was driving alongside Hamilton and very briefly got ahead of him at one or two points.
    Second for not following SC procedure.

    1. The 1st claim will undermine the 2nd.

      And the might find themselves in trouble for putting the sport into disrepute.

      Deservedly so.

  5. Mercedes has no choice but to appeal in order to clarify the restart rules for next season.

    1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
      12th December 2021, 15:59


  6. Max won wdc despite not having the wcc car

  7. The stewards could have stopped the race and allow them race for 4 laps.

    1. Agreed. Hamilton under red flag would have had a sporting chance starting with fresh tires.
      Instead the stewards made him a sitting duck for that last lap.

      1. he could also have changed tyres, you know

        1. no he couldn’t. how could he? Verstappen would just not pit and then he wouldn’t stand a chance

          1. That is called strategy. Rbr took the right decision, Mercedes the wrong one.
            It was a free choice (even Lewis questioned the choice they made)

          2. @nickthegreek
            They indeed could have pitted him. Had Max then stayed out, roles would have been reversed, and Hamilton would (expectably) have overtaken Verstappen the same way verstappen overtook Hamilton. Simple as that.
            In Mercedes defence (for a poor strategy call) is, that the decision to pit had to be taken under VSC, not knowing if it would have been a full safetycar. But all similar events with a stalled car not easily removed had meant safetycar, so a huge expectation at hand it would be the case here also.

        2. yeah, Hamilton could have given up track position, and then the race for sure would have ened under safety.
          There would have been no final last lap, because Horner wouldn’t have called the stewards asking for 1 lap.

          Mercedes followed the rules, beliving there was not enough time for the race to go full distance if those rule were followed.

    2. I agree red flag would have been a.better decision with hindsight. Having said that I think the FIA has been inconsistent the whole year and protesting based on the last race will only make it worse. As a dutchman I’m delighted that finaly we have a WDC. As a F1 fan I’m discusted abouth the dominant role of the FIA this season. The chamionship is decide by a roll of the dice. Please let them race and don’t let it turn in to american wrestling

      1. ha ha ha, well said. Happy for Max

  8. Good job from the whole team. Next year with Russel they’ll have a hell of pair.
    Bottas dropped the ball and was useless in this race. Time for him to find a new home and a new motivation.

  9. Definitely mercedes, as much as I don’t like them, for the car and the better number 2 driver deserved the constructor’s title, bottas unlike hamilton has been generally unlucky, offsetting the verstappen’s bad luck, so in the end who had to win won.

    1. I think Perez was the better number two, but fir the long time he took to adjust to the new team.

  10. Mercedes did not win the drivers championship. Everyone knows that is what matters in the end. Max winning with the second best car makes it even worse. Who is the best F1 driver right now; Hamilton or Verstappen? Where were Mercedes prior to the absolute engine advantage; not winning championships – that’s for sure. This did not quite work out to plan in the best way possible. Honda are the final WDC engine supplier of this era which is a good way to end. If only Max had driven for Mercedes they could have won it all – yep all of it – not just some.

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