Sphere, turns six and seven, Las Vegas Strip Circuit, 2023

First pictures from the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix at the new Las Vegas Strip Circuit.

Formula 1 has returned to Las Vegas for the first time in 41 years for the penultimate round of the 2023 world championship. It is the third event to take place inside the United States of America this year.

A new street track has been formed using the famous Las Vegas Strip, several of the roads surrounding it and a new, purpose-built paddock. The course loops around many distinctive hotels and landmarks.

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14 comments on “First pictures from the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend”

  1. Biskit Boy (@sean-p-newmanlive-co-uk)
    15th November 2023, 12:27

    Expect lots of wide framed TV footage to include the pretty lights.

    Thinking about it I though, I don’t like the cameras to zoom right into the cars. Your can’t see the speed. It might be amazing if the race isn’t a procession.

  2. Is it just me or is that narrower than expected? Is it Friday yet?

    1. Seemingly at least narrower at parts than on F1 23.

    2. Yeah I expected the Strip section to be wider.

    3. It’s just the perspective of many of the photos. Click on ones with actual vehicles and other stuff on it for scale and you can see it’s quite wide.

  3. Geez. Featureless waste land. Maybe it’s better from a roof top bar or helicopter, which is no doubt where the camera’s will be

    1. > $1500 per night for the hotel, with a minimum three night stay
      > $2500 for the cheapest three-day grandstand seat
      > start the race at 10 PM local time in the middle of the desert, so you will be freezing your balls off
      > surprised pikachu face when nobody turns up

      1. Yeah, except as a target older audience with money, I had to google ‘pikachu face’ to understand the comment. Wrong target FOM. We have the money and we’re not amused.

        1. Sadly, TONS of rich, old people LOVE Vegas. Tens-of-thousands of 60+ retirees own expensive homes there. Usually large condos in high rise buildings and hotel communities. Also, tons of young and wealthy people love going to Vegas and paying whatever for access to events with VIP areas where they’re likely to be around celebs. A pathetic culture indeed.

          Either way, F1 gets paid by the hosts It’s up to them make their investment back. Govs are often the sponsor because the races do bring in billions to the cities they’re in (the popular races anyway).

    2. I’m always surprised when people talk about wanting to visit Vegas. It is the most depressing place and was once proposed as a dump site. Vegas basically looks like the world’s fanciest combination truck stop slash motel court.

  4. This looks more like NFS or some such arcade racing game than F1

  5. some racing fan
    15th November 2023, 20:27

    As an American, I am no fan of Las Vegas. It’s even tackier and gaudier than what you will see on TV. This is a race I would not attend happily- it is designed for TV. However, I do think it deserves a chance- this is a race that has about 100 times more organization than the horrific Caesars Palace GP and the Champ Car race there in 2007. Having said that I would much rather see a 3rd race in the US at a permanent circuit like Laguna Seca or Sonoma, or a proper city street circuit like Long Beach.

    1. Yeah, Laguna is a very nice circuit.

  6. A city so ugly that they don’t want you to see it in daylight.
    Let’s put up some CGI images.
    Let’s make money.

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