Stanek snatches F3 pole from Martins at chequered flag

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Roman Stanek has taken Formula 3 pole around Barcelona with a late run that saw him set the best time at the chequered flag.

F3’s practice session had been uninterrupted, with Victor Martins looking confidently ahead of the pack in the times. Arthur Leclerc and Stanek had been second and third fastest, respectively.

With 30 cars out on track for qualifying there were almost immediate queues at the final chicane, as soon as drivers started their flying laps.

Caio Collet held the fastest time for the first half of the session, after Martins’ initial run had been slightly interrupted by a pit lane incident that nearly saw him in an unsafe release. However, times began falling dramatically in the second half of the session and Martins claimed the top spot with a 1’33.568, Alexander Smolyar within half a tenth slower in second.

Drivers all went back into the pits with ten minutes to go or final adjustments before heading back out with six and a half minutes to go, Isack Hadjar leading the pack away.

The traffic situation got no better, cars going three wide on warm up laps while trying to find a gap. Enzo Trulli, in particular, took a risky outside line in the middle sector to put himself second in the queue, behind Leclerc.

Drivers finally got away with two minutes to go and despite the rapid evolution of the track for their second runs, none were able to best Martins’ time. At the chequered flag, however, Roman Stanek – who had been largely anonymous for most of the session – managed to beat Martins’ time to set a 1’33.516.

Alexander Smolyar was third fastest, with Hitech rookie Isack Hadjar set to start fourth on the grid. Leclerc was forced to settle for fifth, being at the head of the qualifying pack proving no advantage in the final runs. Oliver Bearman, Collet, Kaylen Frederick and Jak Crawford made up the lower half of the top ten, with Juan-Manuel Correa returning from missing the Imola round due to a foot fracture taking tenth and securing himself a second-row start for the partially-reversed sprint grid.

Zane Maloney, already in a bad situation after missing the weighbridge when called in early in the session and so facing a likely disqualification, went flying over kerbs on his final lap. He held the car on track but was unable to improve his time. He qualified 12th, putting him on pole for the sprint race, pending any penalty, with 11th-fastest Spanish driver David Vidales set for a sprint race front row start alongside him.

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Formula 3 Spain qualifying results

Position Car Driver Team
1 2 Roman Stanek Trident
2 7 Victor Martins ART
3 11 Alexander Smolyar MP
4 18 Isack Hadjar Hitech
5 4 Arthur Leclerc Prema
6 6 Oliver Bearman Prema
7 10 Caio Collet MP
8 17 Kaylen Frederick Hitech
9 5 Jak Crawford Prema
10 9 Juan Manuel Correa ART
11 20 David Vidales Campos
12 3 Zane Maloney Trident
13 29 Franco Colapinto HWA
14 8 Gregoire Saucy ART
15 1 Oliver Rasmussen Trident
16 22 Pepe Marti Campos
17 31 Reece Ushijima HWA
18 30 Rafael Villagomez HWA
19 26 Zak O’Sullivan Carlin
20 21 Hunter Yeany Campos
21 25 William Alatalo Jenzer
22 15 Lirim Zendeli Charouz
23 12 Kush Maini MP
24 19 Nazim Azman Hitech
25 23 Ido Cohen Jenzer
26 28 Enzo Trulli Carlin
27 24 Federico Malvestiti Jenzer
28 27 Brad Benavides Carlin
29 16 Francesco Pizzi Charouz
30 14 Laszlo Toth Charouz

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  1. Where’s David Schumacher?

    1. Jockey Ewing
      20th May 2022, 21:25

      According to Wikipedia, he left F3 and drives in DTM in the 2022 season.
      So initially the plan was DTM for him for this season, and later on he got/found an F3 drive at Charouz.
      Now as the DTM weekend and the F3 weekend is held at the same time, apparently he is driving at DTM, and is replaced for the current weekend by Lirim Zendeli at F3.

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