Verstappen deserves his success for “incredible season” – Sainz

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has lavished praised on runaway championship leader Max Verstappen, who could clinch his second Formula 1 title at the next race in Singapore.

Verstappen holds a 116-point lead over Sainz’s Ferrari team mate Charles Leclerc with six races remaining, having scored his 11th victory of the season at Monza.

Sainz said his former team mate Verstappen has driven well and made few errors in what is set to be a successful championship defence.

“I think he’s had a very strong season,” said the Ferrari driver.

“He’s done very little mistakes. Whenever he’s done mistakes – like in Spain, he spun in the same place than me, in Hungary he spun – he’s recovered from the mistakes and gone [on to] win. I think this is the biggest difference that even in the days that he’s had maybe a bit of an off, he still managed to go and win.”

Verstappen’s title defence got off to a troubled start as he suffered car trouble in two of the first three races which allowed Leclerc to pull 46 points ahead of him. But the Red Bull driver has piled on win after win over the following rounds while Ferrari have increasingly hit trouble.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Monza, 2022
Analysis: How Verstappen can clinch the championship at the next race in Singapore
“Since the first [three] races they’ve also been super-reliable and you add up all those things and he’s having an incredible season and I think he deserves it,” said Sainz. “Him as a driver, I think he’s also doing a particularly strong job.”

Verstappen has won the last five races in a row. But speaking after his Monza win, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said keeping that winning run going over the remaining six rounds would be “a massive ask” for the driver and team.

“There’s some huge variance of circuits, Singapore compared to here has got the most corners on the circuit. It’s bumpy, it’s a street track. So it’s a much different challenge.

“We’re in a great position in the championship, but we’re going to attack every race and do the best we can in points or take care of themselves. We’ve been quick at a Spa or a Zandvoort or a Monza, and Budapest even, so on a variance of circuits the car’s performing really well.”

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2022 F1 season

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76 comments on “Verstappen deserves his success for “incredible season” – Sainz”

  1. I feel we are all very lucky there was never a Mercedes Max combination. Season would have been wrapped up mid way every year.

    1. True. Makes you think just how fast Max is.

      I think he would have definitely destroyed Bottas in the same team, much the way he’s doing to Perez. Yet Bottas regularly out qualified Ham and occasionally out raced him…

      1. Easy to beat your teammates when they’re never allowed to race you like Max’s teammates. They’ve already lost the race against him before practice starts so why would they be looking to beat him when they’re contractually bound to support his race. Hamilton has never had a defacto number 2 as a teammate like Max has had for his entire career bar Ricciardo and Sainz.

        1. Hamilton has never had a defacto number 2 as a teammate

          You have got to be kidding here

          1. No there hasn’t been, that’s simply a fact.

          2. Valtteri? Is that you?

          3. You obviously cant comprehend, that there is no wingman strategy at Merc, until its really needed to raise the chances for WDC in the final races of a season.

            Thats ever since the beginning, and the complete opposite to RBR, who start the season with one driver being the wingman only (probably already written down in the drivers contracts).

            Not seeing those facts makes you look kind of silly, but go on spinning your narratives. At least it makes it easy for everyone to recognize your twisted reality.

        2. Easy to beat your teammates when they’re never allowed to race you like Max’s teammates.

          Beating Sainz, Ricciardo, Gasly, Albon and Perez cant be coincidental. Or were all of them not allowed to win? That sounds a bit like a waste of putting fuel in those cars then. I dont buy this view. It was clear form the get go this guy has something special. Why on earth would a multiple WDC call him ‘this guy’ from the moment he joined. It said a lot Lewis chose to do so. Instant recognition.

          1. Narrowly beating Ricciardo and Sainz while getting preferential treatment. Also worth noting that both Sainz and Ricciardo’s driving ability has been questioned over the last 2 years.
            Perez was shown a clean pair of heels by Button who is not the fastest ever driver and nearly beaten by Ocon who isn’t wowing against a diminished Alonso.
            Gasly and Albon are not top tier drivers.

            I think you can sum up Verstappen’s career so far as being steeped in preferential treatment even from the FIA.

          2. Ok, that is quite a bunch of strange, remarkable and inaccurate train of thoughts there. Have a nice day.

        3. Boring comment

          1. And yet you replied.

        4. @slowmo you mean the same facts that told us that MB never give teamorder so quick in the season. While everyone knows bottas got his first order during the fourth race in 2021. Meaning: if you have facts, please show them. Otherwise we don’t get further than RB sabotaged the car of Ricciardo to favour Max. I respect everone’s opinion, unless proven, don’t say it are facts

          1. Bottas gave up one result for Hamilton in their time together and that wasn’t it. That was simply team orders as they were on different strategies.

            I never said anything about Ricciardo being sabotaged. Take a deep breath and calm down.

      2. I

        think he would have definitely destroyed Bottas in the same team, much the way he’s doing to Perez. Yet Bottas regularly out qualified Ham and occasionally out raced him…

        IIRC, Perez did outqualify and “outrace” Verstappen a couple of times at the start of this season, he even got pole in Saudi…..but then the car started to be developed in Verstappen’s favour and Perez has somewhat struggled since. Also, Perez is driving a slower car than Verstappen. Horner has stated (due to the different floors) than Perez is losing upto a 10th in comparison to Verstappen.

        Bottas tended to get the same equipment as Hamilton and car development at Merc tended to be more neutral. Bottas is a better qualifier than Perez. Bottas beat and outqualified Ricciardo every time they met in the lower forms of racing. And Ricciardo outqualified Verstappen in 2016.

        Bragging about Verstappen outqualifying Perez isn’t that big a deal. Button who isn’t a great qualifier out-qualified Perez and Hamiton demolished Button in qualifying. I’d argue, Hamilton, at his peak would be easily outqualifying Perez too. Perez is currently in a rocketship compared to the current Merc, yet both George and Lewis have still managed to outqualify Perez on numerous occasions

        Verstappen is doing well but some of his fans need to take a step back and get some perspective.

        1. “but then the car started to be developed in Verstappen’s favour”

          Could that be because Verstappen is better at providing feedback to the engineers than Perez, or could it be that the setup which suited Perez was a dead-end, or that Pere struggled with the design changes needed to make the car go faster? Or maybe, for the first few races, Max was the one doing the bulk of development testing whilst Perez was left to focus on race setups. Whatever the reason for the relative loss of pace of Perez compared to Verstappen, I don’t see any reason or evidence to think it was a conspiracy to ensure Max remained the team’s number one driver.

    2. Indeed. He would’ve won 15-20 races per year between 2014 and 2021, amassing 120 to 160 wins. Liberty must be sweating bullets knowing what’s coming until 2026. I have no doubt they will change aero regulations earlier than planned to somehow nerf Red Bull, because otherwise Max is going to dominate like no one did before. Mark my words, in few years also mainstream media will start to hail him as THE GOAT, because he indeed is already the best driver in F1 history.

      1. I don’t understand comments like these.

        Red Bull’s advantage isn’t 1.5 to 2s worth of engine advantage. It’s simply building a better car on aero. Which means their concept is out in the open for everyone to see and use as inspiration for their 2023 car. Will they be amongst the top teams until 2026? For sure. Will the other teams be able to build a car that’s competitive to them, yes they will.

        Nothing needs to be “nerfed” for this to happen.

        1. No one should delude themselves thinking in the coming seasons it will be anything other than Red Bull-Ferrari-Mercedes in the top 3. Ferrari badly lost this year even with massive advantage of focusing early on 2022. Mercedes are more interested in diversity and inclusion with their Accelerate 25 programme than actual racing (just think for a second why so many top-tier engineers left Mercedes and joined Red Bull last couple of years). Red Bull fought tooth and nail until the very last race of 2021 and still were competetive from the get-go, only to get better and better as 2022 progresses. What makes you think anyone can match them in the future, if nobody could this year?

          Ferrari and Mercedes have to built their cars to be 0.3-0.5s quicker than Red Bull to have an actual title fight chance, which is not going to happen. Max is dominating this year in a car which is at best equal to Ferrari and at worst 0.3s slower. If things remain the same, Max is also going to dominate 2023. And 2024. And 2025. If Red Bull are even a couple of tenths ahead of their competition, Max will be winning 20 races per year. He’s the best driver in F1 history and makes the crucial difference.

          1. You didn’t say that. You said it would be Red Bull dominance.

            And now you’re onto some anti-diversity crusade for some reason.

            Good luck with that.

          2. Ferrari and Mercedes have to built their cars to be 0.3-0.5s quicker than Red Bull to have an actual title fight chance, which is not going to happen

            Never read so much nonsense in all my days. You only have to look back at 2021 to blow this nonsense out the water. Newey and some insiders rated RB the best car yet the only thing that stopped Hamilton from winning was the race director making up his own safety car rules when he was about to win his 8th title. As for 2022, RB is by far the most superior car. It is well ahead of the Ferrari. Even Verstappen called the RB18 a rocketship.

          3. AM, the only thing that stopped hamilton, we could also say, was his baku mistake…

          4. @Esploratore
            He tried his best to destroy his chances in Imola too. Bottas causing a red flag put him from being a lap down to +18 points. He was so lucky last year to get to AD with a chance of the title.

          5. “just think for a second why so many top-tier engineers left Mercedes and joined Red Bull last couple of years”

            Money perhaps. Quite where you get the idea from that Mercedes put too much effort into diversity programs is a puzzler though. Do you have a single shred of evidence to support that, or it is just a case of any attempt at all to support diversity is too much for you?

      2. Maybe once Max will be the GOAT, when he won some more races and WDCs, even tough he got the first WDC gifted by the RD. Therefore he needs to be in one of the fastest cars for some more years. This year no other car-performance but Ferrari was anywhere close til now, so its a easy WDC. But noone says, that it will stay like this for another 5+ years, so lets see.

        What Max would have been able to do at Merc in the last years – noone knows. More than HAM – I dont think so. Maybe HAM would have achieved more in the RBR than Max did.

        1. The race director gave him what luck took away, or maybe I should think more about conspiracy than luck since he got taken out multiple times by merc drivers.

          1. He was gifted points for no rsce in Spa, he took out HAM in Monza, he got no appropriate penalty in Brazil and Jeddah, he had his share on the crash in Silverstone…

            Strange statement to say he was on the short side, til he was gifted the title-deciding race.

          2. I would rather say he was severely disadvantaged at Silverstone. Being bumped off while his opponent got very well treated by FIA (red flag and lenient penalty). Monza was Lewis fault as well as he left way too much space on the left when going into the right hander. If you do that and a car takes this space, you can not pretend that car is not on your left at the subsequent left hander. Text book rookie mistake. It is a direct result of Lewis being rusty from leading from the front for over a decade and only having to ‘battle’ back markers. Brasil and Jeddah I agree with. By that time the FIA had advantaged Lewis the whole season -in an attempt to get excitement for their Liberty partner- to such an extent I felt Max was even being reasonably cool given tyre gate, wing gate, pitstop gate, ‘lets use yet another rocket engine gate’ and bumping him off twice. There was only one worthy champion in 2021 and it was not the 7x WDC cry baby and his team boss who showed their true colours and character under pressure. To me they have tossed away their achievements of the last decade in a single season. Before 2021 they had my utmost respect and admiration, but their complete meltdown at the hint of some competition destroyed all their legacy.

          3. Spot the orange loony brigade

          4. @Mayrton
            At Monza he was caught napping again and tried to close the door too late. Big mistake to squeeze someone to the inside, especially onto the sausage kerbs. He really should have ran him out in the first part of the chicane like Max did to him on lap 1.
            Also, this happened at one of the slowest corners on the calendar. Copse was at one of the fastest.

          5. Max was partly at fault in Silverstone, and intentionally crashed into HAM on Monza. Orange glasses seem to cause blindness.

          6. @romtrain Thank’s for letting us know you’r alright. The ‘orange glasses’, yes and you and mister slowmo are the objectives here. Please respect the opinion of another (like you react when it doesn’t suit you)

          7. @Romtrain
            Seriously, with the orange glasses thing yet again?
            The stewards at Silverstone were wrong to only make Lewis predominantly at fault and not fully. This year at Spa they were lenient again with him even though he admitted he was at fault. He is is still making careless moves the same as last year. It seems it is you who has glasses on.

          8. stewards were wrong in monza, brazil and eddah, not serving max the appropriate penalties. and in silverstone to not judge it as the racing incident it was, with the overaggressive bully who looked for a crash during the whole first lap already, and then decided to ignore the car on the inside. bur your bias obviously lets you ignore all facts and keeps you spamming your orange narratives.

          9. @Romtrain
            You need to look at some onboards of Lewis’ Silverstone shunt on Max and the near miss he had with Leclerc. Maybe educate yourself and take those glasses off yourself. Against Leclerc he nearly touched his rear right wheel even though he was on the inside kerb. He later was overheard saying to Leclerc that he didn’t want to hit him.
            If he had taken the line that he did against Max, a car width away from the inside kerb, he would have smashed Leclerc out of the race as well. It’s all there for you to look at, if you really want although it doesn’t seem you work with facts.

          10. @G, exactly. I have seen plenty of drivers go just a bit more wide on the first right hander, taking away the possibility for a car to position itself next to you. Game over. Yet he left the space, a car was there as a result of it and then subsequently decided to just turn left like no car was there. That’s indeed caught napping and quite frankly a junior mistake. This seasons race saw plenty of drivers get through the corner together, two wide. It was a clear Hamilton mistake and the stewards are way too lenient based on his nr of titles. Just like at Silverstone Lewis deprived the audience of a fight that could have continued for more laps. He really should bin his sense of entitlement and up his driving. Like said before I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt given he hasnt had to fight for over a decade and is therefore rusty. I am confident this years car will get him back at his former level since he is getting more practice in wheel to wheel situations.

          11. @Romtrain. We might differ in views on things but stating Silverstone wasn’t fully Lewis fault is in my opinion very far fetched. There was an exact similar situation with Leclerc who even gave less space than Max did, yet Lewis did manage to be 2 metres further to the right on the curb and did not hit Charles. It is 100% clear what happened in that corner, especially taking into account the way the Sprint race unfolded. And the thing is: Schumacher, Senna all had their moments like this. I know they are warriors when it comes down to these situations. So I can accept to a certain extent the frustration that led to this dangerous move from Hamilton. But not owning up to any of it just breathes guilt and disrespect to the sport that gave him everything. It does not reflect so much on the driver Lewis but it does speak the world about his personality.

          12. @Mayrton: Stewards ruled he was not fully to blame. Experienced drivers stated it was a racing incident. No matter how often you twist the facts in your orange anti-ham narratives, facts stay facts. To call it far fetched just shows how distorted your reality is.

            Monza, Brazil, Jeddah – that were intentional crash-attempts speaking about the personality of a driver, but its your favoured paperchamp – so your orange glasses shield you from the reality.

      3. @armchairexpert Max Verstappen is very good, probably better than Lewis Hamilton and has the potential to the the greatest ever in Formula 1, but right now, he has far from proved himself to be on the same level as Jim Clark or Juan Manuel Fangio.

    3. Season would have been wrapped up mid way every year.

      Not really. The early wrap of the season is because Charles and Ferrari have scored own goals. Max has improved from last year, for sure. But Charles and Ferrari are significantly worse than Lewis and Mercedes and hence the title is getting sewn up so much earlier.

  2. There seems to be some kind of phenomenon where a driver just seems sail through every race where it almost seems like it’s too easy. *I’m not suggesting it is too easy, it just looks that way with their confidence and relaxed manner. Schumacher and Hamilton have been there.

    I know everyone will point and say ‘it’s the car!. But honestly think if you put Max in a Mercedes in Singapore he’d do something special in it.

    And though the history books will show this season as a rout – I think he has really had to work for it, more so than Michael in 04′ (from my very poor memory). Yes Red Bull out developed Ferrari, but I don’t think he has just had the best car and walked it, he has had to hustle – but he’s making hustling look easy at the moment.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      21st September 2022, 8:55

      I think it’s mainly a confidence thing. When you’re worried about the pace of the other cars or reliability or your team’s tactics or the Championship fight, it takes something out of your level of performance.

      At the moment, he must feel untouchable. He’s driving better than anyone else on the grid, he’s in the best car, he’s got no challengers for the title anymore, the team are making the right strategy calls every time…. All he has to focus on is going out there and driving fast and when he does that, he wins.

      It was the same for Schumacher and for Hamilton during their periods of domination. We’ve seen that when the pressure starts getting put on them, they started making mistakes but when there was no pressure, they just looked so far ahead of the rest of the competition, it was like watching a multi-class race. It’s the same for Max now.

      1. I’d say the champions you are talking about and Max have that confidence no matter what. That’s why they can/could do things with the car no one else could.

    2. But it’s crazy to think how rarely we have had more than 1 perfect combination (driver+car) fighting for the wins. Hakkinen/Mclaren and Schumacher/Ferrari comes to my mind

  3. Not impressed. Sure Max is one of the best, but no reason to praise him as much.
    Just like Lewis, he has a whole top-team backing him (even more aggressively) and he has his elbows out more than anyone throughout his career. Born and raised by an ex-F1 driver, doors were open. Don’t get me wrong, he had to work for his success and is surely gifted. But IMHO he is not the next-generation-star F1 needed in terms of sportsmanship, personality, idol etc. All things considered, he is not the best on the grid, but surely he is winning for now

    1. @petrucci

      Now im curious who you think is the best on the grid, all things considered?
      I give you the lack of sportsmanship. At the same time, I question the credibility of the other drivers. Max obviously has no interest in hiding his true self. He always states his ambitions openly and says things that others shy away from. This is a behavior that I personally appreciate in a world that is increasingly characterized by falsehood and hypocrisy. It even amuses me that he is so unfit to be pressed into the marketing mould.
      So if not him, then there is the question of which of the others is better suited to be an idol, a true representative of this spectacle. A prodigy from a tax haven? A billionaire’s son? The business-like Excel-Brite? Or still the sparkling knight?

      In the end, it’s just a question of sympathy. After all, the most important characteristic of a champion is being a real racer. And that’s Max, just like those who came before him and those who will come after him.

      1. Even beyond the marketing comments, which I think are spot on. Max appears to be universally liked and respected across the grid (with the exception of one individual who commonly refers to him as “that guy”) as illustrated by his former teammate in this article. His personality can’t be that bad, then, can it?

        1. I have seen a lot of F1 drivers over the years and apart from personal preference when it comes to what kind of character you like, I can say there is absolutely nothing wrong with Max. He is a likeable chap that tells it like it is. The whole grid likes him bar Lewis. His social fanbase is incredible. He does not behave like a wanna be superstar but instead has the profile of an olympic athlete that just wants to win and tells it like it is, also when things go wrong. He is the new generation of more authentic drivers as opposed to the Lewis’ of this world which somehow need to hold up a picture perfect for reasons unknown. All the bias there might be out there towards Max, mainly amongst British fans, is all the result of staged narratives by British press, Lewis and Mercedes.

          1. Translation: Everybody else is biased, but since I don’t like Lewis Hamilton, I never have liked Lewis Hamilton, and I never will like Lewis Hamilton, all my arguments are completely irrefutable, and I win.
            (translation aided by a study of this, and previous posts)
            Well done you!

          2. Ahh the usual crying about the British press, sad.

          3. May I remind you again, many of those who dont agree with your orange bias are not british? Whats youe nationality? Benelux or german maybe?

          4. @romtrain yep the only max fans come from the netherlands and lewis must have worldwide fans, isn’t it? First, Benelux? What’s that for country? Second. The biggest F1 survey showed us the the worldwide popularity of Max is ‘a bit’ bigger than…. That fact isn’t the point, but do they all have orange glasses, and you are the only one that knows it best, is unbiased but by coincidence support a British driver while you live in GB? Very convincing.

          5. stupid you again. open your eyes, i am not british. told you multiple times. benelux in german speaking area is the name for belgium, netherlands and luxenburg, but i guess you know that pretty well.

    2. Please do tell us who on the grid lives up to what you describe.

      1. Well, I do under

      2. Well I do understand your comments and have no reason to argue, up to a point. My all-time idol being the great Ayrton, I just can’t accept the shallow personality of a fast driver like Max that tells things like it is (like he thinks it is to put it more accurately). With millions of people watching F1 across the globe and having so much exposure in and out of circuits, F1 drivers are a bit more than just fast drivers. I find it not irrelevant the fact that F1 appears to have football-fan-like behaviors nowadays, considering Max’s mucho style and “up yours” attitude during the last few years. So, I can’t like him as much just because of his performance (which is obviously related to his car as well, just like Lewis will always be reminded for his dominant years).
        Other drivers? Well, LEC for one: he is smart, fast, more mature and team-player. Lando: super fast and anti-star, extremely competitive but no supercharged ego. Russell, same here. I wish the next years help them be more competitive…

  4. Sainz jnr eho are you to judge it? You make it sound like you fought for the title.

    1. @peartree Sainz has fought for several titles, he’s been knocked out of most after the first race, but he’s fighting just as hard as anyone else.

      1. @jasonj he is a menace on lap 1, he is at Grosjean’s level. I too have fought for several titles that nobody of any quality competed on. Imagine your biggest accomplishment was beating Latifi, Wow! Sainz jnr biggest achievement was wsr 3.5 a championship that has given us incredible talent, it is worse than beating Latifi

  5. MV is clearly favoured by the team, who have invested a huge amount in him. He’s a great driver. But all the moaning in the past about a dominant LH in a dominant MB should also apply to a dominant MV in a dominant RB, surely?
    The one definite thing I draw from this season, so far, is that Adrian Newey is a genius.

    1. Don’t waste your breath, they’ve spent 8 years crying about Hamilton driving the fastest car and winning and now we have a car with the likes of dominance not seen since 2014 and suddenly it’s the driver making the difference. They make themselves look like silly.

      1. you know you act exactly the same as “them” do you?

        1. No I really don’t but you’re entitled to your opinion.

      2. It also makes not having a mute or block function very frustrating. I like to read the comments generally as there are lots of interesting points of view, but you have to scroll past lots of wind up merchants with their childish drivel to find anything worth reading. It’s almost always the same accounts and it’s almost always on articles about Verstappen or Hamilton.

        1. I like the idea of a mute/block function although there are other things like edit that would be nice. It would also be good to actually have a registration requirement to comment on the site so peoples past history can be easily reviewed. Too many of the worse comments come from those unregistered because it’s easy for them to post vitriol with no consequence.

          1. Thanx to the personal history I read a parroting ‘lewis’ fan who is attacking every opinion other than his own. Meanwhile feeding his illusion with opinions from the internet as those are facts. Just a tiny example to show how hilarious fans can be: ‘ Hamilton said it recently that Verstappen is unbeatable given his car advantage and the only way anyone will beat him this year now is if he has issues in a race.’
            Yes, that does it. Besides the endlessly framing by mister Hamilton, his opinion is suddenly a fact, while everything else is ‘narrative’, orange glasses etc etc. Everyone knows that RB is one of the quickest cars now, like Lewis had in 8 years. No type of glasses needed to come to that conclusion.
            Till now I only read polarisation in you history. So I’m glad you are a registered fan

          2. Take a look at your own history, literally every single post attacking others and little to no actual contribution to the site. Completely biased and polarised and frankly bordering on xenophobia. 2 months in and you’ve hit my ignore list now, well done.

            Funnily enough my COTD post today wasn’t attacking anyone either, one of a few I’ve had. How many have you managed?

          3. For the record I’m a Mclaren and Norris fan and followed Button for years before that. I defend Hamilton often though because I feel he gets a lot of unjust criticism from some quarters for reasons other than his talent or performance. Easy to jump to assumptions though when the red mist descends as a keyboard warrior.

          4. @slowmo So the red mist went so thick in your head that you decided to attack a person as ‘xenophobic’. You know you crossed a line here (as you know well there is no such thing in anyone’s history here, and absolutely not in mine). ‘ I defend Hamilton often though because I feel he gets a lot of unjust criticism from some quarters for reasons other than his talent or performance’ you wrote. Well, if you read my history you would have known that I (and I can assure you most fans here) don’t deny the outrageous talent of mister Hamilton. If you read any not argumented negative opinion (about his driving skills) about him it’s absolutely alright to react. But the not so funny part is the you also bash on every news item about that dutchman. No arguments, just bashing, (yeah, and sometimes even talk about ‘facts’ in situations were everyone known it’s just your little opinion) like some others here about the same driver. So ‘bias’ and ‘polarisation’ can be seen in a lot of your comments about the dutchman. That you also call everything that doesn’t suit you ’ bias’ is a bit hilarious, and shows you’r not even interested in the actual meaning of those words, but just parroting. You can start with the definition of the word ‘fact’. I don’t defend any driver like you do, and don’t attack people on information I can not verify. So in order to raise the average quality of comments here think twice. That I hit your ‘ignore’ list is great, seeing the reactions on your comments about the dutchman those must be fine people. McLaren fan? Ofcourse, like every Lewis defender here is, if you ask them.

          5. @itsme now you’re just embarrassing yourself. I also think you need to look up what xenophobia means, I don’t like Verstappen for many reasons, none of which are because he is Dutch. If you can’t see the people on here that frequently criticise persons for being British then you’re blind.

            Again I ask how many COTD have you contributed to the site as any cursory glance at your history shows all you do is add toxicity and attack people. Bye bye.

          6. As a suggestion; it would help to stay on topic rather than becoming personal. Getting personal often derives from lack of having arguments and does therefore not help the credibility of what is being said.

  6. Verstappen is an alien driver. A view that won’t be popular with the hamfans but, hey ho, facts are facts.

  7. The fact that Sainz has to state that Max deserves his success implies that the overall sentiment is that he doesn’t. You don’t have to say Messi deserves his success or Ronaldo deserves his success or Haaland deserves his success. You watch 2 minutes of them on the ball and you come out with the conclusion that they are clearly the best in the business.

    There’s no doubt that Max is dominating this championship but it’s a bit like the race in the incredibles where the kid slows down and goes fast. Red Bull need to hire a real 2nd driver very soon as opposed to an opponent roadblock.

    1. This perfectly sums up the last decade.

  8. Wow, that’s an interesting conclusion. So next time we hear such things we always have to twist the meaning of it? So Hamilton is actually saying DR doesn’t deserve a seat in 2023?

    I think what Sainz is saying…. Implies what he is saying. That you think it implies the opposite maybe shows the bubble of F1 you are in and how successful british mediaframing is.

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