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Pirelli chooses softer compounds for first ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’ weekend

2023 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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Pirelli has nominated softer tyre compounds for next month’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, which will see the first use of Formula 1’s new ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’.

F1 is testing the ATA at two race weekends this year as part of an effort to determine whether it can reduce the number of tyres it uses without negatively affecting the competition.

Drivers will be permitted just 11 sets of tyres instead of the usual 13. At an ordinary weekend, each driver receives eight sets of soft tyres, three sets of mediums and two hards. The ATA will change that to four sets of softs, four mediums and three hards at Imola, and again at one further race this year.

The ATA also specifies which tyres drivers may use in each phase of qualifying. They will only be allowed to use hard compound tyres in Q1, mediums in Q2 and softs in Q3.

When asked by RaceFans last month, some drivers expressed concerns over the plan to implement the ATA at Imola due to the low temperatures typically seen at the track. Last year’s race saw the lowest temperatures of the season: The ambient temperatures peaked at just 14C during the grand prix, while the track surface only reached 18C.

“I hope it’s not going to be cold in Imola. Otherwise it’s going to be quite tricky,” said Max Verstappen.

Pirelli has responded by selecting its softest range of tyres for Imola this year. The C3 and C4 specification will be used as well as the C5, which is one stage softer than was used last year.

This range of tyres will be used for the first time at the next round of the championship in Azerbaijan, as it was last year. The tyre compound selection for the Miami Grand Prix is also unchanged: Drivers will have the C2, C3 and C4 compounds available.

2023 F1 tyre compound nominations

Bahrain Grand PrixBahrain International CircuitC1C2C3
Saudi Arabian Grand PrixJeddah Corniche CircuitC2C3C4
Australian Grand PrixAlbert ParkC2C3C4
Azerbaijan Grand PrixBaku City CircuitC3C4C5
Miami Grand PrixMiami International AutodromeC2C3C4
Emilia-Romagna Grand PrixImolaC3C4C5

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15 comments on “Pirelli chooses softer compounds for first ‘Alternative Tyre Allocation’ weekend”

  1. Remember to save at least one set for showbiz red flags.

    1. “Showbiz red flags”

      Comment of the year, not just the day 👍

    2. Hahaha, good one!

  2. Important to remember though that the Imola GP is a month later this year, compared to last.

    Race day was 24th April in 2022 but is 21st May in 2023.

    1. @phil-f1-21 Indeed, so warm weather is effectively guaranteed throughout Southern Europe.
      For reference, May 19-21 highest ambient temps last year were 27, 30, & 31 C, respectively, so tyre warm-up concern is pointless.

  3. Why not limit them to one set for the entire weekend /s

    1. @floodo1 Unnecessarily risky.

  4. 11 sets of tyres for less than about 5 hours of driving is fine.

    When Verstappen says it’s “tricky”, it’s F1-speak for drivers having to be a tiny bit more cautious and laptimes being perhaps one or two tenths slower. Nobody outside the cars will even notice. Just like they don’t notice laptimes being seconds (!) slower between qualifying and the races.

    1. @MichaelN I certainly notice lap times being seconds slower in the races versus qualifyings.

  5. Emiliar-Romagna GP may have had cool weather last season & in 2021, but remember that these events occurred in April, while this season’s edition occurs within May’s second half, so warm weather is 99% guaranteed throughout the Mediterranean climate zone.
    Therefore, zero concern for warm-up.

      1. Funny guy

  6. I would be more concerned of blistering on those C5

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