Alfa Romeo Las Vegas Grand Prix livery, 2023

Alfa Romeo reveal all-black livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Alfa Romeo have revealed their third one-off livery of 2023, which will be used at this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Featuring an all-black design with playing card motifs, both Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu will run the one-off livery at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit for the inaugural event this weekend.

The Las Vegas livery uses local inspiration, with the black base colour of the car now extended across the whole C43 with motifs of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs in a fitting nod to Las Vegas’s gambling culture.

The team added green text and front wing detailing to their C43 at the Belgian Grand Prix, then for the Italian Grand Prix the week after the rear of the car was turned into the Italian flag and green stripes were added to the front half of the car.

The team will be looking for points from this weekend’s race as they look to keep from falling behind Haas and dropping to last in the constructors’ championship.

Alfa Romeo are the fifth different team to present a revised livery for F1’s first race on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. They join Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams and Alpine.

Alfa Romeo Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

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13 comments on “Alfa Romeo reveal all-black livery for Las Vegas Grand Prix”

  1. Weight saving in the extreme or is this Sauber bringing back the C12 livery ahead of next season’s name change?

    1. “Alfa” and Bottas are so anonymous, they could peace out before the race and no one would notice.

    2. Probably saves less than the weight of a mullet.

  2. Cool & finally a proper one-off livery change.

  3. Third one-off livery in a single year. Dear lord… And of course, it’s gotta be USA. Because we’re not ashamed to show how much more we appreciate American fans than those Hungarians, Brazilians or Belgians and other old-news nobodies.
    The worst thing is that this has nothing to do with American F1 fans, of whom many would agree.
    I wish this sport wasn’t as expensive or limited in so many ways, because the time is coming when I wish we could get a new series that would be a spiritual successor to F1, and Liberty and FIA could keep the name, the sprint races, Crofty and Las Vegas GP.

    1. American fan here: it was only a few years ago when I didn’t even have a legal way of watching this sport on tv. Before COTA came along our last physical F1 experience was a giant middle finger shoved into the face of the american audience with the farce that was the Indy gp. F1 does owe us, but not this artificial cost inflated hype fueled nonsense at Vegas that none of us who were at Indy in 05 can afford anymore. Come invest in our quality racing facilities like Laguna Seca, Watkins, road america, willow springs, mid Ohio…and make it accessible to the working class

  4. yuy imaginative black livery

  5. This is getting way out of hand.

    The team’s brand should at all times be recognisable from the livery layout and overal color scheme. Red Bull racing is setting the example here.

  6. It’s like someone accidentally deleted the Design group of layers in Photoshop and left only the Decals and Misc groups, and then tried to pass it off as a ‘unique look’.

    Special liveries are fun, but at least make an effort. Red Bull’s might be a bit cheesy, but they work well and are still very obviously as a Red Bull car.

  7. That looks ace. I loved the black Mercedes too.

  8. I see a red car and I want it painted black,
    No colours any more, I them to turn black

  9. it will look very much like Mercedes on track. but its a cool livery not gonna lie

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