Haas requests review of United States Grand Prix result over track limits cases

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Haas has formally requested the FIA reviews the result of the United States Grand Prix, which took place two weeks ago.

The team is understood to have submitted the request on the grounds the stewards did not take some track limits infringements into consideration during the race.

In order for the review to proceed the stewards of the race will need to decide a time to reconvene for a hearing. A summons will be sent out and an initial hearing will take place in order to determine whether Haas have provided sufficient new and relevant information for a review to take place.

Teams have until 14 days after a race to submit a request for review. The United States Grand Prix took place 13 days ago.

Earlier this year Aston Martin successfully provoked a review of the results of the Austrian Grand Prix after demonstrating the stewards had not taken all track limits infringements into consideration.

Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg finished 11th in the Austin race, within two seconds of Logan Sargeant who scored the final point, and less than four seconds behind ninth-placed Alexander Albon.

The latter driver was given a five-second time penalty for track limits breaches. The stewards noted they considered whether he may have committed other infringements, but stated it was impossible to be certain due to the lack of evidence available.

A total of 35 laps times were deleted during the grand prix due to tracks exceeding track limits at eight different corners. After the race some drivers claimed the FIA had been unable to monitor whether they were staying within the track limits at all points on the circuit. Lando Norris, who finished the race second, even admitted he had deliberately gone off at turn six as he believed the FIA could not judge whether drivers had stayed within the white lines there.

Last year Haas protested the result of the same race, claiming the stewards failed to take action over a loose wing mirror on Fernando Alonso’s Alpine. That was initially upheld, but overturned when Alpine successfully argued Haas had failed to submit their protest within the deadline.

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  1. They should’ve done that shortly after the race, although to be precise, any race results are amendable until that year’s last WMSC meeting.

  2. Good. I hope this track limits situation evolves into a big mess of complaints and appeals. I hope they’re forced to change the result so we can see some counter appeals.

    1. i agree, there were a lot more violations unaccounted for at COTA, to include the race winner, the rule is almost a joke, but the people policing have no consistency, so its nothing but.

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