Race start, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2023

How to watch the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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The Formula 1 and Formula 2 seasons continue this weekend at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia. As last week, the main events take place on Saturday.

The next day sees the start of the new IndyCar season on a very different temporary track: The compact and tight St Petersburg street circuit in Florida.

The new F1 Academy season also begins this weekend. In a change from last year the championship is being held exclusively alongside F1 rounds.

Here’s how to watch the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix live in the UK and USA:

2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: Thursday 7 March – Saturday 9 March 2024


DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
ThursdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F113:3014:30
ThursdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F117:0018:00
FridayF1 Academy race one liveSky Sports F112:10
FridaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F113:3014:30
FridayFormula 2 sprint race liveSky Sports F115:10
FridaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F117:00
SaturdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 420:30
SaturdayF1 Academy race two liveSky Sports F112:05
SaturdayFormula 2 feature race liveSky Sports F113:25
SaturdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix liveSky Sports F117:00
SaturdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix highlightsChannel 421:30
SaturdayIndyCar Grand Prix of St Petersburg qualifyingSky Sports F122:00
SundayIndyCar Grand Prix of St PetersburgSky Sports F116:15

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
ThursdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix first practice liveESPNU08:3009:30
ThursdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix second practice liveESPNU12:0013:00
FridaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix third practice liveESPN208:30
FridaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN212:00
SaturdaySaudi Arabian Grand Prix liveESPN212:00
SaturdayIndyCar Grand Prix of St Petersburg qualifyingPeacock17:00
SundayIndyCar Grand Prix of St PetersburgNBC12:15

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2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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32 comments on “How to watch the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix”

  1. One of only two standard-format events presently with a logical consistent timing pattern, i.e., FP1/3 sharing a start time & likewise FP2-QLF-Race.

    1. I take it that this pleases you?

      1. Yes, because consistent patterns are easy to follow, not to mention they maximizie FP2 usefulness for both qualifying & the race.

  2. Logistically it makes zero sense that F3 isn’t doing the Bahrain / Saudi double header and instead, as they go home F1 Academy flies in instead.
    They can talk all they like about net zero and being greener/ cutting down emissions, etc, but its not just F1, its the full package.

    1. F2 indeed does race in Jeddah, so the timings just aren’t shown here for some reason.
      I double-checked from the official series site.

      1. Coventry Climax
        4th March 2024, 13:06

        zero sense that F3 isn’t


        F2 indeed does race

        Spot the differences.. and double-check ;-)

  3. Qualy on the Friday, race on the Saturday? Again?!

    1. Makes any awkward Mother’s Day discussions/arguments go away ;)

  4. That sportwashing event will do just fine without me.

  5. Something to watch on Sunday this week!

    Saudi Saturday F1 can do one. Hope everyone makes it safely through, to and from the event or product, and I’m looking forward to the proper start of the season from Melbourne.

  6. Wait, Ramadan begins on March 10th. So why was the Bahrain GP on Sunday??

    1. It wasn’t. Assuming you mean Saturday it was because there needs to be seven days between two grands prix.

      1. Yes yes, thank you Rode! I obviously meant Saturday.

    2. There is said to be a rule (I couldn’t find it) that requires there to be at least 6 days in between races. So it was the Saudi date that influenced the Bahrain date.

  7. Really looking forward to the Indycar race. The Bahrain race just felt like a continuation of 2023 but Indycar feels like we’re finally starting a fresh new season.

    1. Also, unlike F1, if one team dominates the first half of the season then changing to Hybrid halfway through the year will at least bring a shake up.

      Maybe F1 should introduce major rule changes mid year, so 2026 engine regs start from summer break in 2026, now that would add some excitement!

  8. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    4th March 2024, 14:50

    We just need the 5 minute recap. Max left pole to Ferrari, passed both of them as the lights turned off, and by turn 1 had built a 20 second gap, which decreased to 10 seconds by the end of the race clearly showing that the other cars have all caught up with Red Bull. During the race, Max also set a Dutch record of solving 120 Wordles in less than 2 hours and insisted that the race looked a lot tougher than it seemed.

    Checo qualified P20 after what a United Red Bull called the most impressive qualifying of all time, struggled to find grip until the penultimate lap where his tires came alive and he passed 15 cars to take P2.

    1. That is a great recap ! Thank you so much, now I won’t feel like I will be missing anything.

    2. I’m putting this description into an AI video generator to publish the race so we can all watch it on Thursday. Then we have the weekend free for gardening or whatever real people do.

  9. I’m hoping the high tyre deg of Bahrain exaggerated RBR strengths, and that Jeddah will show as close a picture on race day than it was for qualifying.
    However, if Max pulls away like he did on Sat, I’ll be wasting no more time watching races unless I hear noises of the gap closing, and I’m a RBR fan!

  10. MotoGP starts this weekend, guys.

    Marc Marquez on a Ducati. Bagnaia out to prove that he can do it again, with Martin equally keen to show the factory rider what he’s made of.

    Bring. It. On.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      4th March 2024, 18:14

      Yeah, for some reason I haven’t been able to enjoy MotoGP as much the past few years. Bagnaia is amazing but it doesn’t have the same feel when Nick Harris commentated and we had Rossi, Marquez, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa.

      I feel like something’s missing. I used to watch 3 races a week in addition to F1.

      When I cut the cable last year, not being able to watch F1 and MotoGP were my biggest concerns. F1 TV took care of that. Do they have a good app?

      But I agree – MotoGP can be so thrilling…

  11. Channel 4 qualifying highlights Friday, not Saturday

  12. Given Red Bull’s domination and all other unpleasant news and where this race is happening, its time Racefans starts an article ‘why to watch the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix’ rather than ‘how to watch the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix’

    1. Because, as the leading man behind these 2022-spec cars said, “we’ll see some of what were the midfield teams challenging”.

      The hype is real!

  13. Thanks for posting. As most others, I really don’t like the Thursday-Saturday format, but for me the season officially starts in Australia anyway.

  14. After 20yrs of watching F1, I’ve recently found the best way to watch it. Download it a few hours afterwards & skip through the pointless stuff. I watched the 1hr 40min Bahrain race in 20mins & didn’t miss a single thing.

    1. Only after 20 years? Amateur lol!

  15. Dangerous circuit. Wish nothing will happen.

  16. “How to watch the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix” DON’T!

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