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Rate the race: 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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30 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

  1. Garbage racing series

  2. A decent race with quite a few exciting battles.

    1. If only indycar had a few more races per season

  3. Minus 10? Awful, dreary race. Disgustingly terrible.

    1. Don’t be too dramatic, it wasn’t that bad. The track is horrible yes but that race was okay.

        1. +1 means agreed. So you effectively replied agreed agreed. :-)

    2. Unnecessarily hyperbolic…

    3. Best midSunday nao I had in years.

  4. Race was 5/10, but i’ll also rate Alonso’s driving, 0/10 for one of the most disgusting moves you can pull in motorsports. Braking testing in F1 should be instant ban.

    1. is this still under investigation? or was he cleared like Max back in Jeddah 21?

      1. it got cleared after like 2 minutes, absolutely shocking.

        1. Although in Max’s case it was more clearly brake testing, Alonso slowed (not sure if he actually braked) while Lewis was directly behind (slipstream) which is problematic indeed, even if it was only for drs gains.

          Not to mention he went off track and almost hit a brake marker in the process.

          Bare minimum ought to have been a black and white flag, infact had Lewis been adjusting the wheel he may have crashed into him.

          It’s problematic when you don’t at least lightly punish behaviour that only avoids incident due to avoidance from one driver..

          1. He “went off track” because he pulled almost right off the track before slowing down. It’s not clear whether he just had too much speed and needed to lose it before he hit the curbs, or whether he was planning to let Lewis ahead to get DRS and pulled right off track to ensure it was safe. I suspect the second. But either way, Lewis wasn’t behind him at the point he slowed.

        2. It was sloppy but my take is he was just distracted by twiddling knobs on the wheel or whatever, went off the road, and slowed down so he didn’t hit the brake markers. If you were behind him
          im sure it looked intentional.

          People forget watching these tracked long shots how hard these cars brake. If a car slows or stops unexpectedly close infront you may have no chance to avoid. Just do the math on how far a car travels in .2s, a really good reaction time, at 250kph.

          1. What a reach. He was looking in he mirrors while slowing down, also slowed before going off the track. Dumb

          2. Also Riddard, you might need to watch what happened before commenting. Lewis was directly behind, or in the direct wake if that satisfies your gross. Also he began slowing long before pull off track while looking in he mirrors multiple times. As if you didn’t read my comment he also nearly hit the marker. Muppets

    2. Braketesting? What braketesting?

      Considering who said it, it had a 100% of being BS. And it of course is.

      1. Except ALO admitted doing it.

        1. Where did he admit it?

          1. In the shower. After everyone went home.

  5. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    26th November 2023, 14:43

    The race itself was poor, it’s just all the background with who’s coming 2nd in the wcc etc that added any real excitement.

  6. Too much easy DRS highway passing.

    Silly penalties, Silly DRS detection line games that was more deserving of a penalty, Silly games at the end with Leclerc just letting Perez by because of the silly penalty.

    The stat books will say lots of passing & the quantity over quality obsessed will claim that as a great race but in reality it simply wasn’t because most of those passes were easy & uneventful rending this a truly forgettable race that saw nothing of any excitement occur. Just highlighted everything that is wrong with the ‘racing’ in modern F1…… Quantity over quality isn’t fun.

    I’d also make a point of this. The best & most exciting bit of racing during that race was Max & Charles on lap 1 where there was no DRS & it was all about the slipstream & real racing. More of that & less DRS would make for far better battles & far more exciting racing/overtaking.

  7. 5/10 for the mild drama given the fight for 2nd in the constructors, but other than that yet another poor race.
    The higher ups need to figure something out for next year because the level of domination (and subsequent boredom) we experienced this year cannot happen again. Without a doubt for me the worst year in F1 history.

  8. Watched MotoGP title decider instead.

  9. Pretty average, but some decent battles around

  10. strong 4, very dull and boring, almost not real overtaking, just some peeps out of order. The race was almost over before the first pit.

    1. I said in the live that 3 stop was ge way to go. Sainz on lap 33 I believe was similar pace to the leaders and in fact everyone was lapping pretty similarly. They were just saving to avoid stopping too much. A commited 3 stop would have worked well with how good new tyres were doing compared to old ones. On person doing so may have triggered a few more and it would have been a good race with different strategies. Pretty confident a 3 stop would have been faster, if not only for cars that were faster in free air than those ahead.

  11. 1/10 for a 1/10 season. These heavy and big cars disgust me. It was somewhat alright in 2013 when Vettel was winning everything as the cars were actually exciting to watch and they were nimble, it allowed drivers to go wheel-to-wheel. Cycle forward ten years later: They’re big and heavy. They were good at the end of 2021, who’s idea was it to make the cars even bigger and heavier!? Fire that man. I hate these regulations, they’re even worse than the cock-nose 2014 regs.

  12. 6/10 for me. Only the points battles between Ferrari/Merc and Alpha T/Williams kept it interesting. Most passes were straight forward DRS ones or due to tyre differences. Not awful but just average. Typical Abu Dhabi really.

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