Ferrari's special livery for the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Ferrari reveals special livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Ferrari has revealed the special livery it will use at next week’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.

F1 will return to the city it previously raced at in 1981 and 1982 next week. However Ferrari has taken inspiration from the cars it raced slightly earlier than that, in the seventies, and returned to the mix of red and white colours it used around that time.

“In those days, there was a lot of white alongside the red in the Ferrari livery and this year, for the return to Las Vegas, the Scuderia decided to reprise it, producing an entirely red and white-only livery for the SF-23,” said the team in a statement.

Ferrari credited several of its sponsors for agreeing to allow their logos to be presented in white in order to match the car’s revised colour scheme. In addition to white details on the front and rear wings, the drivers’ names are picked out in scripted lettering on the cars’ flanks, as was done for their predecessors such as Niki Lauda and Carlos Reutemann.

Ferrari’s current drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr will also wear specially designed overalls for F1’s third visit to the USA this year, matching the car’s revised colours.

The team is selling a special line of branded clothing to tie in with its new look for the penultimate race of the season.

Ferrari will be one of at least two teams sporting special liveries this weekend. Red Bull is running variations on its usual design with changes created by fans at all three American rounds this year. They have not yet revealed the design they will use for next week’s race on the new Las Vegas Strip Circuit.

Pictures: Ferrari’s 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

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21 comments on “Ferrari reveals special livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix”

  1. Ferrari for the win. The red and white looks lovely

  2. For “an entirely red and white-only livery” there sure are a lot of black bits.

    1. someone or something
      9th November 2023, 19:02

      An entirely black and red livery* would’ve made more sense as a theme livery for a city that’s famous for gambling …

      *with a little touch of green on roughly 1/37th of the car

      1. 1/37 is ironically close to the number of races Ferrari have won in the last 37 attempts (they’ve won 3 of the last 37 races)

      2. Should always “save” on green. (0 or 00).

      3. Not sure if it was exactly 1/37th, but they did have that horrible green Mission Winnow logo a few years ago

    2. I’m trying to imagine how incredibly strange a car would look with a white floor.

    3. On that note, lots of black in the field due to weight savings… Some scheme are still great, other not so (for my taste)…

      Should F1 not “force” the team to have at least 1 layer on paint on every part of the car, so we guarantee a more colorful grid ? I know the car are already very heavy, but sure we are not talking about much…

  3. I was thinking they would incorporate in the design a dice or two, or maybe the roulette table they have at strategy hq

  4. Hope the hydraulics work in the cold.

  5. Just some white in the mix.

  6. Feels odd to change sponsor logos to white in order to pay homage to 70s liveries… where those same sponsors had yellow logos, including Shell and Ferrari. And the presence of the Italian flag.

    It doesn’t even sightly evoke an old Ferrari livery for me.

    1. Agreed, while the idea is nice it just doesn’t make much sense. This seems more futuristic than retro. Still fun to see some changes to the liveries every now and then, though! If one ignores the slightly odd story, this is still kinda nice.

  7. Coventry Climax
    10th November 2023, 2:17

    And a pair of plush dobby stones hanging from the halo?

    1. Coventry Climax
      10th November 2023, 2:19

      dobby stones => dice, for those that didn’t get that

    2. Yes but with Charles luck those plush dice end up in his turbo……

  8. Vegas
    45F air temp,
    At night so track will be colder
    Wet from rain
    Maybe even rain tires
    New asphalt being driven on by cars every day

    Should be an interesting race

  9. Shouldn’t it just be red with white dollar signs all over it?


  10. Why not “special” livery for every race? And what a surprise, another special livery for some GP in USA. What a miracle, they didn’t plan it for Hungaroring or something. At least I see no stars and stripes, the car looks tasteful as always. But this thing with special liveries becomes pretty boring.

    1. Boring, wait till you see the race! Although I am hoping for some excitement

  11. They’ll probably get the same result as ’81 or ’82..

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