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Suzuka secures its place on F1 calendar until 2029 with new deal

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The Suzuka circuit in Japan will remain on the Formula 1 calendar until at least 2029 after securing a contract extension.

Suzuka’s round of the world championship has moved to April this year, having previously been held in the second half of the season. F1 wanted the change of dates in order to improve the sequencing of its races to reduce travel and therefore carbon emissions.

Its contract was due to expire after this year’s round. However race promoter Mobilityland has agreed a new, five-year contract with Formula One Management to secure its future. Mobilityland is owned by Honda, which will return to F1 as a full power unit manufacturer supplying Aston Martin from 2026.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said the track, which first joined in the F1 calendar in 1987, was “a special circuit and part of the fabric of the sport.”

“As we prepare to return to Japan earlier than usual this season, l would like to express my huge gratitude to the promoter and team at Honda MobilityLand for supporting our effort towards greater calendar rationalisation as we look to make the sport more sustainable,” he added. “Our fans in Japan embrace Formula 1 with a unique passion and we look forward to working with the promoter to give fans the experience they deserve for years to come.”

The sinuous road course is a favourite of many drivers due to its demanding mix of medium-to-high speed corners. The race also regularly draws a strong crowd. Last year’s total attendance across the grand prix weekend was 222,000, up from 200,000 in 2023. It was won for the second year in a row by Max Verstappen, powered by a Honda RBPT engine originally developed before the manufacturer’s last withdrawal from the sport.

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10 comments on “Suzuka secures its place on F1 calendar until 2029 with new deal”

  1. Good news. The rumblings about yet another street circuit replacing Suzuka were concerning.

    1. Might be just Liberty Media floating those stories to get existing tracks to argue less about the price hikes presented to them to keep hosting the races and/or push them to circuit upgrades and then particularly the VIP/Paddock sections much less the track and general admission facilities.

    2. Read further. The race will stay at the Suzuka location, but they’re going to use the parking lot to create a temporary street track. Just imagine the views we’ll get with Suzuka as the backdrop! Plenty of celebrity guests too!.

  2. Fantastic news.

    Really glad such a beautiful circuit isn’t being replaced by yet another street track.

  3. At Suzuka, they hoped everybody would be talking about this news…
    Very welcome, although having it in April will take some getting used to.

  4. Great news

    1. Whaaaat? Not “as expected”?

      Colour me all shades of shocked 😲

  5. Less chance of rain in April?

  6. Excellent. A real circuit.

  7. They should bring back Fuji and Sepang.

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