Red Bull plan to rebrand second F1 team as ‘Racing Bulls’, documents indicate

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The next new name for Red Bull’s second Formula 1 team appears to have been revealed in an intellectual property registration by the company.

The energy drinks giant owns Red Bull and its junior team AlphaTauri. The latter competed until 2019 under the name Toro Rosso, which is Italian for ‘Red Bull’, before being renamed after its fashion brand.

Earlier this year Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko revealed AlphaTauri will have its third different name in six years next season.

The team has since submitted paperwork to officially register the name ‘Racing Bulls’ for a broad range of applications (pictured top).

Racing Point logo gave maximum prominence to sponsors
The choice of name echoes ‘Racing Point’, the name used in 2019 and 2020 by the team now known as Aston Martin following its purchase by Lawrence Stroll. The name was stylised as ‘Racing’ followed by a bullet point, which allowed the team to draw more attention to its title sponsors.

The changes at AlphaTauri ahead of the 2024 go much deeper than a new name. This weekend is the last for team principal Franz Tost, who has run it since Red Bull purchased and rebranded the Minardi team ahead of the 2006 season. Peter Bayer has been appointed as CEO and Laurent Mekies will join from Ferrari to become its new team principal.

AlphaTauri is one of two teams set to change names next year. This weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is the last time Alfa Romeo’s branding will appear on the cars run by Sauber. The team is expected to confirm its naming plans next month, with a return to the Sauber name seen from 1993 to 2005 and again from 2011 to 2018 understood to be on the cards.

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40 comments on “Red Bull plan to rebrand second F1 team as ‘Racing Bulls’, documents indicate”

  1. Why don’t they call it Red Bull 2 and be done with it? It’s not like people don’t know it’s their B-team

  2. +1 RedBull having Racing Bull to take massive points off other teams will ensure the championship is wrapped up earlier than ever next season. You can already see the influence on what Alpha Tauri are testing now. Are we supposed to believe it’s a coincidence that RedBull and Alpha Tauri both being 2024 floors to test one race apart…

    1. Are Alpha Tauri taking massive points off Ferrari and Mercedes?
      I think it’s unfair to try and blame RBR having a 2nd team, which gives opportunities to young drivers, for other teams failings and predicted failings for next year.

  3. What was ever wrong with Torro Rosso? Dignified in its verbal disparity but still paralleled the red bull nicely while paying tribute to its Italian team’s base.

    Racing Bulls means absolutely nothing by comparison, might as well be called Red Bull 2. Why not at this point? Hey why not just call it what it is; the budget cap doubler.

    1. What was ever wrong with Torro Rosso?

      People kept spelling it wrong!

      1. Good point, as an italian it looks really bad to read!

    2. the budget cap doubler.

      An excellent suggestion. It’s quite catchy, too.

      1. I wish RaceFans had an upvote function on comments

      2. Yeah, I like that one too. Well done, Tristan!

  4. it’s still not going to make me drink it :)

  5. The word ‘bull’ in plural form is slightly weird.

    1. First few times I saw it I couldn’t help but see it with the added _hit … I think that’s the only time I’ve ever seen the letter s after bull. The position of the bulls rear end doesn’t help.

      1. The position of the bulls rear end doesn’t help

        This actually makes it seem a bit like an April Fools’ news item.

    2. sounds like a ‘hit’ to me.

  6. So we will have Red Bull (Racing) = RB(R) and Racing Bulls (Racing?) = RB(R)?

    Good, this definitely got rid of some clarity.

  7. Billy Rae Flop
    25th November 2023, 12:31

    They should rebrand it so heavily that they don’t have a second team anymore. Or 3rd and 4th cars, whichever way you want to look at it

  8. Should’ve gone Sugar Free Red Bull

    1. +1 COTD !

    2. Or
      Red Bull Total Zero
      Red Bull Zero
      Red Bull Energy Shot
      Red Bull Editions
      But they already exist

      Merc Money Machine fans could be happy with the first two.

  9. Tracing Bulls!

    Got in there first

  10. May as well just call them Red Bull Reserves or Red Bull B Team.

  11. But didn’t Yuki Tsunoda say these teams aren’t even reladed?

  12. What about:

    Bulls Hit

    It would be quite appropriate, given what comes out of the mouths of the main team’s management.

    1. how about wooly bull’i.

    2. Nope, best is Bull Run. Sound a lot like battles

  13. AlphaTauri and Red Bull are delighted to announce that 7 year old Heinrich form Wartberg an der Krems won the competition for: ‘find a new original generic team name for the team formerly known as AlphaTauri’ as the winner of the first price Heinrich will be invited for a drinking a shoey at the Racing Bull headquarters and design the logo. Congratulations Heinrich.

    1. Was this posted on Y , formerly X?

  14. In other news Toto Wolf is seriously confused about the new team name and is afraid he will be wondering all winter long what it means. Will Mercedes be Racing the Bulls next year or will they spend another season simply Hating the Bulls.

  15. Forget it just deer nigh all mine

  16. Racing Bulls hit week after week?

  17. Fitting image, because it would be the worst team name since Racing Point.

  18. Why is this even allowed? The rules cleary state that each competitor can and must use two cars. Two. Not four.

    Given how often Horner speaks on behalf of this “team” it should be obvious to everyone, even the FIA whose officials can be a bit obtuse, that this is one team.

    If F1 doesn’t want an 11th team ‘because money’, just ditch the Red Bull test squad and give their garages to real competitors.

    1. For RBR to get any benefit from the Alpha Tauri development then the cars would need to be near identical with each team branching off on a different path and then converging on the quickest design, over and over again.
      It’s the same as Mercedes or Ferrari getting a good look at the RBR floor and trying to bolt it onto their car, it will be totally useless unless it compliments the entire concept of their design.

  19. Toro Rosso was the better one.

  20. What the… from bad to worse. I’ll just revert to Minardi now

  21. I didn’t think they could make a worse name than racing point, but damn, they managed!

    1. I think HRT remains the worst name for an F1 team.

  22. Maybe they’ll have a podcast called Talking Bullocks.

  23. Racing Bulls hit

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