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F1 24 gets earliest ever release date plus revamped career mode

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Formula 1 fans will be able to play the latest edition of the series’ official game earlier than ever in 2024.

Codemasters have announced the first details of F1 24, which will arrive for major platforms on Friday 31st May, one week after the Monaco Grand Prix.

Although few details have been confirmed about the game, publishers EA Sports describe it as having an “overhauled” career mode. Pre-order bonuses for the new game also suggest the return of the F1 World mode from the 2023, along with two additional new ‘icons’ drivers for career mode and the return of the Podium Pass unlock-ables programme.

Players who pre-order the game ahead of its release will get access to 2024 liveries for the McLaren, Alpine, Williams and Haas cars in time trial mode in the F1 23 game. Those who own any of the last three editions of the official Formula 1 driving game can claim a 15% discount when pre-ordering the Champions Edition of F1 24, which is available to play three days before the game’s official release.

“For the first time, our F1 23 players can now connect immediately with the 2024 season with some of their favourite teams ahead of this weekend’s first lights out,” said Codemasters’ senior creative director Lee Mather.

“Our full reveal is coming soon and we’re bringing players an overhauled career mode, a new EA Sports Dynamic Handling System and so much more.”

Codemasters have had exclusive rights to produce the official Formula 1 game series since 2008. The developers have produced a game for current-generation consoles and PC every season since 2010. The last five entries in the series have all been nominated for Best Sports or Racing Game at The Game Awards.

F1 24 will be released on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series S and X and One and on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and the EA App.

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7 comments on “F1 24 gets earliest ever release date plus revamped career mode”

  1. The release date is a good news, with even more GPs remaining before the relevant season is over in real life.

  2. No PSVR, no money from me.

  3. Interested to hear details of the career mode. I just wish they’d go full arcade and less trying to be a sim with this title. It’s not a solid basis for an e-sport, give that license to a game with an engine that can support it. Could you imagine F1 in iRacing or rFactor with Max saying “it feels just like the real thing!”… Absolute megabucks to be had there.

    Meanwhile this game could be a lot of flat out fun instead of some quasi-manager-simulator-online-arcade mess. Think Forza Horizon, race to the track in your Mecedes/Aston Martin/Renault or whatever, race to the town center after the actual F1 race…

    Sure it’s unrealistic and wild… But isn’t that the beauty of games?

    1. I really do not wish to have Fast & Furious in my F1 game…

      1. That’s fine, but do you really find the current formula fun? $70 is a lot for what it is… Again and again.

    2. Could you imagine F1 in iRacing or rFactor with Max saying “it feels just like the real thing!”… Absolute megabucks to be had there.

      A hardcore sim is not even remotely economically viable without F1 massively devaluing its own license.

  4. No psvr2 support i will not buy

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