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Sainz “feeling back at home” in the wet after lacking pace in Singapore

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In the round-up: Carlos Sainz Jnr says he feels he has rediscovered his rhythm in wet conditions after Friday’s rain-hit practice at Suzuka.

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Sainz “feeling back at home” in the wet after lacking pace in Singapore

Having struggled to match team mate Charles Leclerc in last weekend’s wet Singapore Grand Prix, Sainz was encouraged by his performance in practice yesterday.

Sainz finished third last weekend after struggling to keep pace with Leclerc and winner Sergio Perez throughout the race. After Friday’s two set practice sessions at Suzuka, Sainz says he is feeling more confident in the tricky conditions compared to the previous weekend.

“It was important for me after a difficult race for me in Singapore in these conditions to try and get back on top of the car today in these wet conditions and see if I could find my rhythm again,” Sainz said. “We managed to do so – I was quick and feeling back at home again.

“For sure there will be some compromises to be taken. Definitely that rain threat for Sunday looks likely, so there’s going to be a few things to think twice about when doing qualifying tomorrow. So I think it’s going to be an interesting weekend ahead.”

Bottas “happy to help” Zhou

Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas says rookie team mate Zhou Guanyu regularly approaches him with questions or to seek advice from him about matters to do with driving.

Zhou is the only rookie on the 2022 grid and will remain at Alfa Romeo alongside Bottas for 2023. The pair have established a strong working relationship during their first season together and Bottas says his younger team mate will often come to him for advice.

“Every now and then he asks directly questions from me and obviously I’m more than happy to help,” said Bottas. “He’s been progressing a lot this year anyway and he’s been also learning just by watching the data, et cetera. But if he has any questions he always asks them, so that’s good.

Pirelli confirms compounds for North American rounds

Pirelli have confirmed the three tyre compounds they will bring to the two upcoming rounds following this weekend’s race at Suzuka.

For both races at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin and at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, Pirelli will use their medium range of C2, C3 and C4 compounds. This is the same selection of compounds used at circuits such as the Hungaroring, Spa and Monza.

Pirelli have said that this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix will be the final race where the C1 compound – the hardest in their range – will be used.

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Comment of the day

Santino Ferrucci’s return to IndyCar in 2023 with Foyt has been met with mixed reaction from fans. Reader Mark in Florida says the divisive character is worthy of a full time drive in the series…

Come on guys. He’s fast but furious! I don’t like the little guy at all but I do admit that he has at times impressed me with his turn of speed.

He’s not champion material by a long shot but as long as he keeps out of trouble and doesn’t crash others out I see no problem with it. What he did as a young man shouldn’t define him for the rest of his life. Hopefully he has matured enough to be a part of polite society.
Mark in Florida

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Toby and Jean!

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2 comments on “Sainz “feeling back at home” in the wet after lacking pace in Singapore”

  1. The final race with C1 for this season.

    I’ll miss Danny Ric & Lando as teammates.

  2. Regarding COTD. I don’t feel like giving a completely unrepentant racist a “fair shot.” I also don’t find “immaturity” a good enough excuse for racism, honestly.

    If it was just the driving into Maini, perhaps if he had offered a proper apology, it would have been time to give him another shot. But after what he did and how he did not feel he did anything wrong, really, then nah, you’re out.

    Following first practice at Gateway yesterday, where Ferrucci had finished as the fastest driver, the American was asked by Autoweek whether he had any regrets over his actions from 2018. Santino simply replied, “Nope.“

    So, do we give him another fair shot? “Nope.”

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