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Lower scores for half of drivers in final F1 22 driver ratings


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Half of the Formula 1 drivers who contested the majority of last season have had their performance ratings cut in the final update to the ratings on the official F1 22 game.

Codemasters have left the scores for the top two drivers, world champion Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, unchanged at 95 and 93 respectively on the 100-point scale. The two drivers who fought over the runner-up spot, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, have seen their scores drop to 91 and 87 respectively.

That pair are among 10 drivers whose scores have been adjusted downwards in the last update to this year’s game. They include three of the four drivers who do not have seats for the 2023 F1 season.

Mick Schumacher, who began the season rated 77 and rose to 80, has fallen back to his original level. Daniel Ricciardo, who had a score of 90 when last year’s game came out, leaves the sport on 79. Nicholas Latifi drops out with a score of 66, one less than last year’s lowest ranked driver, Nikita Mazepin.

Among the latest crop of former F1 drivers, only Sebastian Vettel’s score remains unchanged: He bows out on 85, the level he was at all season.

The AlphaTauri drivers’ scores were also reduced, as were those of Alex Albon and Lance Stroll.

Following his breakthrough victory in Brazil, George Russell’s score has increased to 91, putting him in a tie with Leclerc as the third-highest scoring driver in the game.

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The Alfa Romeo drivers have experienced the largest changes in their scores since the season began. Valtteri Bottas’s rating slipped five points from 88 to 83, while newcomer Zhou Guanyu saw his score rise from 70 to 77.

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    5 comments on “Lower scores for half of drivers in final F1 22 driver ratings”

    1. It will be interesting to compare this with Racefans’ 2022 F1 Driver Ratings.

    2. Compared to their respective teammates, Perez is way overrated here, as is Alonso.

    3. I’d give Vettel a solid 85/100 for consistency.

    4. I’d give Seb, Lance & Yuki an extra point for showing the “same love” spirit in A D.

      Point off for George & Cheko sitting impolitely in the front row.

    5. playstation361
      1st December 2022, 12:06

      It’s official. F1 2022 flopped.

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