Brown hopes McLaren will “rack up some more podiums” with Miami upgrades

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In the round-up: McLaren are targeting upgrades for the Miami Grand Prix in early May

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In brief

Brown wants more podiums with Miami upgrades

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown says his team are aiming to score more podiums with their upcoming car updates following Lando Norris’s third place last weekend in Australia.

Speaking with Channel 4 in Melbourne, Brown said the team were working to introduce upgrades to their car after the Japanese Grand Prix next weekend.

“I think Miami’s the game plan at the moment,” he said. “We’re pushing hard, as is everybody else. But I think if we can stay on the development trajectory we’ve been on since the second half of last year, we should just get quicker and rack up some more podiums this year.”

Lola returns to a world championship

The Lola name will return to an FIA world championship next year when they enter Formula E in partnership with Yamaha.

Lola’s motorsport director, Mark Preston, said entering Formula E was “more than just an opportunity to return Lola to the track, it’s also a fantastic platform for technological development.”

“Lola Cars has a decorated history of success in chassis and aerodynamic design,” he continued. “This project will allow us to create a unique electrified platform with a software focus at its core to provide a basis for Lola’s wider plans in defining the future of motorsport technology.”

Nissan unveil special Tokyo livery

Ahead of this weekend’s first every Tokyo Eprix, the Nissan team has revealed a special livery it will run for the race.

Nissan will run this special livery in Tokyo
Incorporating the cherry blossoms that are a symbol of Japan, the design also features the phrase “we love Tokyo” in Japanese characters on the front wing.

Nissan are currently third in the constructors’ championship on 88 points, seven points behind second-placed Porsche.

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Comment of the day

With Mercedes continuing to struggle to work out how to return to the very front of the field again, pete is just as baffled by Mercedes’ inability to figure out their own cars…

The thing that has amazed me about Mercedes over these past few years is that they never seem to know what is going on with their cars. It’s like they lack the fundamental understanding of what they’re actually trying to achieve with their designs.

They constantly highlight issues like this – “we struggle when the temperature goes up.” Great – so what is causing that problem? Why is your car worse when the temp goes up? They don’t seem to be able to address that next step.

I expect them to battle with their car for a while before determining that the car is a bit of a diva (not their fault – it’s the car’s fault) and coming back next year with another new design.

If Lewis Hamilton wants another win before he retires, he’s made a brilliant decision to move to another front-running team because Mercedes have done nothing over the last few years to suggest they are moving forward.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Blake, Hatebreeder, Thekingofspa, Fanl and Wsrgo!

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7 comments on “Brown hopes McLaren will “rack up some more podiums” with Miami upgrades”

  1. COTD is absolutely correct and also explains why there’s no reason for Max to leave a winning Red Bull team to go to Mercedes.

    1. It’s not just now, you never leave a dominant team in f1 considering how hard it is to get a competitive car, it’s now been 15 years since a team that isn’t red bull or merc won a championship, so even really good drivers have no chance if there’s a dominant team and they’re not on it.

    2. And I think alonso is the best example of how a driver that with different teams could’ve won as many titles as schumacher and hamilton can’t win anything with average\bad cars.

      1. @esploratore1

        You mean like the way Alonso blew Hamilton out of the water in 2007?

        1. It had nothing with who is better then who.

          If Alonso had taken the offer of Red Bull in 2008. He could have conceivably won the 2010-2013 titles and perhaps 2009 as well. That is 2+5.

  2. I wonder if we’ll get a Komatsu-Steiner fight later this year.

    I also noticed the visor coming up on its own in two parts because of concrete wall impacts when watching the Top 10 Onboards video on the official F1 YT channel, although this is something I’ve never seen before in motorsports generally.
    However, I’ve also noticed Leclerc leaving a small gap when wearing a helmet cam & someone else, albeit I can’t recall who at the moment, but nothing wrong with doing so per se & ironically, I also tend to leave a small gap for the same purpose when I drive rental karts.

    1. But the visor can be locked in place even if you decide to leave a spot. But the feature is ofcourse for when closed you can get out a car who is on fire (like Grosejean) en de visor stays locked untill you open it!

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