Tsunoda and Stroll make biggest gains in driver ratings for F1 23


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The publishers of the official Formula 1 driving game have revealed how they have ranked the field in the new edition of the series which arrives this week.

Max Verstappen remains the highest-rated driver in the game, followed by Lewis Hamilton. However their scores of 94 and 92 out of 100 respectively are one point lower than they had in the series’ last update, which appeared in November last year.

Fernando Alonso, who has enjoyed a strong start to the season following his move to Aston Martin, finishing on the podium five times to date, has gained two points on his rating, putting him level with Hamilton.

Other drivers have made bigger gains. Yuki Tsunoda sees the biggest change in his score, up by eight points to 75. Alonso’s team mate Lance Stroll has picked up six points and is now rated 84.

Besides Verstappen and Hamilton, only two drivers’ scores have been lowered. These are Charles Leclerc, who is down by two, and George Russell, whose three-point drop is the largest of any driver.

Among the new and returning drivers to the grid, the experienced Nico Hulkenberg scores highest, on 80. Oscar Piastri is scored at 74 while Logan Sargeant and Nyck de Vries are on 71 each.

As always the drivers’ scores will be revised throughout the year as the season progresses and new updates for the game are released.

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F1 23 driver ratings

F1 23 driver ratings breakdown

Max Verstappen8497859594
Lewis Hamilton9794949092
Fernando Alonso9991789392
Charles Leclerc7792859089
Sergio Perez9193868789
Lando Norris7691799189
Carlos Sainz Jnr8492818788
George Russell7687839188
Valtteri Bottas8886978687
Esteban Ocon7792768686
Pierre Gasly7889768585
Lance Stroll7991788184
Alexander Albon7581788683
Yuki Tsunoda6979758783
Kevin Magnussen8179858281
Nico Hulkenberg8679818080
Zhou Guanyu6378748178
Oscar Piastri7473797774
Logan Sargeant4884756771
Nyck de Vries5084756771

RaceFans’ review of F1 23 will be published here later today

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    11 comments on “Tsunoda and Stroll make biggest gains in driver ratings for F1 23”

    1. You would think they would continue with the rating after update 4 …. Max Awareness could be several points higher after evading the whole 2022 -2023 accidents for the rest it’s playable.

      Scores are fun when you see drivers giving each others points, most are very close to the game value’s (except the Haas boys with the 99 each time) for most the gamers under the drivers aren’t fair off the scores they said.

    2. Zhou’s rating for awareness is somewhat unfairly low-ish, given his Silverstone crash wasn’t his fault (as he pointed out in the official F1 Youtube channel video yesterday).
      Otherwise, I like these annual videos where drivers try guessing each others’ ratings for an upcoming game.

    3. Proesterchen_nli
      13th June 2023, 8:19

      Lance has shown no improvement in the past couple of years. He is still behind his older, higher-talent team mate.

      1. In the case of Lance Stroll, instead of skill points they’re using his net worth as a reference point, being it the only reason why he’s still in F1.

        1. I think he’s good enough to be in f1, however I don’t think he would be on the arguably 2nd fastest team if on talent only.

    4. Is Alonso’s awarenes so low because they didn’t want to give him the best score?

      1. The devs are shooting themselves in the foot here by implying through their “experience” category that there are significant learnings to be had from race 200 over race 100, race 300 over race 200, and race 36x over race 300. (which is nonsense IMHO)

      2. Funny, as “awareness” is probably where he’s the best in F1, or at least that’s how it seems to be (no, we as viewers can’t really judge everything, especially related to driving). Well, I’d like to see who’s creating these ratings anyway, surely a great expert.

      3. Literally the driver with the best race craft and awareness in F1 history, but yeah…no awareness. Max recently stated he thinks Alonso has the most spare capacity of anyone in F1 (he seemed to imply that this excluded himself of course though lol).

        I loved when all his predictions of what laps superior cars with penalties would pass him always came true.

    5. No clue as to why Fernand Alonso is rated low in race craft and awareness – baffling.

    6. I have to remind myself that it’s someone’s else’s ratings!

      For example, how do you extrapolate pace from car vs driver?

      2021 .Red Bull has the fastest car, with positive attributes like the easiest car to overtake, nimbleness on the track. Good aero efficiency. And a 100 miljon dollars guaranteed just for showing up. Its a certified 🏆 winner for all drivers midfield up, #JButton

      Mercedes had a midfield car, sluggish on high speed, medium speed corners with bad aero efficiency. Is Ham in the best 2022? Getting robbed by the while the FIA and FOM gaslight everyone about the legitimacy of the championship.

      Ferrari had good speed, relatively good aero but bad reliability and awful tactics.

      Whats the quality of Alonsos experience?
      Alonsos been persona non grata for a reason. He is a top notch driver.
      IMHO the ratings are shallow, low on nuance depth.

      Also the absence of proof is just that. The absence of proof.

      Its like they are in same machinery.
      The ratings would much more precise if EA was talking about the cars and not drivers.
      For me the ratings makes very little sense and are annoying since EA want fans to buy the game.

      In the game I would pick the Red bull car and a cheaper driver. But i would rather dsq Redbull 2011/2022 since cheating is something a really dislike.

      For me this one I will ignore and skip this year’s update.

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