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Alonso insists ‘2023 still a good season even if we don’t finish another race’

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Fernando Alonso insisted he is not frustrated by Aston Martin’s recent downturn in form after retiring again from the Mexican Grand Prix.

The team told him to retire from today’s race after his car lost pace early on. Alonso suspected he had picked up damage from debris left from the first corner collision between Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc.

“We felt immediately something wrong in the car,” Alonso told the official F1 website. “We were quite slow.”

Aston Martin told Alonso to let his team mate Lance Stroll by and as the race went on it became clear his situation wasn’t going to improve.

“We let Lance go as well at the beginning just to hope for a better result for the team,” said Alonso. “But we were slow in general in the race, but not only the race.

“I think the whole weekend has been very difficult for us. Sometimes you learn more things from the difficulties than from the celebrations. So hopefully it’s one of those times.”

Alonso has suffered a significant reversal in fortunes since the season began. He finished on the podium in five of the first six races, and until the Singapore Grand Prix had scored points in every round.

However he has taken just 13 points over the last five rounds as Aston Martin have been overhauled by their rivals. Despite that, he said he is still extremely pleased with their season.

“Obviously we would love to keep fighting for podiums, but we are not in that position, unfortunately,” he said. “But no, it’s not frustrating yet.

“This year has been an incredible season for us, so even if we DNF the remaining of the races, 2023 is still a good season. But hopefully we can revert this situation and we can finish on a high.”

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9 comments on “Alonso insists ‘2023 still a good season even if we don’t finish another race’”

  1. Aston Martin was the worst team in Mexico. At one point, after all stops, Alonso and Stroll were last with 10 seconds between them and … Sargeant.

    If this is how they develop their car, next year they will not reach Q2 in any race.

  2. In truth, Alo did think he would be a permanent podium fixture this year, and a possible win or two did enter his mind on occasion.

    1. Not only alonso, after the first few races I thought he had made a subscription to 3rd place for every race!

  3. Vettel and Alonso would make a really good team I think. And I think Vettel might not be getting enough credit for the beginning of this season. Really a pity I think, and a great pairing which would be gold for the entertainment/drama aspect.

  4. I don’t think that Aston Martin have too much to feel ashamed of this season …. well, maybe one thing.

  5. It was a good season, but that’s long gone.
    They are terrible now and if i were to bet, i’d say that’s where theyre going to be from now on.

  6. There’s a massive step waiting at Aston’s factory for 2024. Alonso is far too relaxed with this performance.

    And Stroll’s self-sabotage is helping the team receive more wind tunnel allocation, so expect the ex-Red Bull techs at Aston to be playing the game for something special next year

    1. I think it will take a bit more time. Moving so many people in an entirely new building is not done overnight, certainly more to come in 2025.

  7. Translation- ‘Our car is now a tractor, there’s nothing else coming to it at this point, can the season just end already? What’s the point?’.

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