Ed Carpenter Racing to make driver change as Daly is dropped


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Ed Carpenter Racing has parted ways with Conor Daly with more than half of the IndyCar season still remaining.

The team announced it had “mutually” agreed the split with its driver, who lies 20th in the IndyCar championship standings after the first seven races.

The number 20 car that was driven by Daly will continue to be entered in the championship for the remaining ten races of the season. ECR said it will confirm details of his replacement for next week’s race at Road America and beyond “in due course”.

Daly drove team owner Ed Carpenter’s car for the road and steet course races through 2020 and ’21, and since last year has been racing full-time for the team as it expanded to three cars. He came 15th in last weekend’s race in Detroit, and one week before that finished eighth in the series’ blue riband event, the Indianapolis 500.

The team said its other two cars – the full-time entry driven by Rinus VeeKay, and Carpenter’s part-time oval-only entry – are not affected by the decision to drop Daly.

No reason for the split was given by the team. However Carpenter described it as “the most difficult decision I have made as a team owner because I respect Conor and know what he means to IndyCar and its fans”.

“Our team has not been performing at the level we are capable of this year, and despite making technical changes and investments in the off-season, 2023 has been extremely challenging,” Carpenter continued. “I have put a great deal of consideration into the current state of our team and realise it is my obligation to our employees, partners, and supporters to do whatever is necessary to elevate our team’s competitiveness.

“We sincerely wish Conor continued success and will cheer him on wherever he goes next.”

Daly said: “I’d like to thank ECR for the past three-and-a-half seasons.

“I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me – past, present and into the future. I look forward to taking on the next opportunities that await, and I want to thank the fans for being with me on this ride.”

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3 comments on “Ed Carpenter Racing to make driver change as Daly is dropped”

  1. Proesterchen_nli
    7th June 2023, 18:14

    Didn’t Conor make noises about taking their sponsor with him?

    Oh well, no more team of so-so stepsons.

  2. It was about time. Conner is an outgoing guy, jovial, and as such creates a lot of positive vibes. But he is not, and never was, a good racer or even a good teammate, team player. It is a nice guy so he might find a seat somewhere, but he wouldn’t bring much to any team he goes to in terms of race raft.

    Not sure if this helps ECR to get the car better, so that RVK and anyone who might replace Daly the next 10 races can get more to the front though. Hopefully ECR can bring in a competent or promising driver, and doesn’t go the “rent a seat” for the remainder of the season.

  3. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

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