Alpine have ‘big F1 testing programme’ for Piastri in 2022

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In the round-up: Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastri says the scale of Alpine’s testing programme for him during the 2022 Formula 1 season shows their commitment to him.

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“Quite a lot of days” testing for Piastri

Having missed out on an F1 drive for 2022, Piastri says he’s “not sure it would have been the right move” as he wanted to stay loyal to Alpine. He will be the team’s reserve driver this year.

“I’ll be pretty busy despite not doing that much driving we are putting together a big testing programme,” he told Auto Action.

“In the last couple of years, there hasn’t been that many young reserve drivers, certainly not many young reserve drivers that are that are the sole driver in that role, so I think that speaks volumes about Alpine’s commitment to me.

“Also putting together this testing programme… it’s quite substantial. I don’t think it’s a programme that we would have seen for a young driver for quite some time, which is fantastic as well.”

Toth returns to F3 with Charouz

Laszlo Toth will return for a second season in FIA Formula 3 with Charouz, having driven for Carlin last year. Charouz is yet to confirm who the 21-year-old’s team mates will be.

Toth failed to score in last year’s championship, managing a best finish of 16th in the second race at Zandvoort. Charouz’s top driver Logan Sargeant finished seventh in the championship.

“I’m perfectly aware that we have a very high potential,” said Toth, “so I hopefully will be able to get some points at the beginning of the season and will have the chance to add some more during the year.”

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CharouzLaszlo TothTBATBA

New finance head at Ferrari

Ferrari has appointed Luigi Centenari as its head of finance and F1 financial regulations. He has moved over from the GT racing division where he was in charge of sales, marking and manufacturing finance.

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Comment of the day

Laz runs the rule over Red Bull’s Formula 2 quintet:

We can safely rule out Daruvala from this list. I’m sorry but he has not shown anything to suggest he’ll merit a promotion. Soundly beaten by Tsunoda in his first year, he needed to compete for the title in his second – he did not. There’s nothing that stands out about him, even before in F3 when racing with Prema he was not their leading driver, and it was the case again both seasons in F2 with Carlin. It would take a massive improvement and a dominant season from him to put him in contention.

Vips and Lawson are the likely two who would get promoted, even then I think while they both showed flashes, ultimately their seasons were disappointing. Lawson was consistent but after that first win he never looked like challenging the front, Vips was closer to challenging at the front but couldn’t push himself into the championship picture regardless of those retirements. Both need to win the championship in their second season.

From what I watched of Iwasa in F3 he’s good on race day but his qualifying lets him down, so he needs to improve there. I expect he may struggle in F2 until he gets on top of that.

Hauger could really be the one to jump to the front of the queue by simply challenging consistently at the front in his maiden F2 season – in much the same way Tsunoda did. If he does that I can see him being first in line.

Ultimately though I think it all depends on whether Gasly leaves Alpha Tauri at the end of the season, and whether Tsunoda performs more consistently, and puts in performances more like Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Stealthman and Weasel Chops!

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  1. I pretty much share COTD’s view. I’m also more confident about Vips & Lawson than Daruvala.
    The matter indeed depends mainly on Gasly’s & Tsunoda’s situations.

    1. I think the CotD offers solid view of the Red Bull juniors as well @jerejj, although promotion of any driver between them will surely depend on how Gasly and Tsunoda do this year.

    2. Hauger is the only one that shines consistently out of that lot.

  2. Boo! no live coverage or timing from Barcelona testing.

    Seems like a missed opportunity to me given the interest in the new generation of cars.

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