F1 announces Singapore GP contract extension until 2028

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The Singapore Grand Prix will remain on the Formula 1 calendar until at least 2028 after event organisers signed a seven-year contract extension.

The series will return to the Marina Bay street circuit in early October. The race has been absent from the schedule for the last two seasons due to complications caused by the pandemic.

The announced contract extension will see the Singapore Grand Prix on the calendar over the next seven years.

Formula 1 president and CEO Stefano Domenicali confirmed the continuation of F1’s first night race.

“The Marina Bay Street Circuit hosted the first night race in F1 history in 2008, and Singapore has continued to thrill fans, teams, and drivers ever since,” said Domenicali.

“Singapore holds a special place on the F1 calendar, and this extension is part of our long-term commitment to continue to grow the sport in Asia.”

Singapore’s minister for transport, S Iswaran, said the race around the city’s streets was a “strong focal point for tourists, global events and business meetings”.

“We have decided to continue hosting the F1 race for another seven years, after thoroughly evaluating the long term benefits that a term extension could bring to Singapore,” said Iswaran.

“The renewal will help sustain Singapore’s reputation as a global city with a vibrant lifestyle, attracting international visitors as travel rebounds, and generating business revenue and jobs for Singaporeans.”

The Singapore Grand Prix played host to the very first night time grand prix ever held on its debut in the championship in the 2008 season. The inaugural race was won by Fernando Alonso in controversial circumstances: It later emerged his Renault team mate Nelson Piquet Jnr had been directed to deliberately crash his car by team management to provoke a strategically advantageous Safety Car for Alonso’s benefit.

The last race held at the Marina Bay circuit back in 2019 was won by Sebastian Vettel in both his last victory for Ferrari and his most recent win of his career.

This year’s Singapore Grand Prix is scheduled for October 2nd.

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6 comments on “F1 announces Singapore GP contract extension until 2028”

  1. It is a great track and the original night race. Let’s just hope that covid hasn’t extended its contract with F1.

  2. Singapore holds a special place

    … in the history books for still having Fernando Alonso listed as its 2008 GP winner.

  3. Nice. Shame that we have not raced here in 2020 and 2021. Would have loved to see the faster cars. I believe in either two of those years, the lap record would have been beaten. Superb track for driving but not for racing.

  4. Surprisingly far into the future rather than something like 2025 or mid-2020s generally as with several other events.
    Oh well, I don’t really care, a decent track, so I’m happy about continuation.

  5. Again sad news to F1. One of the worst if not the downright worst track in the calendar. No character whatsoever. Racing at night under the artificial lighting was cool back in the day but now we have other tracks doing the exact same thing. Time to let go of Singapore GP and return to Sepang.

    1. Sepang ruined their circuit for cars with that off-camber remodel of the final corner.

      Until that is fixed, I’m glad F1 isn’t racing there anymore.

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