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2023 Austrian Grand Prix race result

2023 Austrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has won the Austrian Grand Prix for Red Bull ahead of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez.

11Max VerstappenRed Bull-Honda RBPTRB19
216Charles LeclercFerrariSF-23
311Sergio PerezRed Bull-Honda RBPTRB19
44Lando NorrisMcLaren-MercedesMCL60
514Fernando AlonsoAston Martin-MercedesAMR23
655Carlos Sainz JnrFerrariSF-23
763George RussellMercedesW14
844Lewis HamiltonMercedesW14
918Lance StrollAston Martin-MercedesAMR23
1010Pierre GaslyAlpine-RenaultA523
1123Alexander AlbonWilliams-MercedesFW45
1224Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo-FerrariC43
132Logan SargeantWilliams-MercedesFW45
1431Esteban OconAlpine-RenaultA523
1577Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo-FerrariC43
1681Oscar PiastriMcLaren-MercedesMCL60
1721Nyck de VriesAlphaTauri-Honda RBPTAT04
1820Kevin MagnussenHaas-FerrariVF-23
1922Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri-Honda RBPTAT04

Penalties applied post-race

De Vries: Five-second time penalty for forcing another driver off the track, five-second time penalty for exceeding track limits and 10-second time penalty for exceeding track limits
Sargeant: Five-second time penalty for exceeding track limits
Magnussen: Five-second time penalty for exceeding track limits
Ocon: Two five-second time penalties for exceeding track limits and two 10-second time penalties for exceeding track limits
Tsunoda: Five-second time penalty for exceeding track limits and 10-second time penalty for exceeding track limits
Sainz: 10-second penalty for exceeding track limits
Hamilton: 10-second penalty for exceeding track limits
Gasly: 10-second penalty for exceeding track limits
Albon: 10-second penalty for exceeding track limits

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2023 Austrian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2023 Austrian Grand Prix race result”

  1. Another time penalty galore Austrian GP as expected.
    Bottas is nowhere, lol.

  2. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    2nd July 2023, 15:38

    Just got to wait a few hours for the result to be finalised now. Got to be a few more 5sec penalties in there somewhere.

    1. You would think, but it seems the stewards only acted when the drivers started crying foul of the car ahead.

  3. Hamliton’s race not helped by poor brakes. He had to break earlier the whole time which compromise his pace. A Shame the Sky pundits couldn’t make that connection. Ditto the effect of those brakes on track liimits. Overall very poor showing for Mercedes.

    Lets hope they learn from this.

    1. The worrying thing is I think the fact they seemed faster on this track last year. Today the car was probably 5th quickest only. So much for the great progress.

      Last year, Mercedes had very strong run in the middle of the season, where especially in Silverstone, Budapest, Zarndvoot and Les Casteles they were genuinely pushing RB – they will have very hard time emulating that in this season and might end up with worse result in both championships still. (Plus they had super pace in the COTA and Brasil at the end)

    2. Most agree that with this generation of cars, braking earlier and taking shorter corners is quicker vs the traditional late brake and long entry. Lewis has not seemed to make the adjustment effectively. He’s still attempting ultra late braking as always. I suspect that is the root of his “braking problems.” in general I’m not certain this generation of cars suits his driving style as well. we’ve seen drivers struggle to adapt to new platforms such as Vettel post 2013. Seems at play here as well. Given that Anthony Davidson is still an active Mercedes employee (beyond ridiculous to have as an impartial commentator) I doubt he’s going to be overly critical during the broadcast.

      1. Nope, his brakes was compromised from the get-go. He changed some settings to reduce vibration but he had to nurse the brake issue for the entire race. This was why Noris was able to stay with him for as long as he did. Its all the worst on a track where its mostly corners and only two strights to speak of.

        This is one of the challenges of a weekend where there is so little time to practice.

    3. In the post-race Sky interview Hamilton was asked what the car problem was and he said there was no problem, they just lacked pace.

  4. Watched it. Heard it. Not buying it. This complaint comes up way too often. And much to my point if an issue is persistent throughout a weekend you must change corner approach to work through the issue, instead it’s still late brake, late apex, fail. The results don’t lie.

  5. What is the blue velvet for?
    Why are the kerbs more than half the width of a car?

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