“Important” for Ferrari to show it can avoid mistakes in final part of season – Binotto

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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The final races of 2022 will be “important” for Ferrari to demonstrate it can avoid the mistakes which have blighted its championship campaign, says team principal Mattia Binotto.

John Elkann, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2022
Elkann said Ferrari have made “too many mistakes”
Binotto received the backing of Ferrari chairman John Elkann in an interview ahead of the team’s home race. However Elkann also acknowledged Ferrari has made “too many mistakes” over the season so far.

Speaking in today’s FIA press conference, Binotto said that while the team has made great strides with its car performance this year, it needs to eliminate the errors which have compromised its season.

“You need to go back many years to see such a big [car] development,” Binotto told media including RaceFans. “So I think overall the team have done a fantastic job in the development of the current car.

“But still there is situations, first I think reliability. The reliability cost us at least a couple of victories and in order to win championships you need to be reliable, no doubt.

“Race management as well: Strategy, pit stops there are improvements that are required. I think during the race weekend you may always do mistakes, I think being perfect is almost impossible, you need to take decisions in real-time on the pit wall.”

The team’s home race at Monza this weekend marks the final European race of the season, after which just six races remain. While the championships are virtually guaranteed to go to rivals Red Bull and Max Verstappen, Binotto says Ferrari must prove they are capable of being championship contenders over the final rounds.

“The team overall is a great team,” he said. “It has proved doing such a great car. But certainly we are aware there are still steps of improvement which are required to win the championship.

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“How long it will take, back at the factory, here at the race track, we are all working very hard to be there as soon as possible. So that’s why I think the final part of the championship is important for us, it’s important because we need to prove to ourselves that we are capable of addressing mistakes and improving furthermore and that will be important for the next seasons as well.

“So finishing well the season is important for the next one and furthermore for the following ones. It’s a continuous process of improvement on which we act. But we are not too distant from where we need to be and I think that by continuously working, as we’ve been in the last few seasons, I’m pretty sure that we will be there very soon.”

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Ferrari last took a driver to the championship in 2007 and last won the constructors’ title in 2008. Elkann said he is confident they will end their title drought by 2026.

Binotto said Elkann’s goal is important to manage expectations of how quickly the team will return to competitiveness following its slump to sixth in the championship two years ago.

“What he said precisely is before 2026, so from now until 2026. And no doubt so the ambition continues to do it as soon as possible.

“On the other side, we look at the current season, we are aware that there are still steps which are required to be somehow in the position to win a championship.”

Binotto said he is in “continuous discussion” with Elkann over the team’s performance and his public comments came as no surprise to him. “Internally we are focused, we are okay and no concerns but I think such an interview certainly is great because it’s confirming what we already know.”

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2022 Italian Grand Prix

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