Hamilton’s new deal ‘good for F1’, say fellow champions Verstappen and Alonso

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Lewis Hamilton’s two fellow world champions on the Formula 1 grid have welcomed the news he will race in F1 until at least the end of 2025.

Mercedes confirmed yesterday the seven-times world champion will remain with them for the next two years alongside team mate George Russell , taking the partnership up until the introduction of the new power unit formula in 2026.

The only two other world champions on the grid, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso, said the news was positive for Formula 1.

“For sure, I think it’s good for the sport,” Verstappen said.

“At the end of the day, it’s good for himself and Mercedes, because they’ve already teamed up for a long time. For them to continue that partnership is of course, great.”

Red Bull have won every race this season as well as every grand prix of the last year except for the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, won by Mercedes and Russell. Asked how he would feel about potentially battling against Hamilton over the next two seasons, Verstappen said it was too early to consider.

“We just have to wait and see what happens between the teams and how everyone is going to perform next year as well,” he said.

Alonso, who was Hamilton’s team mate during his rookie season at McLaren in 2007, paid tribute to his long-time rival and fellow champion after the news of his extension.

“I think that shows his commitment, his love for racing,” Alonso said.

“He has not taken a break. It’s good to have him two more years. I think he is one of the greatest of the sport. As long as he is still in Formula 1, I think it’s a benefit for the sport in general and for everyone, so I hope he stays more than 2025.”

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2023 Italian Grand Prix

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15 comments on “Hamilton’s new deal ‘good for F1’, say fellow champions Verstappen and Alonso”

  1. My Mr Nice says,
    “This is because they both respect him as a fellow racing driver and enjoy competing with him”

    My Mr Nasty says,
    “This is because they both know they can beat him now”

    You’re never alone with a Schizo ;)

    1. Absolutely Brilliant comment @nullapax – I was having one of those days and you just made me laugh.


    2. No need for schizophrenia, it’s just the human condition.

      One of the most bizarre turn-arounds was the way the (largely English) media started treating Vettel like the greatest guy in the paddock the second he was no longer a threat to ‘their’ Hamilton. From a relentless campaign about the always failing, nasty, arrogant, unsportsmanlike, moaning and undeserved champion to suddenly singing the praises of the most down to earth, humorous, friendly, and general good guy in like… a year.

      Alonso is right, though. Hamilton being in F1 is good for the series. If nothing else, he’s a yardstick for the next generation. That sets the bar, and it’s (unfortunately) proving hard for others to reach it. But it’s also good for Russell in another way: we now know for sure that even Hamilton can’t win with these cars. Imagine the hard time Russell would have had if he had replaced not Bottas, but Hamilton, and been faced with these two sub-par Mercedes cars.

    3. It made me laugh too, so thanks Nulla Pax

      However you are perpetuating the usual confusion between dissociative identity disorder (DID) and schizophrenia. Although “schizophrenia” is Greek for “divided mind”, this is a misnomer. It has no relationship with double or multiple personalities (that would be DID).

      Schizophrenia is DSM-5 295.90 (F20.9). DID is DSM-5 300.14 (F44.81).

  2. I really hope Hamilton gets a genuine shot at the title in 2025. After Abu Dhabi 2021, they definitely do have unfinished business. Another epic showdown between Max and Lewis would be great for the sport

  3. Damn… He Must Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gone quite a while ago. Since Hungaroring 2007 I’d reckon

  4. “At the end of the day, it’s good for himself and Mercedes, because they’ve already teamed up for a long time. For them to continue that partnership is of course, great.”

    I preferred the olden days when drivers moved between teams. I creates more ‘resets’ and uncertainties, and a better assessment of the strength of a driver versus the car.

    I hoped Hamilton would move to Ferrari (how special would a World Title between the two of them be) as I (still) rate him higher than Leclerc (and Sainz).

    1. Yes, would’ve been interesting to see hamilton in ferrari, however with all blunders they’re making lately, and their slow in-season development I don’t think it’d have been a realistic possibility, unless he switched in time for 2018, that was a car that could match mercedes and with how vettel and hamilton drove he would’ve won that title.

    2. As in he already won it ofc, but would’ve won it even with ferrari.

  5. I am not a Hamilton fan, but I really don’t want to lose him or Alonso. When they retire, it’ll be a painful day for me. So, happy to know they’ll both likely be here until 2025.

    1. Yes, they’re both good to have, just like raikkonen was.

      1. I really liked Kimi and wish he had got two or three titles but he really overstayed. His stint alongside Fred with the Scuderia (2014) was really humiliating (the second worst domination in F1 history, only after Jenson Button vs. Takuma Sato). Anyway I was really happy with his 2007 title which seemed wholly unrealistic only 2 races before the season end.

  6. Alonso’s titles were more valuable (and no doubt more satisfying) because he beat Schumacher, so there must be something similar now.
    (That’s Michael Schumacher, for the avoidance of any doubt.)

  7. I initially thought it be good for him to stick around since he still drives at a good level.. but hearing his comments again this weekend over team mates, his vs Max… I wish he would just leave. He is such a bad sportsman, sets such a bad example. He basically is still a kid. He has no place in any sports imho with such an attitude. He needs everyone’s eyes just to feel seen.

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