Fisichella backing Tanzanian grand prix circuit bid

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In the round-up: Giancarlo Fisichella is supporting a bid by the nation of Tanzania to build a Formula 1-standard race track.

In brief

Fisichella backing Tanzania grand prix track bid

Former Formula 1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella is consulting on an effort to build a Formula 1-spec race track in Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania.

In a post on social media, the Italian Consulate of Tanzania said that the former Ferrari, Force India and Renault driver was consulting on a bid to create a €500m race circuit in the area.

Construction on the proposed project is due to begin later next year with initial work completed “by the end of 2027.”

Buhler gets ART FREC seat

Lena Buhler, who finished runner-up in the inaugural F1 Academy season last year, will compete in the Formula Regional European Championship in 2024 with ART

The 26-year-old will race in the FREC for the third time in four years. She ran most of a season in 2021 and just two rounds in 2022, both with the R-Ace GP team.

The Sauber junior driver will race with the ART team in the championship, which begins in May at Hockenheim.

Wisnicki named final Rodin F3 driver

Piotr Wisnicki will be the third and final driver for the Rodin team (formerly Carlin) in this year’s Formula 3 championship.

The 20-year-old was named by the team yesterday, completing their line up for 2024 alongside Callum Vosin and Joseph Loake. Wisnicki competed in the opening eight races of last season, taking a best finish of 18th in the Monaco sprint race.

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Comment of the day

Is it surprising that Lando Norris isn’t seeking a move to a power unit manufacturer for 2026 and sticking with McLaren instead? No, says Tristan

He’s the established number one at a team he likes and can perform well with. It would be different if he was constantly stuck around the bottom of the top ten, but his stock as a driver is doing nothing but rise with McLaren thanks to the performance he can put in with them.

A move would be a massive career risk and he’s seen first hand how dangerous that can be thanks to Daniel Ricciardo.

If or when he does make a move, it makes sense for it to be a “sure thing” established championship contender that will pay a premium to improve their driver stock, not taking a one-in-six gamble on who might get the new regulations right.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Shelley Lee, Tnfox and David Clifford!

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10 comments on “Fisichella backing Tanzanian grand prix circuit bid”

  1. Ha! For some reason I read the title as Tasmania, probably because of the old Tasman series.

    1. A Grand Prix at Symmons Plains would be worth watching, if only for the novelty. Sub-40 second lap times, anyone?

  2. Fisi couldn’t find his grid slot half the time. Doubt he fan Tanzania.

    1. doubt he can find Tanzania*

  3. €500m race track in… *checks google maps to be sure* Tanzania?!?! What?

    Surely this will turn out to be some pie in the sky corruptly funded project that ends up half complete and abandoned, right?

    That’s a heck of a lot of money considering it’s roughly the same budget as CotA but the country has only .2% of the US GDP.

    If they manage to pull it off and get a GP, that will be incredibly impressive.

    1. Do you think that’s the only way to have a project in Africa ?

      1. José Lopes da Silva
        28th January 2024, 10:33

        You’re approach is quite problematic. What do you mean by “Africa”? Tristan was talking about Tanzania. Said the “the country has only .2% of the US GDP.” Not sure if it’s correct, but it’s clear we’re not talking about Africa.
        Do you know that there are 54 countries in Africa? Each one with their challenges, circumstances and approaches? To mix the huge diversity of the continent into a single “Africa” label doesn’t seem right to me.

        1. You missed the point …

  4. some racing fan
    31st January 2024, 6:15

    An F1 GP in Zanzibar? Wow talk about a spectacular pipe dream

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