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Hamilton forced to scrap plan to film key movie scene at Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said he has been forced to abandon plans to film a “really cool scene” for his upcoming film about Formula 1 at this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver is co-producing the film, which stars Brad Pitt and is directed by Joseph Kosinski. Work on the film began earlier this year and filming has already taken place at some grand prix weekends involving Pitt, co-star Damson Idris and stunt drivers.

Hamilton revealed they planned to shoot a key scene at this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix but were unable to do so. He said it was a result of strikes which disrupted the US filming industry earlier this year, which were called by the Writers Guild of America union and the Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Although the strikes have now concluded, the delays and disruption they caused meant filming could not take place this weekend, said Hamilton.

“Brad and Damson [are] back in training getting ready to get back in the car,” he said. “We were supposed to be filming this weekend. If there wasn’t a strike we would have been filming one of the really cool scenes here this weekend.”

Work on the film will continue during the 2024 F1 season, he added. “We will continue on filming in next year so you’ll see them around more.

“We’ve already got great footage with the demo drivers who have done a great job, as the drivers got to see in Austin. We’ll keep pushing along, it’s still going to be great, might cost a little bit more but I am really confident in what Jerry [Bruckheimer] is going to produce.”

Hamilton said he will have some more input into the film during F1’s off-season, which will begin after next week’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“It won’t take a huge amount of my time. In December I’ll be probably spending a day or so with Joe and Jerry just going over the script. And obviously now we can continue on with the writers.”

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  1. “really cool” huh

  2. it’s strange really, how Lewis reaches people. In a way. I mean I hate tattoos, religion, false hair, rap and dub, cornrows… but there he is, in pyjamas, and he more or less defines cool! Welcomed to Vegas with a sign, honorary citizen of Brazil, working with all these stars etc etc. Of course he’s a very warm, empathetic person, and extraordinary at what he does. And mega fit, obviously :)

    1. You spent so long describing his appearance you forgot what a generally good guy and gentleman he is off the track. Look more than skin deep and you might figure out why Lewis appeals to people.

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