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July release date confirmed for F1 Manager 23


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The second instalment of Formula 1’s official management game series will go on sale at the end of next month.

Frontier Developments have revealed more details of the new features which will appear in F1 Manager 23, in addition to all the latest driver moves and circuit changes.

The new Race Replay mode will give players the opportunity to tackle real-life F1 scenarios. These will be coming in two flavours: ‘Starting Grid’, where the challenge involves running a team throughout a full race, and ‘Race Moments’, which focus on specific periods from actual grands prix.

F1 Manager 23 will be updated with further examples of these following each real-world round of the 2023 championship, based on what happens during the upcoming races. Extra episodes are also available for those who buy an enhanced version of the game or order it in advance.

Frontier say the game will include “all 23 circuits”, indicating the cancelled round in Imola still features. F1 Manager 23 will also include the six sprint races on this year’s calendar.

Other additions to the gameplay include the option to watch races through a visor cam in addition to the viewing angles offered in the previous title.

The game’s mechanics have been updated with a new system which determines drivers’ confidence levels. Enhancements have also been made to the driver development system. Players aren’t limited to training up their racers, either, as the sporting director allows you to work on your pit crew’s performance as well.

F1 Manager 23 will arrive for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series S and X and PC on July 31st. The Deluxe Edition, which features 12 exclusive scenarios to play, will be available from July 27th. Three further Race Moments can be obtained by placing an advanced digital order.

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    1. So, with a completely broken game, they focus only on adding some new features people may or may not care for? Licensed products…

    2. I think it’s pretty realistic. I spent three seasons in the old game bankrupting Williams while investing huge sums in car development to never get higher than 19th on the grid. Hours of my life I will never get back.

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