Dutch Grand Prix red-flagged after Zhou crashes in heavy rain

2023 Dutch Grand Prix

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The Dutch Grand Prix has been red-flagged with 64 out of 72 laps complete, due to heavy rain.

The race had already been disrupted by rain which started to fall on the first lap. While that never grew strong enough to disrupt proceedings, a heavy shower hit the track just before 4:30pm local time.

The majority of the drivers pitted immediately for intermediate tyres. Esteban Ocon, the last driver to change from slicks, took full wet weather tyres when he finally came in.

They immediately proved the correct tyres for the conditions as the rain intensified. Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez both went off at Tarzan, the first corner, but were able to continue.

Zhou Guanyu was not as fortunate however. The Alfa Romeo driver aquaplaned as he reached the braking zone for the first corner and skidded into the TecPro barrier at high speed.

Race control declared a virtual safety car while Red Bull brought both their drivers in to switch to full wet weather tyres. However shortly afterwards the decision was taken to red flag the race.

Max Verstappen held the lead when the suspension began. Perez was unable to rejoin the track after changing to wet weather tyres as the pit lane exit light was red. However the race director has confirmed he will take up his previous position if the race resumes.

The race began at 3pm local time and F1 has a three-hour window in which to complete it. If a restart is given Verstappen will lead the field followed by Fernando Alonso, Perez, Pierre Gasly Carlos Sainz, Hamilton, Lando Norris, George Russell and Alexander Albon.

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2023 Dutch Grand Prix

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