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Vettel completes Porsche Hypercar test at Aragon


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Sebastian Vettel joined seven of Porsche’s World Endurance Championship drivers to test their 963 Hypercar in preparation for the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The four-times Formula 1 world champion covered 118 laps of the Motorland Aragon circuit in Spain. His two double stints totalled almost two grands prix in distance.

This was Vettel’s first extensive test of the car, which he sampled at Porsche’s base last week. “After the seat adjustment, the simulator session and the roll-out in Weissach, I already had a good feeling,” he said.

“Driving the Porsche 963 on the track here in Aragon, that was definitely fun. I first had to get used to everything and find my rhythm.

Vettel hasn’t raced since leaving F1 two years ago
“The driving experience is different simply because of the roof over your head, as well as dealing with the higher weight and the tyres.”

Penske Porsche will field a third 963 at Le Mans. Mathieu Jaminet, who did not participate in the test, has already been confirmed as one of its drivers. In addition to Vettel Porsche also gave DTM champion Thomas Preining a chance to test the car.

Joining the two newcomers in the test were the six full-time Penske Porsche drivers: Matt Campbell, Michael Christensen and Frederic Makowiecki, Kevin Estre, Andre Lotterer and Laurens Vanthoor.

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“The Porsche works drivers were very helpful and explained to me what was special and what I needed to get used to,” Vettel added. “That made it easy for me.”

The managing director of Porsche Penske Motorsport, Jonathan Diuguid, said running Vettel was a “unique opportunity” for the team.

“He is a four-times Formula 1 world champion. He has massive experience with hybrid systems and high performance racing cars.

“Having his fresh unique perspective on where the car is and gives feedback on our systems and performances is a unique opportunity. We are happy to have him here. He came out of the car with a smile which is all good.”

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5 comments on “Vettel completes Porsche Hypercar test at Aragon”

  1. The helmet design restrictions implemented for 2015 made Vettel design a now iconic helmet.

  2. Aragon is a great circuit. Reminds me Laguna Seca quite a lot, including the iconic corkscrew turn. Such a pity they are not licensed for F1 races!

    1. From what I see it is a Grade 1 circuit, so it could host a F1 GP, right?

    2. The problem is that it’s in the middle of nowhere. The closest city is Alcañiz (population 15.000) with very few hotels. The closest real city is my hometown of Zaragoza 133 km away and connected to Motorland Aragon by a bad and only one way road (N-232).
      In fact, although Motorland is a great circuit, it was made by the regionalist political party (PAR: Partido Aragonés Regionalista) just to attract the vote of that part of the region of Aragón by creating a public comany named Ciudad del Motor (Motorcity) and it’s losing money since its inauguration. Pure corruption.
      If it was closer to Zaragoza, it could host the Spanish GP and would be much better than Montmeló or the infamous 2026 IFEMA circuit of Madrid.

  3. My impression from watching WSB races there on TV is that spectators are a long way from the action, as in most of Silverstone. Is that the case?

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