2010 Bahrain Grand Prix discussion

This area is for people who are attending or planning to attend the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Use the comments below to share your thoughts on the race, where on the track you intend to watch from, how you’ll get to the track and more.

Taken any pictures or video at the race?

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2010 Bahrain Grand Prix

12 comments on “2010 Bahrain Grand Prix discussion”

  1. michael sch is back :-)

  2. I live in the UAE and I have been to this GP twice and each time sat in the stand that overlooks the final corner. The view is OK, but nothing much ever happens at this part of the circuit. The venue itself is not very good for the average race fan, limited food outlets and nowhere to get a beer or a glass of wine. I was considering going in March to witness the Return of the King, however I think I’ll just watch it on-line with BBC and go to Abu Dhabi again which was brilliant!

  3. I have booked two tickets to the Bahrain GP (University Stand or the first corner I think). However I don’t know where to go in Bahrain, what to do, how long to stay there (before and after the race) and what is the most efficient route to the circuit (train, bus, taxi).

    I’m going on my own so if someone wants to team up – drop a message below.

  4. I have been to the Bahrain grand prix all but one year but 2010 will be huge. I always book firstturn granstand plenty of action each day and not far from the parking. For kevin- I’d say wed to mon would be good period to spend, hotels are packed due to all the teams that stay, try the gulf hotel or the diplomat, there’s no trains best way to the track is via a pre booked taxi or car hire from the airport whilst u stay. The track is 20/30mins south of Manama and is well signposted. All hotels at night will have entertainment. For things to do there’s a water park near the track called lost paradise, there’s many malls to visit and the traditional souk Market area, there’s a national museum and many island trips, many hotels have excellent eateries and beaches and bars which u should just google, hope this helps and enjoy your trip

  5. Hi
    I will be attending Bahrain flying in on my way home from India during my research I found that the airport will be providing free shuttles from the airport and from 6 hotels around the city. Acommadation is expensive, you should make efforts now to addres. I am thinking a seat in Turn 1 , on a budget, have not booked my seat yet does anyone know if the prices go down before the race?.

    1. hi sonia.
      I’m rajiv 23 from South india. i would also like to attend the grand prix. but im single.. if u interested to accompy me , i too wanna join.. im a big fan of f1 and want to attend the race.

      this is my email address:

      will wait for ur reply.. ciao..

    2. Hi Sonia,

      Did you book a ticket for Bahrain F1?
      If so, have you already made travel arrangemnts? I too will be coming to watch this year’s F1, have booked my ticket on 1st turn. I will be coming from Saudi by road. I am so much addicted to F1 if interested, we can have a chat on this.

  6. @ Simon it’s a pity you didn’t enjoy the race that much from the Victory Stand, maybe try the First Turn Stand or the University Stand next time for better action. The food outlets are a little far from your previous seat, so maybe next time it will be a bit closer.. Hope you change your mind and visit this year as well, and attend the first and (maybe) last race of the season, that would be quite cool.. Good advice for Kevin :)

    @ Kevin, Simon pretty much summed up some great advice. One thing I would add is don’t miss the open pitlane access on the Thursday before the race for ppl with 3-day tickets, it’s a great chance to get up close as the teams settle in their garages. If you’re lucky you may run into some of the drivers. (The pitlane is only accessible to members of the Paddock Club and VIP guests during the Fri, Sat, & Sun.) *I believe there will also be a surprise concert for 3-day ticket holders, they still didn’t announce who will it be!

    Also as the race nears, you can see the schedule for the driver signings, the queues can get pretty long so line up early.. I will try to post any info when it becomes available. They usually put the info. in the daily English newspaper called Gulf Daily News, so it would be worth checking out during your stay.

    Ask whether your hotel would provide any shuttle services to and from the track, if not try to organize car transport ahead of time to safe. There shouldn’t be much traffic, except on race day, the traffic can get pretty bad, so leaving early would be best.

    If you still didn’t book, it would be wise to as the hotels get fully booked quickly. The Gulf Hotel would be a good choice because the area is close to many restaurants that are walking distance. Otherwise hotels in the Seef District would be closer to the shopping malls and are also a good option.. The Diplomat is also another good choice (Bahrain is small so nothing is really far away).

    @ Sonia Hope you enjoy your first Bahrain GP! Unfortunately you just missed the discounts on the race tickets, they were 20% off until end of Nov., then 15% off until end of Dec.

    Check these out for more info on what’s going on in Bahrain:


    1. @ Sonia Make sure you check out the “Seat Viewer” option on the BIC website before buying your ticket, if you haven’t already, to see exactly what your view would be..


      Click on each seating area and choose your view :)

  7. Less than 10 days to go!! They have announced the performers for the Grand Prix weekend:

    Thursday 11th of March: Arabic Singer Hussain Al-Jasmi

    Saturday 13th of March: Sean Kingston & Flo Rida

    Sunday 14th of March: Timbaland

    Anybody holding three-tickets may attend the concerts for free. Here is an article from the BIC website about other entertainment that will be available throughout the weekend.

  8. I attended the recent GP2 and Australian V8 Supercars at the Sakhir curcuit and took a few pictures that i will upload soon.

    I also took a few pictures of the preparations for the F1 race.. Have a look here!


  9. Anyone attending the Bahrain GP looking for things happening in Bahrain, please check out http://www.springofculture.org It’s a very successful annual festival that happens every spring and brings a variety of shows, events, and artists from around the world. Definitely something worth seeing if you’re in the area..

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