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Stroll cleared by medical staff after heavy qualifying crash

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Aston Martin have confirmed Lance Stroll is uninjured after he suffered a heavy crash at the end of Q1 during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Stroll was sitting 20th and last at the end of Q1 but was improving his time as the chequered flag flew. As he rounded the final corner, Stroll appeared to run slightly wide and lost control of his AMR23 at around 240kph, spinning to the outside and crashing nose-first into the TecPro barriers. The impact caused extensive damage to the front-left and rear of his car and caused the session to be immediately red flagged.

Stroll appeared to be relatively unhurt from the accident and climbed from the car without assistance. He was attended to at the scene of the crash by FIA medical delegate Dr Ian Roberts before being taken to the medical centre in the Medical Car.

In a statement, Aston Martin confirmed that their driver had escaped injury from the shunt.

“He got out of the car unaided and was taken to the medical centre for a precautionary assessment,” said the team. “Lance was cleared by the on-site medical team and returned to the team at track.”

Aston Martin also paid tribute to the “ongoing work of the FIA and the safety measures of current F1 cars.”

The session resumed after an extensive delay due to barrier repairs made necessary due to the crash. Stroll’s team mate, Fernando Alonso, reached Q3 to qualify in seventh position on the grid, six tenths of a second behind pole winner Carlos Sainz Jnr.

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7 comments on “Stroll cleared by medical staff after heavy qualifying crash”

  1. Seat belts saved his life.

  2. It’s very alarming to see Lance Stroll’s helmet seemingly rapidly strike both sides of the halo within roughly 1/20 of a second of each other. You can only just make this out from the length of the motion blur of his chrome maple leaf on his helmet in single freeze frame. I very much fear for his condition.

    18 months ago I emailed Motorsport UK and Indycar suggesting halo and headrest improvements to limit the chance of a scenario whereby the seatbelts stretch such that the helmet is able to rise above the headrest allowing it to strike the halo, as happened to Jack Harvey in Indycar in 2022 and Charles Leclerc in Saudi Arabia 2021. I now see that I was unable to find an email address for the FIA. I’d forgot about that, which I will try to correct.

    Subsequently, about 5 months ago, Indycar heightened the padding around the driver’s helmet behind their eyeline. This had been my first suggestion. The 2nd, longer term, was to widen the halo in the forward 45 degree helmet direction, as you can’t heighten the headrest over and in front of the eyeline.

    Again, F1 carries on blind and complacent. Maybe they got lucky this time, but I’d certainly be interested in what G force Stroll’s helmet peaked at. Weird that he didn’t get a brain scan just on the basis of that reading.

    1. The FIA have a high motion camera (Recording at 500fps i think) at the top of the halo looking at the drivers head so they will know far more than us where his head was in relation to the halo.

  3. The instant the camera cut to his onboard you could tell he was going to have a crash. We see time and again that when his talent runs out, he gets frustrated and overdrives the car. It usually ends in disaster. He needs to go before he hurts someone. It’s clear he isn’t talented enough for F1. His petulant attitude stinks when you see him in TV interviews. His presence in F1 represents biggest problem in the ‘sport’ – Money overriding talent when it comes to getting into F1. Lance Stroll, for the love of god, be gone!

  4. Everybody loads up on Stroll but he is a consistent mid grid driver and his champ points reflect that.

    1. It’s funny because you defend him with the fact that others use to criticise him.

    2. You chose a bad example, this season he’s being absolutely demolished, worse than raikkonen in 2014, he’s not worthy of that car at least.

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