Point would have come sooner but we ‘lost our way with set-up a bit’ – Schumacher

2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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After finishing with both cars in the points for two grand prix in a row, Haas has rediscovered the way to set up its car, says Mick Schumacher.

Schumacher scored his first points in the British Grand Prix and followed it up with a career-best sixth in Austria one week later.

“We’re now at 10 points, which is quite nice and would have been 12 if in Silverstone we would have been P7,” said Schumacher, who joined his team mate Kevin Magnussen in the points at both races. “It’s great for the team, double points finish again, twice in a row. Which was not really anticipated in some ways so it’s a refreshing change.”

A points finish “could have came a lot earlier” for Schumacher, he admitted. “But I think that anyway we now showed the potential that the car has, but also we showed the potential the drivers have.”

Following a strong start to the season Haas endured a series of point-less races. Schumacher says the team “know what we need for our car to go quick” now.

“We had a strong car at the beginning of the year. I see some people brought updates, we maybe lost our way in terms of set-up a bit, but then came back to a very good set-up and other people maybe are struggling with their package so that completes the result that you see,” he explained.

During Saturday’s sprint race Schumacher was frustrated the team did not instruct Magnussen to let him by, and later pulled away from Magnussen, meaning he no longer had the benefit of DRS to hold off Lewis Hamilton.

“I was also mainly angry because I felt like we lost points as a team and I think that every point in Formula 1 is valuable,” Schumacher said. “So I was just a bit mad that we didn’t manage to get that point.”

“The main thing that I learned is that everybody is human, everybody makes mistakes and everybody is under pressure and sometimes gets to a point where they make mistakes,” he added.

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2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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2 comments on “Point would have come sooner but we ‘lost our way with set-up a bit’ – Schumacher”

  1. It really seems that Schumacher has become more self assured. At least more so openly.

  2. Good on him to get some confidence back. He always was a bit of a slow starter.. he only found his footing in F2 when in his second season. I think he should only get better from here. If he starts beating Magnussen more consistently this season, his stock will definitely rise.

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