Alonso’s spin was “karma” after he ‘pushed me off’ – Hulkenberg

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In the round-up: Nico Hulkenberg was bemused after Fernando Alonso spun out of the Spa sprint race

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Alonso’s spin was “karma” after he ‘pushed me off’ – Hulkenberg

Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg says that Fernando Alonso’s retirement from the sprint race was “karma” after the Aston Martin driver defended aggressively on his way out of the pits.

Hulkenberg started last on the grid and pitted for intermediates at the start. After Alonso rejoined the track from the pits, he appeared to squeeze the Haas on the left side of the track, earning a warning from the stewards. Alonso later spun out of the race at Pouhon.

“He pushed me off pretty aggressively in turn two and I think karma hit back out at him,” Hulkenberg said.

“[It was] difficult from last. I was one of the guys stopping right on lap one when it was possible. Picked up a few places but then was stuck in 15th, but also didn’t really have pace to come through. Weekend continues to be difficult. Pretty, pretty bad.”

Verschoor disqualified for throttle map

Richard Verschoor lost second place in the Formula 2 sprint race at Spa-Francorchamps after he was disqualified. The stewards ruled the Van Amersfoort driver used a throttle map at the race start which did not comply with the technical regulations.

Theo Pourchaire therefore moves up to second and Dennis Hauger claims the final podium position. Victor Martins, Jack Doohan, Frederik Vesti and Ayumu Iwasa moved up in the points places and Ralph Boschung inherited eighth place and the final point.

Penalty deals points blow to O’Sullivan

Zak O’Sullivan was given a five-second time penalty after the Formula 2 sprint race in Belgium which dropped him from fourth place to 15th. Instead of trimming seven points from Gabriele Bortoleto’s championship lead, the Williams junior remains 43 adrift.

The stewards ruled O’Sullivan left the track through Eau Rouge and Raidillon and “gained a lasting advantage” when he overtook Hugh Barter. The effect of the penalty was amplified because the race finished under Safety Car conditions.

Marti escapes penalty due to marshal

Josep Maria Marti was not penalised for causing a collision when he rejoined the track at Pouhon and collided with Ido Cohen. Marti drove back onto the track following a collision with Gabriele Mini.

After studying footage of the incident the stewards noted Marti followed the instructions of a marshal who “waved his arm to signal the driver to move/re-join the track” before the collision.

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Comment of the day

After the Formula E world championship was won by Jake Dennis in large part due to a collision between Envision drivers Nick Cassidy and Sebastien Buemi, @f1hornet is left baffled by the Envision tactics…

The management from Envision and the driving from Buemi was some of the dumbest I’ve ever seen. Why the team didn’t tell him to get out the way, and why Buemi was defending so hard against his teammate fighting for a championship, I have no idea. It’s dumb to take out your teammate any time, but in these circumstances doubly so.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Cyanide, George Tunnicliffe, Nick Kyriakakos and Pier-Antoine Giguere!

On this day in motorsport

  • On this day in 1978 Mario Andretti won at the Hockenheimreing while Nelson Piquet made his F1 debut


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13 comments on “Alonso’s spin was “karma” after he ‘pushed me off’ – Hulkenberg”

  1. Brundle is acting very strange, Lewis lost control of his car for a split second and slid into Perez breaking his sidepod causing him to retire. Brundle says it’s all ok… what a strange comment.

    1. Yellow Baron
      30th July 2023, 13:27

      Perez with less momentum acted as if he was taking the corner first, left Lewis tight on the entry which pushed him on to the kerb causing the understeer. Not Perez fault but racing incident. Perez turned in just after gasly did who was further ahead and on the optimal line. Had Lewis managed to stay off the kerb there would have been no contact. It’s just one of those situations again where the defending car put everything on the line to keep a position that was slipping from it and again lost out due to contact.

  2. Unfortunately, that incident never got shown on the world feed (& neither did Tsunoda’s error at the final corners when the sprint was about to restart), but karma is perhaps a slight exaggeration.

    Brundle couldn’t be more right.

    1. Neither did the 1st corner of the sprint race. I can never once remember a race were T1 of the 1st racing lap was not broadcast.

      1. Yeah, after the start the broadcast director completely forgot about the fact that there is a race going on, and not just in the pits but out on the track as well.

        That was some way below even Monaco standards.

  3. Six years later Palmer got his revenge…

    1. It’s a yoke.

  4. Usain Bolt had a likeable personality that transcended rivalries or nationalism.

    1. Yellow Baron
      30th July 2023, 13:30

      Usain bolt also isn’t a car or an F1 team if I’m not mistaken. Or a super running shoe. I don’t think people would be complaining as much, if there was more regular competition even through the dominance like there was during the mercedes era

  5. Shame the sprint race didn’t just start at its scheduled time, then it would have finished before the rain and all this would have been a non argument again.

  6. Fireworks between Cassidy and Buemi! That team radio video makes me want to watch Formula E again.

  7. So the Telegraph Sport claims to “understand” the reasons for some resignation from a committee is due to the request of one (!) Member Organization not being followed up. Mind you, the FIA has over 240 such members. And this is the same Telegraph Sport that printed tons of articles about the supposed “bad deeds” of the FIA president earlier this year. And by total coincidence, that is what they “understand” is the reason for this one member, from one committee, deciding to do something else with his time. Never mind that Robert Darbelnet has already resigned from much of his positions in the early 2010s, and is probably just retiring.

    Maurice Hamilton’s claim that Alpine’s decision is “daft” is a bit odd. Szafnauer was perhaps a bit early in his stint at the team, but Permane has been there for ages. Hamilton (not that one) may claim they’re “really good guys”, but there are no “really good results” to match that. And that’s what it’s ultimately all about.

    As for the COTD; not the best weeks of racing for Buemi after the shenanigans at Monza in the WEC earlier.

    1. Yellow Baron
      30th July 2023, 13:39

      Not to mention previous reporting.. skewing figures to create a false narrative. Journalism is frought with slimy figures that will happily distort reality in subtle ways to gain the upper hand. It’s a shame the majority of people allow it but it works because once an idea is set it becomes regular and spreads through the echo chambers. The media is a weapon used with absolute lack of responsibility, perhaps because they don’t comprehend the unavoidable reality of absolute retribution.

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