Schumacher has made “big step” with points scoring races – Magnussen

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Kevin Magnussen says his Haas team mate Mick Schumacher has “certainly taken a big step” after securing back-to-back points finishes in the last two races.

Schumacher finally claimed his first career points finish at his 31st race by taking eighth at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, before following that up with a sixth place finish at the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend.

Alongside a tenth and an eighth place finish for Magnussen in the same races, Schumacher’s first points of the season helped to snap Haas’s run of five races without scoring and moved the team up to seventh in the constructors’ championship ahead of AlphaTauri. Magnussen says the results show that his younger team mate is making progress as a driver.

“We’re now P7 in the championship and that’s what we need,” said Magnussen.

“We need both drivers to be performing, because it’s tough when you’re the only one scoring points. It’s just better for the team if both are performing and he certainly has taken a big step the last two races, so it’s good.”

Despite the pick up of form for Schumacher, Magnussen says he has not noticed a change in attitude from his team mate. Asked if he felt Schumacher’s demeanour had changed since claiming his first points, Magnussen said “I don’t know.”

“I kind of focus on myself,” Magnussen continued. “I’m focussed on myself and I think Mick has seemed pretty much the same.”

Haas are currently expected to introduce their long-awaited upgrades to their VF-22 at the Hungarian Grand Prix following next weekend’s French Grand Prix. Magnussen hopes his team’s more conservative approach to upgrades compared to other teams on the grid means they will be more likely to prove successful.

“You’ve got to be careful with these upgrades, sometimes,” he said. “The other teams don’t seem to have found so much with theirs.

“Hopefully we can find something with ours, but it’s not like I’m expecting a huge change in the picture. I think if you can make a slight step forward, that’s good.”

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9 comments on “Schumacher has made “big step” with points scoring races – Magnussen”

  1. I wonder if Haas will listen to Mick’s opinion on the updates they’re bringing, as Kevin has already proved completely useless in evaluating changes to the car.

  2. It tools a long time for Mick to get going in F1, he has had around 30 races before hitting the mark, a lot longer than many other drivers ever got. But going by his F3 and F2 form, once he hits the mark he stays at that level, so he might actually be a very capable F1 driver now. Magnussen has done great this year.

    1. That is strange. Because since F4 his first season wasn’t really good but every year after some time in second season he starts drive really well?

      1. Yes, seems to be a pattern which is repeating in every series.

  3. Prosportscars
    16th July 2022, 19:18

    Mick has taken a step up, but hes yet to convince me that he has a future in F1. Other than Latifi who is clearly worse, and Stroll who is arguably at the same level, all other drivers have proved that they are better than Mick. So hes either the 2nd or 3rd worst driver, hes going to have fight hard to preserve his seat for 2023.

  4. F1 fan’s, but especially the media’s, memories are so pathetically short.

    1. Fans’*

    2. Elaborate.

  5. Likely something to do with the plurality of Fans and to whom and what, possession is attributed.
    I didn’t flunk grammar, but it was close.

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