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Which F1 drivers will beat their team mates in 2024?

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As is always the case in Formula 1, the intra-team competition between both drivers in a team is perhaps where the most intriguing battles are to be found on the grid.

Peculiarly, all ten driver pairings who competed in the final race of last season will line-up together for the opening race of the new season next week. Meaning that there are many fascinating rematches up and down the field in 2024.

Will all ten drivers who prevailed against their team mates in 2023 do so again this season, or will there be some upsets over the 24-round championship? It’s time to pick who you think will come out on top in each of the ten teams this season.

Red Bull: Max Verstappen vs Sergio Perez

Last season, Sergio Perez started stronger than he ever had over his three years of being Max Verstappen’s team mate by winning two of the opening four rounds to sit just six points behind the world champion in the drivers’ standings.

But over the rest of the year, Verstappen was utterly unstoppable while Perez made far too many mistakes and just generally could not come close to matching his pace as Verstappen cruised to the championship with over double the points of his team mate.

It was the third time in as many seasons that Verstappen had won the title, but it was the first time Perez had finished runner-up to him. Over their three seasons together, Verstappen has out-scored Perez by 249 point

Last year: After Verstappen comfortably beat Perez in their first two seasons together, a whopping 97% correctly projected he would do so again in 2023.

Which Red Bull driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Sergio Perez (1%)
  • Max Verstappen (99%)

Total Voters: 191

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Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton vs George Russell

The battle between the two Mercedes team mates sits at a 1-1 draw heading into their third and final season together in 2024. So naturally, whoever comes out on top this season will have forever won the duel between the two.

One of the most intriguing battles this season as both drivers have strong motivations. Hamilton will want to end his historic Mercedes tenure in the best way possible, while Russell will be eager to prove he can lead the team when Hamilton departs at the year’s end.

Last year: Despite Russell surprisingly scoring more points than his world champion mate in 2022, only 26% of you backed him to repeat that achievement last year as 74% of you correctly predicted Hamilton to emerge victorious.

Which Mercedes driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • George Russell (28%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (72%)

Total Voters: 194

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Ferrari: Charles Leclerc vs Carlos Sainz Jnr

Like Mercedes, 2024 will be the final season of the partnership between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr that has been in place at Maranello since 2021. In that time, Sainz has out-scored Leclerc once – in that first season in 2021 – while Leclerc has come on top the last two years. Although Leclerc was behind heading into the final round at Abu Dhabi last year.

But while Sainz may have been beaten over the season by Leclerc, he did have the best result of the pair by being the only driver not from Red Bull to win a grand prix as he converted pole to victory in Singapore. How will they fare this year?

Last year: After a close call between the pair in 2022, where just 54% of you picked Leclerc to triumph that season, a much larger 82% correctly predicted Leclerc would prevail in 2023.

Which Ferrari driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Carlos Sainz Jnr (26%)
  • Charles Leclerc (74%)

Total Voters: 191

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McLaren: Lando Norris vs Oscar Piastri

The battle between the two McLaren drivers this season is shaping up to be one of the most fascinating on the grid. Norris continued to demonstrate his skills with seven podiums over the season, while rookie sensation Piastri scored more points than any rookie since Lewis Hamilton to earn an immediate contract extension.

With a year’s experience under his belt, how Piastri will fare in year two will be fascinating to observe. Norris should expect to prevail over the season, but Piastri will definitely put up a challenge.

Last year: Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of you predicted that Norris would beat his rookie team mate. But will more than 6% of you back Piastri this time around?

Which McLaren driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Oscar Piastri (18%)
  • Lando Norris (82%)

Total Voters: 191

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Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso vs Lance Stroll

Fernando Alonso arrived to a new team in Aston Martin in 2023, but it was his team mate Lance Stroll who was left looking like he didn’t belong.

After failing to take a single podium finish compared to Alonso’s eight through the season and finishing the year six places and well over 100 points lower down in the championship, Stroll will be eager to put up a much better showing in year two.

Last year: Although Stroll had the benefit of knowing the team, almost all of you correctly backed Alonso to beat him over the 2023 season, with just 5% of you incorrectly picking Stroll.

Which Aston Martin driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Lance Stroll (2%)
  • Fernando Alonso (98%)

Total Voters: 190

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Alpine: Esteban Ocon vs Pierre Gasly

Two friends turned rivals turned team mates provided one of the most interesting intra-team dynamics of the 2023 season at Alpine. Two race winning French drivers of similar age and experience, Gasly and Ocon are among the most evenly matched pairings on the grid.

Despite being new to Alpine last season, Gasly only just came out on top in the battle between them, scoring four more points than his team mate in 2023. As Alpine look to score more regularly in 2024, can Ocon even up the score this season?

Last year: Reflecting how closely matched you expected the pair to be, you were all equally spilt 50-50 between Ocon and Gasly last season.

Which Alpine driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Esteban Ocon (28%)
  • Pierre Gasly (72%)

Total Voters: 190

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Williams: Alexander Albon vs Logan Sargeant

Williams head into the new season looking to build on their surprising growth of 2023 with the same driver line-up of Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant, who is no longer a rookie driver.

Sargeant was comprehensively out-performed by his more experienced team mate in 2023, never once qualifying ahead and scoring just one point compared to Albon’s 27. Will he fare better this season?

Last year: In a fairly expected result, a whopping 93% of you correctly tipped Albon to get the job done against his inexperienced team mate in 2023.

Which Williams driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Logan Sargeant (1%)
  • Alexander Albon (99%)

Total Voters: 189

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RB: Yuki Tsunoda vs Daniel Ricciardo

The battle between Yuki Tsunoda and team mate Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull’s second team takes on special significance in 2024 with Sergio Perez heading into a contract year. If Perez underperforms again, then whoever comes out on top at RB will likely be offered the seat.

Tsunoda and Ricciardo spent fewer races together than any pairing last season, but while Ricciardo scored the best result of the season, Tsunoda had some strong finishes too. The duel between the two will be fascinating to watch.

Last year: Tsunoda headed into 2023 with Nyck de Vries as his team mate and three-in-four of you predicted Tsunoda would lose out. However, he proved most of you wrong as De Vries lost his seat mid way through the year.

Which RB driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Daniel Ricciardo (68%)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (32%)

Total Voters: 190

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Sauber: Valtteri Bottas vs Zhou Guanyu

A new name, a very different colour scheme but the same two drivers at Sauber for 2024. Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu return for a third season together at the Swiss-based team.

For the first two seasons together, the more experienced Bottas has beaten his younger team mate. However, the margin between the pair was closer in 2023, with Zhou finishing ahead of his team mate on more occasions than in his rookie season.

Last year: After Bottas was easily the better performing of the pair in 2022, 90% of you correctly guessed that he would come out on top again last season.

Which Sauber driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Zhou Guanyu (24%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (76%)

Total Voters: 189

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Haas: Nico Hulkenberg vs Kevin Magnussen

Haas have a new team principal but retain the same experienced driver pairing for 2024, with over 360 grand prix starts but just one podium appearance between Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg.

Despite being out of a full-time F1 seat for three years, Hulkenberg was the better performer of the two last season. But while he only had two top tens to Magnussen’s one, his higher finishes meant Hulkenberg scored three times as many points as his team mate.

Last year: With Hulkenberg coming back from extended time away, just 40% of you backed him to beat Magnussen over the season – only the second time last year that the majority of you were wrong.

Which Haas driver will finish ahead in this season's championship?

  • Kevin Magnussen (17%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (83%)

Total Voters: 187

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43 comments on “Which F1 drivers will beat their team mates in 2024?”

  1. In some pairs this is more like a popularity contest…

    1. I was thinking exactly the same.

    2. I agree. For several that is how I voted. Not if there is zero percent chance, but some although unlikely, yes, I voted for (Yuki over Daniel, Zhou over Bottas).

      1. @gmp But why, if that wasn’t what the poll asked?

    3. My apologies for at first pushing the wrong button (report). No intention to report the posting.

  2. Including Toto in the picture was a nice touch lol

    1. They all look like they’re about to defend a free kick.

      1. My money is on Toto blocking the ball

  3. I don’t know whom Williams hired for making those promo photos, but whoever he is, he made Albon and Sargeant look like they’re 45+. I genuinely didn’t recognize them when I saw that photo.

    1. It definitely has the air of “English local councillors disappointed at appearance of pothole on village road.”

      1. Or F1 drivers fed up with drain covers flying loose

    2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      25th February 2024, 18:57

      @hoshino – that’s so funny and true:-)

    3. Maybe it is their race suits, but they both look more “rounded” than they should be. Usually F1 drivers all seem to be incredibly lean but something about the angles in this picture doesn’t show that.

  4. What mad lads voted Perez?! Honestly there’s more chance of Hamilton outscoring Verstappen

    In fact out of curiosity I looked up the betting odds and George Russell is on the same odds as Perez for WDC

    1. Betting odds are affected by weight of money laid as well as the real chances of winning, and I’d expect Russell to be more heavily backed in the UK anyway than Perez. But I agree that Perez will be lucky to get 2nd in the WDC despite all his work and words, unless the RB20 is even more dominant than it appears.

      1. I suspect it’s more they the cars are still less predictable than the drivers

        The Red Bull is very likely the fastest car. But take 2012, Alonso and that Ferrari as third best car had no business running it that close

        So a great driver in an inferior car has a better chance than an inferior driver in a great car

    2. @philipgb Whilst I may of course me wrong, I do tend to think that a small number of voters – in any poll of this type – ignore the actual question being posed, and just vote for whom they would like to win. At the time of writing, two and and a half voters (??) have gone for Stroll over Alonso. Could happen I suppose. But if you HAD to bet your house on it, I’d be surprised if that two and a half would go the same way.

      That said, there could be some statistical geniuses here that have calculated the odds of a driver missing races due to injury or the like, and who that that driver will most likely be. Or the odds of Lawrence finally using his influence to hobble Fernando, and/or give preference to Lance. (To be absolutely clear… I am not of either of these opinions).

      1. The thing is with a lower order team like Aston is that they are going to be 5-7th best, which means picking up the tail end of the points for most of the season. A fluke win for Stroll which are the kind of results that aren’t unheard of could vault him ahead of Alonso

        Short of Verstappen sitting out 10 rounds I can’t see how Perez ends up ahead of him

  5. Sainz and Leclerc, and Piastri and Norris could be fun to watch. The rest seems pretty clear.

    1. I voted for PIastri and think it will be a lot closer than voting here suggests, provided Piastri can get to grips with tyre management over the year (ask Perez for tips? His personality is more made for success, I think. I also voted for Sainz over Leclerc but am maybe now regretting it as it seems possible that if the new car handles more easily then Leclerc will benefit more as his urge to take things to the edge will result in disaster less often.

    2. Lewis and George should be as well. Usually I would put my vote on Lewis, but I voted George for this season, as I know he’d want to establish himself as top dog at Mercedes…. resulting in Toto getting a more compliant driver next to him in 2025.

  6. I really want to know who in their right mind voted for Perez to beat Max. I mean if it’s by mistake you can always come out clean and we rally Keith to change the results :-D

    1. I am willing to bet that it was the same person who voted for Stroll over Alonso.

      1. That was Lance himself, he got bored waiting around in Bahrain for next week’s race and just happened upon this site……….self-belief is the start of success.

        1. There’s a problem with this theory, see the amount of votes? I think 3 people voted for stroll!

        2. His parents too, perhaps!

      2. I voted for Stroll, but didn’t vote for Perez

        1. @huhhii It goes without saying that you have absolutely no reason to justify your vote for Stroll.

          Mind you, I would be very very interested in knowing if you did feel so inclined.

    2. @knightameer I am slightly amused that it appears one voter could not even be bothered to vote for that pairing.

  7. It’s interesting that compared with last year, a clear majority now favour Gasly over Ocon at Alpine even though their performances during 2023 were not that different. Gasly himself claims that he will be better now he has settled into the team, and perhaps so. But given that the 2024 car looks to be far from a forward step it may not matter much…………………

  8. How Yuki and Daniel fit in the same chassis I’ll never understand.

    1. Customized seats for all drivers in each team & pedals are always moveable to match individual heights.

      1. It wasn’t a question that needed a serious answer lol.

  9. VER

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      25th February 2024, 21:17

      What makes you think zhou will beat Bottas? Out of the races where neither driver suffered any issues this year, Zhou beat Bottas just 2 times. Although hidded through bad luck for Bottas, he if anything beat Zhou more comfortably than last season if you followed them both closely. Unless you expect Bottas to plummet this year or zhou to suddenly become a very solid driver, I can’t see how he’ll beat Bottas unless luck is involved, which i guess could well happen.

  10. Lance Stroll hangin in at 3%… proportionally representative of the talent ratio between himself and Alonso.

    1. Worth the outside bet that once Alonso signs for Mercedes they boot him and that gives Stroll the full season to eek ahead

  11. I went for the usual suspects in all of them.. except for Lewis vs George.

    I think George has a point to prove this season, and I don’t think Lewis will be favoured much with strategy and updates this season. So, I expect George to narrowly edge out Hamilton this season. It will be close, like it was in 2022.

  12. Unlike some previous contenders, I would not discount Stroll. It seems that this season he really put himself hard into trying to bridge the gap, judging from the fact that he apparently even grew the same beard as Alonso (although I am not quite sure how much this is going to help him on track).

  13. I think i only were not sure about Yuki and Daniel the rest is a dead on clear.

  14. I agree with almost all of them. Who is the 1% voting on Perez? Did he vote himself? Same for Stroll.. did he invite friends to vote? Where I differ in opinion is mostly on the percentages distribution at Mercedes and Ferrari. Those are more 50-50 to me with a slight advantage for Lewis and Charles but they are not performing significantly better than their team mates.

  15. Nothing out of the ordinary in my votes.
    I think Sainz, Gasly, Tsunoda and Magnussen will end up beating their teammates – marginally.
    I also think Piastri will be a bit closer to Norris this year but I see Norris having the upper hand for the most part.
    VER – HAM – SAI – NOR – ALO – GAS – ALB – TSU – BOT – MAG

Comments are closed.