Pourchaire returns to ART for second season in Formula 2

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Theo Pourchaire will compete in a second Formula 2 campaign with ART in 2022 after the team confirmed he will continue with them this year.

The 2022 F2 season will be the third successive year that Pourchaire has raced with the French team, having driven for ART in the 2020 Formula 3 championship before progressing up to Formula 2 last year.

Pourchaire, a member of the Sauber Driver Academy since 2019, finished fifth in the championship in his debut season, becoming the youngest ever winner in the series at Monaco.

The 18-year-old then drove a Formula 1 car for the first time in a test following the Hungarian Grand Prix for the Sauber-operated Alfa Romeo team.

The ART driver suffered a broken arm in a collision in the Baku feature race, but was able to recover without missing a race due to the long gaps between events last year. Pourchaire was later involved in a frightening start-line accident in Saudi Arabia when his stalled car was struck by Enzo Fittipaldi, resulting in both being taken to hospital with Pourchaire soon released.

ART’s announcement sees Pourchaire become the eighth driver to be confirmed for the 2022 F2 season.

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6 comments on “Pourchaire returns to ART for second season in Formula 2”

  1. Love this guy’s attitude and the way he races. I hope he can clinch the title this year and move up to F1. Very exciting prospect!

  2. Looks like Théo has to win this one. It’s good that there’s a reason to watch F2 this year.

    1. I’m hoping that F2 returns back to the feature / sprint race format this year like they had before.

      1. SomeguySomewhere
        11th January 2022, 14:34

        They’re going back to two races each round – I think this was announced a while back (at least it feels like it was a while ago) – and they’ve got 14 rounds on the calendar. So back to normal compared to 2021.

  3. Theo Pourchaire would be my pick for the championship in 2022, and hopefully that will be enough to get him a place on the grid for 2023. But as an Alfa Romeo junior driver and Bottas and Zhou unlikely to leave after one season, I suspect Pourchaire, if he wins, will end up doing a Piastri and spending a year on the sidelines before his debut in 2024.

  4. Can Alfa Romeo lend ART some engineers and mechanics this year? It might really help Theo’s championship chances. He’s a great prospect for Formula one and I will watch him in F2 this year.

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