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Williams sign Zak O’Sullivan to driver academy as he steps up to F3

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Williams have signed the 2021 GB3 champion Zak O’Sullivan to their driver academy and confirmed he will contest in this year’s FIA Formula 3 championship.

O’Sullivan is the latest driver announced to join this year’s F3 championship, racing again with Carlin after he claimed last season’s GB3 (previously known as British F3) championship title with them, taking seven race victories and 14 podiums.

The 16-year-old becomes the latest signing to the Williams Racing Driver Academy after team principal Jost Capito expressed a desire to expand the team’s young driver programme into a “serious and proper junior programme” late last year. He joins Formula 2 racer Logan Sargeant in the team’s junior roster.

O’Sullivan described joining the Williams junior programme as an “incredible opportunity”.

“I’m honoured to have been selected as a Williams Racing Academy Driver,” O’Sullivan said. “I can’t thank Jost, Sven and the whole team enough for their faith in me. Williams Racing is one of the most successful and respected teams in Formula One and have nurtured some of the greatest talents in the sport.

“I’m also so pleased to be continuing my relationship with Carlin and stepping up to FIA F3 with them this season. This will be my third year working with the team and I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.”

Williams sporting director, Sven Smeets, said the team was impressed by O’Sullivan’s performance in the team’s simulator.

“His incredibly successful GB3 Championship campaign speaks to his natural talent, and the team can attest to his capability, drive and professionalism having seen him drive the simulator in Grove,” said Smeets.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing him take on FIA Formula 3 next year; I know he’ll prove a formidable competitor. We’re now looking forward to working alongside Zak to support his development and progression, a role that we’re proud to play in a talented young driver’s career.”

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  • 5 comments on “Williams sign Zak O’Sullivan to driver academy as he steps up to F3”

    1. Really pleased about this signing. He did a great job in GB3 and deserves an opportunity further up the ladder.

      I was at Donington Park last July and saw him outclass the field to win the two opening races of the weekend. He was on for a good result in the reverse grid race, too, until he was punted out by Reece Ushijima (who is also making the step up for F3 for some reason). Since then I’ve been following his progress with interest, and look forward to seeing him in F3.

      1. The reason Ushijima is stepping up to F3 is probably financial backing, since his results are middling at best. O’Sullivan, on the other hand, seems to have a lot of potential. Happy for him.

      2. Thanks for this comment! It’s hard for me to follow GB3 (or whatever the name for F3) , so it’s good to have this information, looks really good signing by his results. Donington is a technical and tricky circuit, so this is a good sign. Will follow him closely this year.

    2. playstation361
      4th February 2022, 16:20

      Nice to see new people in the ground.

    3. Carlin Buzz Racing? Oh no…

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