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Red Bull junior Liam Lawson saw his first action in Formula 1 this season, getting his eye in over five rounds as a stand-in for the injured Daniel Ricciardo.

But what was going on in the team’s garage at the Yas Marina circuit before last weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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Caption Competition

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24 comments on “Caption Competition 226: AlphaTaur-eye”

  1. Somehow we need to make you look sad for Franz’s farewell photo.

    1. The best.

  2. The bionic upgrade… done.

  3. Shall we just rebrand ourselves to Alpha Sore-Eye?

  4. “Mate, I swear it was a total accident”

    1. I even read that in his voice.

  5. “When you awake, you will not remember being hypnotised,
    and you will stop pestering us for Daniel’s seat next season.”

  6. The Redbull eye vision implant is mandatory for all Redbull drivers. This is so that Mr Marko can track you on and off track.

  7. “Sorry Liam, your eyes go to Checo. Team orders and he needs them more than you do.”

  8. ”it’s just some sour negotiation drops”

  9. Yes, but Aston-Martin has “lens” Stroll…

  10. With only one eye left you will be Marko’s favourite.

  11. “Definitely easier than an engine change, watch this….”

  12. As a flying pig soars above the AlphaTauri garage, Liam Lawson evaluates his chances of securing a full-time race seat with the team.

  13. No Liam, Daniel asked for dry ICE

  14. Relax Liam, you’ll get used to it. Red Bull likes to drop the drivers on a regular basis.

    1. Oh yes – very good ;)

    2. Coventry Climax
      3rd December 2023, 14:21

      By far the best to date.

      (Even if it likely should have been .. their drivers ..)

  15. Young Liam falls for the old ‘follow my hand’ prank, as he gets a sharp jab to the throat.

  16. All potential Max Verstappen teammates have to undergo some unique training, including the ‘look up at Max from the lower podium steps’ exercise.

  17. “Daniel… spraying Tabasco in Liam’s eye is not funny”

  18. AT searching for someone that looks like a champion

  19. Ricciardo: “I know Alpha Tauri have patented these ‘no more tears’ eye drops but they are for discarded drivers only, mate. Don’t do this.”

  20. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    4th December 2023, 14:26

    Liam has to receive urgent medical treatment after unfortunately walking in on Christian and Geri.

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