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Mercedes’ Austin upgrade gives Hamilton hope for stronger 2024

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes’ upgrades package from the US Grand Prix gives him confidence for next season

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Mercedes’ Austin upgrades give Hamilton hope for stronger 2024

Lewis Hamilton says that the performance boost Mercedes brought to their car with their upgrades package at the United States Grand Prix gives him better confidence heading into 2024.

Asked what he would look back on most positively about the 2023 season, Hamilton replied; “I think getting pole position in Budapest, we didn’t think that was going to be possible when I first drove the car this year.”

“The upgrade that we saw in Austin and the fact that, given a couple more laps, we may have been in shooting range for a win. Just seeing that we are, we’re slowly morphing this car into a more competitive machine.

“It’s got more and more enjoyable to drive and to be in a position where you’re actually going forwards rather than backwards, has been positive. But it still fundamentally is not a winning car and that’s what we’ve got to change next year.”

Pirelli announce first compounds for 2024

Pirelli have announced the tyre compounds nominated for the opening rounds of the 2024 Formula 1 season.

Like last year, the season will begin with the Bahrain, Saudi Arabian and Australian grands prix, with the opening two rounds retaining the same three tyre compounds used at the beginning of this season. The hardest tyre combination of C1, C2 and C3 will be raced in Bahrain, with the C2, C3 and C4 used at Jeddah.

However, the Australian Grand Prix will see the softest combination of tyres raced at Albert Park, with all three compounds a step softer than in 2023, with the C3, C4 and C5 in use.

Bearman hopeful for more Haas seat time

Ferrari junior driver Oliver Bearman says he is hopeful of getting more time behind the wheel of Haas’ F1 cars in future after running two Friday practice sessions with them and a post-season test day in Abu Dhabi.

“F1 was an amazing experience,” Bearman said. “It’s really nice to get some recognition after a decent F2 season and start my first mileage in F1.

“I think the team are really happy with the work that we did, especially in the post-season test, that went really well and we covered a lot of important mileage for the team. I’ve loved it so far and hopefully it brings me on to new experiences there as well because it’s been really enjoyable.”

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Comment of the day

With Sergio Perez copping a warning from the stewards after he expressed his disapproval about the penalty he received for hitting Lando Norris in Abu Dhabi, Tristan questions whether priorities are right with F1’s rule setters…

They have enough staff to listen to every radio communication to decide whether to sensor it or not, because it might make formula 1 look bad. But not enough staff to police track limits fairly.

Priorities sound about right for what to expect.

More focus should be put on the content of Perez’s message rather than the policing of it. I bet they didn’t bother to ask why he thought it was bad all year, or why he thinks it’s a joke…

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Katederby and US Williams Fan!

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  • Born on this day in 1930: Two-time F1 race starter David Piper, who lost a foot in a crash which occured during filming for the film Le Mans starring Steve McQueen

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9 comments on “Mercedes’ Austin upgrade gives Hamilton hope for stronger 2024”

  1. The Williams video is enjoyable.

    I agree with the COTD that FIA’s priorities should lie elsewhere.

    1. Thanks for that comment. I wasn’t going to bother watching it but having read your comment I did and it was worth watching,

  2. the new Mercedes will be a James Allison car again won’t it. The only thing about the Austin upgrade was that it matched the simulation data on the actual track, so their tools are working. But the 2024 car will have a narrower gearbox, wider tunnels and better suspension, using Lewis’ spy photos :)

  3. Robert Henning
    2nd December 2023, 10:35

    Since Austin their performance has varied quite a bit. And even at Austin they had an order of magnitude more plank wear reported than Ferrari which surprisingly enough (only AMUS) in media houses based off the UK.

    I’m sure they have some data that shows progress with a legal car but looking at on track performances I really don’t see any serious improvement.

  4. Stronger 2024 mean at least a few victories ? Because titles can only be talked about in dreams, RBR is also evolving and the distance is already too big.

  5. Unauthorised activities by Privè Global Events (FIA)

    The company, formerly known as Valamus, changed hands in early 2023 and currently run from a seriously run down semi in Wolverhampton.
    Nope, definitely nothing dodgy there, not ever, ever…

  6. Mercedes has become Wiley E. Coyote, Genius, and Red Bull is the Roadrunner, to reference an old American cartoon. Hint: The coyote never catches the roadrunner.

    1. Ahaha, great reference, though there’s been a few cases where the coyote caught the roadrunner, but wasn’t able to eat it, such as when the cotoye had been shrunk to the point of being smaller than roadrunner’s paw, and another time when he used a mechanical cotoye which really caught roadrunner, but then disobeyed the cotoye.

    2. ops, coyote* ofc

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