2022 Australian Grand Prix interactive data: lap charts, times and tyres

2022 Australian Grand Prix

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With a few notable exceptions most drivers converged on the same strategy for the Australian Grand Prix.

However one driver opted for a bold strategy which delivered big rewards and could tempt others to try the same in coming races.

For the first time in four years Pirelli brought a non-consecutive selection of tyre compounds to a race: The C2 (hard), C3 (medium) and C5 (soft). The latter was too soft to consider using for a normal-length stint.

Most drivers preferred to start on the medium tyre. There were two strong incentives to go this way.

The hard tyre takes longer to warm up, and therefore is a disadvantage at the start. None of the drivers who started on it gained any places on lap one.

Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Albert Park, 2022
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Plus, in a race where Safety Car periods are likely, teams want to be able to take advantage of any opportunity to pit ‘under yellow’ in order to save time. If the Safety Car comes out early, drivers who start on the medium can switch to the hard, run to the end and fulfil the need to use two different tyre compounds. But those who start on the hards may not be able to make the mediums last long enough for that to work.

The few who opted to start on hards were largely those who had qualified ‘out of position’, such as the occupants of row five, Carlos Sainz Jnr and Fernando Alonso. But it didn’t pay off for either of them.

Sainz had more trouble with his steering wheel at the start, fell into anti-stall and lost five places. Alonso stayed out during the early Safety Car period, was able to make his pit stop during a later Virtual Safety Car period, but still lost several places. He then suffered heavy tyre degradation while running behind other cars and had to pit again.

However one driver made starting on hard tyres pay off in a big way: Alexander Albon. He started last on a set of hards and didn’t pit until the final lap of the race.

Alex Albon, Williams, Albert Park, 2022
Slow pit stop almost undid Albon’s hard work
He was running seventh at that point and had a 19.4 second lead over 11th-placed Zhou Guanyu. That should have been enough for him to comfortably enter and exit the pits ahead. However his pit stop was the second-slowest of the race, his team losing time with a sticking left-front wheel.

Nonetheless Albon made it out of the pits fractionally ahead of the Alfa Romeo, and used his set of soft tyres to out-run his rival to the line. It was the only lap any driver did all race on a set of C5s.

Race winner Charles Leclerc set the fastest lap on the final tour, securing the bonus point. It was a good thing he did, as he would have otherwise lost his fastest lap to Alonso, who also reeled off a quick lap at the end on his fresher medium rubber.

Leclerc’s fastest lap underlined Ferrari’s strongest performance so far this year. Even before Max Verstappen went out with a problem related to his fuel system, Red Bull had repeatedly fallen back from Ferrari, unable to manage their tyres as well as their rivals. After the first Safety Car period Verstappen lost eight seconds to Leclerc in just 11 laps.

After two races where the leading teams were a close match on pace, Red Bull’s lack of performance and reliability in Australia will set alarm bells ringing in Milton Keynes.

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2022 Australian Grand Prix lap chart

The positions of each driver on every lap. Click name to highlight, right-click to reset. Toggle drivers using controls below:

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2022 Australian Grand Prix race chart

The gaps between each driver on every lap compared to the leader’s average lap time. Very large gaps omitted. Scroll to zoom, drag to pan and right-click to reset. Toggle drivers using controls below:

2022 Australian Grand Prix lap times

All the lap times by the drivers (in seconds, very slow laps excluded). Scroll to zoom, drag to pan and toggle drivers using the control below:

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2022 Australian Grand Prix fastest laps

Each driver’s fastest lap:

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Charles LeclercFerrari1’20.26058
2Fernando AlonsoAlpine-Renault1’20.8460.58657
3Sergio PerezRed Bull1’21.0940.83458
4George RussellMercedes1’21.4951.23553
5Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo-Ferrari1’21.6511.39154
6Max VerstappenRed Bull1’21.6771.41737
7Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’21.8861.62651
8Lando NorrisMcLaren-Mercedes1’22.2481.98855
9Daniel RicciardoMcLaren-Mercedes1’22.4512.19154
10Esteban OconAlpine-Renault1’22.4692.20958
11Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo-Ferrari1’22.5412.28155
12Alexander AlbonWilliams-Mercedes1’22.5892.32954
13Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri-Red Bull1’22.7312.47152
14Mick SchumacherHaas-Ferrari1’23.0062.74655
15Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari1’23.0712.81144
16Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri-Red Bull1’23.3423.08256
17Lance StrollAston Martin-Mercedes1’23.5923.33248
18Nicholas LatifiWilliams-Mercedes1’23.8823.62249
19Sebastian VettelAston Martin-Mercedes1’25.1894.92917
20Carlos Sainz JnrFerrari1’39.02818.7681

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2022 Australian Grand Prix tyre strategies

The tyre strategies for each driver:

Stint 1Stint 2Stint 3
Carlos Sainz JnrC2 (1)
Sebastian VettelC2 (22)
Max VerstappenC3 (18)C2 (20)
Charles LeclercC3 (22)C2 (36)
Mick SchumacherC3 (14)C2 (43)
Kevin MagnussenC2 (39)C3 (18)
Yuki TsunodaC3 (18)C2 (39)
Nicholas LatifiC3 (13)C2 (10)C2 (34)
Sergio PerezC3 (20)C2 (38)
George RussellC3 (23)C2 (35)
Lewis HamiltonC3 (22)C2 (36)
Fernando AlonsoC2 (39)C3 (14)C3 (4)
Lando NorrisC3 (20)C2 (38)
Daniel RicciardoC3 (21)C2 (37)
Esteban OconC3 (17)C2 (41)
Valtteri BottasC3 (22)C2 (36)
Pierre GaslyC3 (21)C2 (37)
Alexander AlbonC2 (57)C5 (1)
Zhou GuanyuC3 (21)C2 (37)
Lance StrollC2 (3)C3 (1)C2 (19)

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2022 Australian Grand Prix pit stop times

How long each driver’s pit stops took:

DriverTeamPit stop timeGapOn lap
1Sergio PerezRed Bull17.43420
2Lando NorrisMcLaren17.5560.12220
3Lewis HamiltonMercedes17.8770.44322
4Nicholas LatifiWilliams17.9360.50223
5Charles LeclercFerrari17.9730.53922
6Daniel RicciardoMcLaren18.1500.71621
7Lance StrollAston Martin18.2420.8083
8Max VerstappenRed Bull18.2810.84718
9Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo18.3800.94621
10Fernando AlonsoAlpine18.3940.96053
11Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo18.4130.97922
12Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri18.4431.00918
13George RussellMercedes18.4791.04523
14Nicholas LatifiWilliams18.5521.11813
15Lance StrollAston Martin18.5601.1264
16Fernando AlonsoAlpine18.7961.36239
17Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri18.9261.49221
18Mick SchumacherHaas19.0391.60514
19Kevin MagnussenHaas19.1111.67739
20Esteban OconAlpine19.1281.69417
21Alexander AlbonWilliams19.8452.41157
22Lance StrollAston Martin20.4022.96823

2022 Australian Grand Prix

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  2. Thanks for this. So Alex has Fernando to thank for as it was the graining Fernando that caused Zhou to lose lap tine.

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  4. Leclerc mega pace. Hamilton was doing a good job at preserving the tyres.

  5. 1’21.651 fastest lap of Bottas on lap 54 is an interesting one for me. Just 0,15sec shy to Russell and 0,5sec faster than Hamilton. Bottas passed Gasly on lap 55 so that fastest time may have gotten some help from DRS while closing to Gasly or it may have badly affected its as he was faster than Gasly on corners. Anyhow it is still 5th fastest lap time and deserved attention I think. I hope Alfa and Bottas can keep a good show all season long.

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