Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – spectators’ experiences

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Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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103 comments on “Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – spectators’ experiences”

  1. I had the pleasure of actually RACING on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during the Canadian Grand Prix in 1980 and 1981.

    In those days they used to have a “curtain rasier” event just prior to the F1 race. In my day it was a “vintage car” race and we got Friday Practice and Qualifying, and a 10 lap race on Sunday. We got full driver privledges which was really little more than an “Driver/Pilote” armband (Canada is bi-lingual) but that was a pass to EVERYTHING! Pits, paddock, parties and press. I remember the circuit as very smooth and very fast and had a blind right-hander which could be taken flat out in my meager car, that was always a bit un-nerving and one had to rely fully on the flagman if there was an incident ahead.

    A “fan” sent me a photo of my car running along the waters edge and the advertising banners were all in French……..that shot, taken from high on the top row of a grandstand , looking DOWN on the circuit is easily confused with a scene from Monaco.

    MY memories are all positive and as a side note I also RACED at the US GP (1973 through 1981) when it was run at Watkins Glen. I ALWAYS raced as #38 but that’s another story. Safety Fast!

  2. This was my first GP outside the US-I would highly recommend this city and track for your first in-person exposure to F1 racing. You stay in a hotel room in a great city-near plenty of nightlife and nice places to eat. You travel to and from the track in 10 minutes by modern train. The course itself boasts the convenience of a street circuit with lots of aspects of a true road course-high speeds, some minor elevation changes and lots of swerving turns through park-like settings. I went in 1981 to see Williams vs. Piquet vs Gilles in the Ferrari. Again in 82 under very different conditions-Gilles was gone, the track renamed for him-with Paletti’s tragic accident on the start underlying the sad nature of the weekend. Lastly in 89 I think to see Senna vs. Prost with a daring pass for the lead entering the hairpin. Memorable races all-each containing a nugget of Grand Prix history. I understand the event is sold out this year-at this place I can see why.
    Man-I would go again in an instant.

  3. yes i went to the gp of canada in 1996. It was the race when villeneuve got his only podium there, with a second behind damon hill. It is a race that i would not mind going back to, but with a grand stand seat, and with a group of friends, instead of my girlfriend at the time. They are not good company, during a f1 race, mostly if they are not nicely seated.
    The gp of canada 1981, was the first gp, i have a clear memory of, and being there was very nice.
    The last gp i went to see before that, was the 1992 mexican gp, so it was a while, and i really enjoyed it.
    It was a nice trip, by car from florida, to washington, new york, boston, niagara falls,and to montreal for the race. I had the chance to see the great greg moore. Who would think at the time just a few years later , he will die in a race in california.
    Overall a very nice race track, and very good f1 vibe, outside of it.

  4. I was all set to go into my tale of my 1997 trip to the CGP, Jackie Stewart at the Delta counter, childhood idol angle, Jacques Cousteau irony, silly French taunting from Peugeot personnel, Mika sex god revelation, tragic Panis tale etc… but the heck with it. Who is #38? And can he just post the photos somewhere with a vague reference to the rest of us where they can be found?

  5. “I had the pleasure of actually RACING on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during the Canadian Grand Prix in 1980 and 1981.”

    You didn’t happen to meet the circuits namesake, by any chance, did you?

    But how cool is that, that you actually raced as part of an F1 event. Great stuff!

  6. i am going to my first grand prix at montreal its costing a bomb as we live in the UK so its a bit far to go to your first GP but you have to start somewhere… but i need help is the general admission ok or do you need to have a seat to see… my mates went to silverstone the last few years and said its easy getting in area that are not the general admission areas so is it worth paying the extra

  7. I am going to canada this year and would be happy if anyone would comment on the good spots in GA to view the race!!

  8. Andy Smith (Canada)
    28th March 2008, 16:53

    Montreal is like monacco in a sense.There is a terraced st down by the river in Montreal where locals go..pop the trunk,turn up the music,hot french girls in bikinis having a few Sasperallos etc.Great view of the race for free& party Canadian style.
    Be sure to visit "Old Montreal" on your stay

  9. "hot french girls in bikinis having a few Sasperallos etc." I can’t wait. I feel good I am single now! :-)

  10. Amerk F1 fan
    15th May 2008, 9:06

    I went to the 2007 race. Set in the grandstand on the start/finish line directly across from the McLaren garage. A three day pass was something like $450. Getting from the hotel in downtown Montreal via metro/subway was very helped there were lots of fans going to the track to figure out transfer at one station. You can’t see that much on start/finish..just as they come down but there are large TVs with alternating French/English commentary (also broadcast on FM radio) so you didn’t miss anything. Bit of a long walk from the metro station to where I was sitting and on the first day I made a wrong turn because there was no sign!
    There were two support races: Ferrari Challenge and Formula BMW. Those cars move slow compared to the F1s!
    Weather was perfect all three days. Everyone was friendly but I have heard beware of pickpockets. Food was probably reasonably priced for a sports event $5.75 for a beer.
    I decided not to go again this year since I have other things I want to spend my money on. But I definitely would again. Hopefully they will keep the race in Montreal for us North American fans since the US Grand Prix is no more. Perhaps in 2009.
    Between the various races you can walk around, sit near the lake that was used in the 1976 Olympics.
    I suppose the only thing I would really complain about is the price but F1 is a true experience.

  11. I will be attending this year, I can’t wait only 3 more weeks as of this writing. I hope that it will be a nice day with plenty of sun shine, we will be sitting in Section 22 right after the hairpin. Never been there before to the track that is, been to Montreal 3 times before. I can’t wait maybe I’ll see some of you there.

  12. Can somebody tell me where is the best place to go see the race if I have the less expensive tickets?
    ($75 CAN)

    Thank You very much!

    I’ll tell you latter how it was…

  13. Montreal is the only race I have attended and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a rich race weekend. The city is fantastic, Canada’s most “European” city, and it comes alive on race weekend. You will find and entire street blocked off for Ferraris on display (and Jaguar the year I went), the nightlife is insane and the circuit is pretty much in the city so access is easy. I sat near the start/finish line, so we didn’t see any passing, but there was a huge screen across from us, and we did get to see pit-stops. The one thing I remember most clearly is the deafening sound of the cars that just doesn’t come across on TV. Ear-plugs are a must.

  14. Just got back from the race weekend and it was fabulous. Montreal is a great party city and great place to visit. So to answer all the questions.

    We visited the track for the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix.

    Our seats where on Grand Stand 22 Section 1 Row F Seats 6 and 7.

    The track was very easy to get to by Metro, just take any train to the Berri Uqam station then transfer to the yellow train, and take it one station to Jean Drapeu, and you’ll be right at the track entrance.

    From our seats we could see the cars go by towards the hairpin then come off the hairpin and go down the back straight.

    There was the GP2 race, Ferrari Challenge, and GT3 cup.

    I liked everything about it, bathrooms were convenient, food and drinks were convenient and not super pricey. Nothing really to complain about.

    I got my tickets online and for the whole weekend it cost me $500 USD including shipping for 2 tickets.

  15. Here is everything I learned (well, almost…) attending the Canadian GP, which I was lucky enough to experience June 5 to 8, in the year 20-08. This was my 1st Grand Prix experience and I drove (beautiful drive!) up from the N.E. part of the US the day before Friday practice. First of all, as stated before, Montreal is a little slice of Europe right here in N.A. & truly a wonderful city! I stayed in a hostel which was moderately priced (approx. $35 USD/day) and was lucky to stay in a privately owned place to park my car.

    I purchased General Admission tickets for the whole weekend for just north of $100 USD. The metro in Montreal is extremely efficient and cost effective. You can get to the track from most parts of the city in less than 20 minutes & your dropped about 5 minutes walk from the track. The atmosphere was wonderful around the track all 3 days I was there. I arrived early each morning and gates were promptly opened at 7:30 a.m. to let everyone in. You can bring almost anything inside the venue with you! They had no restrictions on cooler sizes & don’t even bother to check what’s inside. Of course, this means you can save $5.75/beer (only 12oz.) if your smart and pack a good lunch (burgers, dogs, etc. are about $5 each). The track has maps and signs which direct you to all pertinent Grandstands & General Admission areas. I walked to almost every conceivable spot on the track where you could see the race from and found it confusing figuring out where you were once in a while. Bathrooms are EVERYWHERE (I literally never waited in line) and kept in good condition considering the number of people at the track. Concessions are located all over the track so you never have to go far to get anything you may need. There are booths all over selling all kinds of souvenirs (Race Program $10, Canadian GP T-Shirt $35, Hats $40). Quick tip, at the end of the race everything was 2 for 1, although sizes are limited it’s worth keeping in mind. Also, Ferrari & McLaren and to a lesser extent BMW had specialty booths set up everywhere with team gear. It was a little disheartening there were no Williams, Red Bull, Honda, etc gear available.

    Anyway on to the more important stuff…for anyone who has never been to a GP, there is NOTHING like the excitement or the sound of F1 cars making the way around for the first time!! You literally get goose bumps and I would highly recommend coming equipped with earplugs for when you get really close (trust me). General Admission viewing is LIMITED at best. There are all kinds of obstacles to contend with, including trees which look purposely placed to obstruct views. Also, forget about climbing said trees, you will have security getting you down within 5 minutes, I tried it. Apparently, it’s not enough that Vodafone has 10,000 signs posted, plus two cars racing around the track heavily advertising…they had signs which clearly block the view of the track from some of the best spots. Security is also quick to get you out of any openings to the grandstands where there are views. While I made the best of Friday & Saturday with all this, you still get very limited viewing and are lucky to see the cars for more than 5 seconds at a time. On Sunday, forget it! There are people everywhere clamoring for pictures and the slightest view of the cars. If you don’t get to the track early on Sunday, your done. I arrived at 6:00 a.m. and was able to scratch out a spot down near the hairpin. I highly recommend having a foldable lawn chair with you to mark your territory & allow you to rest. I grew very frustrated on Sunday with the crowds and ended up using my pocket radio to tune into the broadcasters while I walked around getting different angles. In fact, many General Admission ticket holders seemed to be listening to the race more than watching. There are big screens located at strategic spots, but they aren’t the best and forget about hearing over the engines. So, would I go again…? Lets put it this way, WHEN I go next year I will have a seat in the stands. I enjoyed the race enormously & don’t regret doing the G.A. this time around. It gave me the opportunity to explore the track, lay out in the grass & find some shade.

    The support races included those mentioned above, but there was no GP2. Instead it was Formula BMW race with drivers as young as 15. I enjoyed the final, with an American driver taking the checkers & plenty of action.

    1. Hi Christopher.
      I’m going to the canadian grand prix for the first time.
      I’m also from New England and planning to drive to montreal.
      Are you going this year. If so we could meet up to go together.

      let me know!

    2. hi christopher im going to canadian grand prix 2011 can you help me whit the name of that hostel ?

  16. Did I put GP2 sorry I meant to put Formula BMW.

  17. Jonatas Neiva
    13th June 2008, 16:57

    I have to say I completely agree with Fernando.
    I was there for the 2008 Grand Prix du Canada and also had General Admission tickets. But when I go next year, I’ll make sure that I spend the extra money to have grandstand tickets as the hassle of trying to find a good spot to see the race will be eliminated. The hairpin seems to be the best spot to see some action
    (i.e. Felipe Massa’s double pass / Robert Kubica’s crash in 2007) and that’s where I aim to be next year.

  18. I was there for the 2007 race and the 2008 race this past weekend. The city is wonderful, great restaurants, bars and people. The track is easy to get to as long as you use public transportation. My only complaint is the lack of food and drink choices at the track. It is really bad, one brand of beer (Bud) and the food is very limited (hotdogs, burgers and the like) and awful.

  19. Hi,
    I’m gong to the Canadian GP in 2009 and am planning to buy my grandstand tix as soon as I can. I’ve been trying to figure out which section to buy them in and am torn between:
    – Section 1 – Start-finish with views of the pits and hopefully the entrance to turn 1 (not sure, though…any advice?). These are the highest price, but I’m wondering whether the advantage of seeing all the pre/post race activities and the pits outweighs the possible lack of passing action here.

    – Section 15 – Facing the hairpin with what seems to be a view of the cars entering and accelerating out of the hairpin. I’ve heard it’s the best vantage point for seeing overtaking, but am wondering if it’s worth missing the pit action and the view of the cars at full speed on the straight.

    Any advice on what you would suggest out of these sections, or another section that is better?


  20. Definitely hairpin. I sat on the straight across from the pits, and you’re pretty far away, so the action is pretty distant. The ceremony is short and also distant so you end up watching it all on the screen. The cars are so fast at that point, flat out, that they are just a blur. At the hairpin you get the best chance of seeing overtaking and the screen is ideally situated. Have fun, and remember your earplugs!

  21. Thanks so much! That’s precisely the input I need.

    I haven’t gone through the ticket purchase process yet, but if I have the option to specify where in that section (15) I would like my seats to be located, where shoudl I try to get them? High, Low, Middle / Left, Right, Center?
    Any specific rows, seats you’d recommend or avoid?

  22. I haven’t had seats there, but friends have and we’ve all seen the footage, so I would say that the closer to the centre of the hairpin the better, but the screen is large and centred across the track there, so you should be able to see it and all of the action from anywhere near the hairpin.

  23. I am planning on going in 2009.
    Was thinking bout the Hairpin stands but after I read this comment on another forum I am reconsidering

    “I went a few years ago, in 2000. I had seats at the hairpin. DON’T GO THERE!! Trust me. Due to the bad design of the seating in certain parts it is impossible to see the cars when they are right in front of you, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I had seats facing the exit of the hairpin. The front of the temporary seating block is raised some distance off the ground (obviously), but the block is located close to the track. When the cars pass in front of this section they are below the eyeline of the spectators, anyone other than the front 2 or 3 rows cannot see the cars driving in front of them, this is obviously extremely frustrating. I could only see the cars on the far side (aproach) of the hairpin and turning round the hairpin, when they drove towards where I was sitting they could not be seen. To add to the overall frustration, people in the front few rows would frequently stand to try to get a better view of the cars in front of them, thus blocking my view of any action at all. Much of the race was spent just listening to cars driving in front of me. I went to the race with my wife, staying in the city for 6 days, the whole holiday was obviously quite expensive (flights from Europe, tickets, hotels etc. etc.). Whilst my stay in Montreal was great, the race itself was a complete waste and a bitter disappointment. From what I gather, the layout has not changed since then, so don’t go to the hairpin exit.”

    As a result I am thinking bout 24 at the exit of the hairpin seems good.

  24. I’ve been to the Canadian Grand Prix twice. Both times I sat at the exit of the hairpin. Great place to watch and take pictures. You get to see the cars decelerating and passing into the hairpin and accelerating up through the gears, what an awesome sound. I was there in 2007 when Kubica had that horrific accident. It happened just across from us. Unbelievable that he was ok. The cost/value was definitely worth it. Hotels book quickly. The first time I had to stay outside the city and it wasn’t the easiest to get to without a car. Busses and the subway. The subway system is very good. In 2007 I stayed in the city and used the subway. It takes you right to the track. I’m planning to go in 2010. This time I’m using the VRBO (vacation rental by owner) website to rent an apartment. I’ve used that site in 08 and 09 to rent places for the Monaco GP in 08 and Silverstone this year. It’s the best way to go.

  25. I am thinking of going this year but the grand stand tickets are available for all 3 days only which makes them pretty expensive.

    1. Did you give the ticket office at the circuit a call?


      be able to give you tickets for the days you want alone.

  26. computer consultant
    8th January 2010, 2:48

    Thank you Aarif i will try.

    If you had a choice would you buy tickets in section
    22, 31, 33, 34 basically cheapest seating tickets?

    Also, when ordering tickets is it possible to specify row and seat?

    1. I’m not sure where for the bronze sections you should sit.
      Well when I ordered my tickets off the track website I had put in the comments field the section I wanted, so I dunno if I’ll get those seats or not.

  27. christopher (sennaboy3)
    9th January 2010, 12:03

    I would steer clear of 34. I sat in this grandstand for some of the practice sessions in ’08 and was pretty bored with it by the end. The way the stand faces you really only see the hairpin, 22 gives you the hairpin plus you can watch them down the straight.

  28. 34 is definitely out at this point too many negative comments.

    22 was my top choice but looking at the diagram it looks like if you get a seat towards the left of the 22 then 34 will be blocking part of the view.

  29. It looks like 15 (hairpin) is by far the best place to see the cars – overtaking, you can see them coming at you as well as driving away.

    It just seem strange it’s flat fee for that section. I would expect higher up seats to cost more money since if you are low the catch fence will block your view…?

  30. I was in Stand 11 section 4 for the 3 days in 2008 and had a great view of the end of the main straight and all of the Senna curve. Unfortunately the trees facing you block part of the view down the main straight – see my video link on YouTube – however the screen oposite is perfectly placed to see all the action:

    I’ve got tickets in Stand 12 Section 4 row K for 2010 – I requested section 5 or 6 as they have the best view both down the main straight, round the Senna and on down towards turns 5/6, but already full I guess – so hopefully section 4 will still have a pretty good view in both directions. anyone who has been in this stand / section before please comment!

    Cheers, G

  31. We have ticket for Stand 11 section 8; it’s a done deal but if anyone has been there I would love to hear about the experience. I am afraid the trees will be blocking our view.
    We purchased our tickets from the GV Circuit site on the 19th and seems lower rows are available now.

    1. Sections count left to right if you are facing the stand. Are you in the higher row numbers (AA – LL – or whatever it goes up to…) or lower? Lower number have a view through the trees – higher number a great view right around the Senna curve but less of the main straight. Still a super location regardless – you will enjoy the whole Montreal experience – and make sure you walk back to the Metro along the track on Sunday after the race – one of the great things about Montreal is that they open the gates onto the track for the fans after the race. From stands 11/12 it’s a fantastic opportunity to walk round half the circuit and see the paint, rubber and scrapes left behind on the track and barriers on the way back to the train station!

      1. Thanks Geoff! We are in the single letters; section 8 row R. It’s great hearing all the perks associated with GS 11 & 12.
        We are going to take it all in for sure. We are staying in a condo that we got through VRBO; a great way to go to get a real feel for a city.

        1. Hey Geoff, looks like I’ll be joining you.
          Stand 11, Section 8, Row S.

          1. malbadon – I’m in Stand 12 this year – section 4 Row R. Was in 11 in 2008. Enjoy!!

  32. Christopher (sennaboy3)
    21st January 2010, 17:43

    Karen, we’ll be joining you in Section 11 as well! When I went in 2008 (GA) I talked to a guy who had been to every F1 race in Canada for the past 15 years and he highly recommended Section 11, so I think we’ve picked a winner. I booked thru the GV Circuit site as well back on the 8th of January, but seats were reserved for those who had purchased Grandstand seats in ’08 until the 15th. Now I see my credit card has been charged, but I didn’t receive any confirmation of my seating location?? Did you get an email direct from the Circuit?

    1. I also did the prebook thing back before x-mas, and didn’t get confirmation email, just a charge on my card Saturday. So I called them up and found out what seats I got (your seats better be lower than mine if you only pre-booked on the 8th! :D ).
      The booking site has changed now and is running through one of those ticketmaster things. So my guess is when they sent the pre-book peoples info over the phone number/email address didn’t get sent, since he asked me to confirm both of those for him.

      1. same here, all I saw was the charge on my credit card, so i called them up to find out the details..they should have sent out an email saying you received tickets and the details instead of having people call them.

    2. Christopher, we did receive email confirmation. Here is the questions and comments email address from our confirmation:
      Here is a paragraph that may be helpful too:
      Be advised that it is the customer’s responsibility to verify if the purchase is in order and to contact us before the event if there are any mistakes. For immediate assistance, contact a supervisor at: 514-528-2840 (Montréal), 1-877-528-0786 (Canada) or 1-877-528-0778 (US) every day from 9 AM to 8 PM (Eastern Time). Orders are processed only after the verification of the billing address and information’, the ticket limits or other purchase restrictions. Admission Network may cancel your order and sell your tickets to another customer if the purchase policies are not respected.

      Seems weird that you didn’t get anything from the circuit or Ticketmaster. Hope this helps.

  33. I just got an email

    “There are still tickets left in grandstand 33 except sections 4, 5 and 6.”

    Do you know which are sections are good? Also, is it better to sit higher/lower?

    1. hey have a read in this thread

      there are some comments on that section

  34. christopher (sennaboy3)
    22nd January 2010, 1:01

    Karen: Thanks for the telephone number. Tickets have been confirmed for 11, Section 8! Ok, i’ll carry on any conversation in the proper thread:

    Can’t wait for June!

  35. It looks like a great many people did not receive a confirmation email. When I called the GP ticket office in Montreal they confired my email address was correct and confirmed my seats verbally, but would/could not resend the confirmation email.
    I thought that was crap. (since my credit card was already charged) They told me to check my junkmail (which I did) for an email from (NOT ticketmaster which I thought was handling the tickets)

    So that’s how I came to learn that these tickets are actually being sold by ADMISSIONS.COM a Montreal affiliate of Ticketmaster. So I went to their site and seen they had F1 tickets but it wouldnt let me log in. (using my Tickemaster ID and PW)So I used the “FORGOT PASSWORD” feature, entered my email address and it sent me my password 5 seconds later in an email.
    After that I was able to log-in and check and confirm my seats. (I printed it out as well) But that was about the only way to get electronic confirmation of your seating!
    Worked for me!
    By the way, I have Grandstand 1 tickets, does anyone know of an online map that shows the sections and rows for the tickets??? If so please post the link or email me at THX!

    1. lovely thanks this worked for me!

  36. Amelia Heaford
    22nd January 2010, 21:42

    Hey. Im looking at bying in either 22 or 33? Anyone got any advice?

  37. Hello everyone,

    I’m french and I’m coming to the Canadian GP 2010. I want to go to the grandstand #24 at the hairpin, but I wanted to know which sections were the best? And also on which website I could chose ma seat/row/section?

    Thank you very much :)

  38. I would just go to:

    After you select your Grandstand when you sleect “Place Order” it will automatically redirect you to

    Then when you select “Look For Tickets” and it will automaticaly give you “Best Available”
    But I found re-searching again always gave me the exact same seats so eventually I phoned the Montreal Canada ticket office at 514-350-0000

  39. I just ordered my tickets by phone, they will send the tickets in April, so I’ll have time to send them to Canada where I’ll already be!

    I’ll be in grandtand #24 Section 3 Row EE :D

  40. Ivan, you’ve asked the same question four times in block capitals.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please tone it down a little bit. I’ve removed the duplicate comments.

    There are some details on buying tickets for this year’s race here:

    2010 Canadian Grand Prix discussion



      1. OK but please turn your Caps Lock off…

  41. Very interested in visiting the town for race and some sight seeing, as they will not be back stateside for a while either. Anybody have any other tips on seats/places/where to stay?
    How many people attend the events?



  42. In 2008 I had General Admission and will never do that again. While it was great when we went to Barcelona, the circuit in Montreal does not lend to great viewing with this option. We wanted to save money and have been confirmed for Grandstand 34-Section 1-Row F. I have no idea where this is as I can find a section chart for each Grandstand.I had requested top row originally so we can view the cars as they approach the hairpin as well as leave it. Does anyone have an actual seating chart, or tell me where our seats are?

  43. Kim, I had the same problem. I cannot find a detailed enough seating chart. So I simply called called the track at 514-350-0000 and aksed them. The lady I spoke to was very accomodating. I was told exactly where my seats were (Row C was 29 rows up or whatever). She even offered to change my seats closer or down pitlane more depending on my preference. The call took less than 5 minutes whis is a fraction of the time I spent surfing around for a seating chart.

    1. They should really have a proper seating map on the website so we would know exactly where we would be sitting.

  44. the sections are left to right (facing the stand), so 1 is the first on the left. and the rows start at the bottom as A

  45. No I beleive they start as A at the top
    The Double letter seats (eg AA, BB are lower yet)

  46. Hi, fellow F1 fans. Can I ask if there is a way to get any grandstand ticket just for the race day and not the entire weekend?

  47. got some good info here & checked the vid posted for grandstand 33 & decide to go with that.
    Now I booked them & this is what I paid: section 4, row M, seat 32, 33, 34.
    Anyone have any idea how these seats are?

  48. I’m looking to see the race on the cheap. With that I’m going general admission. Anyone have any recommendations on a place to sit?

  49. Did anyone else receive a recent email from ADMISSIONS.COM requesting that you “update your mailing information” before they send out your tickets?

    Orignally I was told the tickets would be received in MARCH, however the email now says they will be mailed on or before April 5th, PROVIDING I update my mailing information in order to confirm the shipment.

    When I select “update email” from the website I get an error!
    “A technical error occurred
    Reference number is DB126970954167”


    1. I was told that they would be delivered in April, but I too am experiencing the same problem when trying to change my address.

  50. I really wanted to go to this event. I went to the 2007 US GP, so I didn’t realize how much higher the ticket prices were for this event. I’ll have to go to a different racing event this summer.. possibly a Moto GP or an Indycar race. :(

  51. Hell everyone! I just happen to stumble onto this place while doing research for my upcoming CGP trip. This year’s Canadian GP will be my first live event and I’ve just got a couple really simple questions for those of you who has been to this circuit in the past. For grandstand seats, is it better higher up or closer to the front? Also, what’s a good grandstand to go with for the most possible actions? I’m considering either 11 or 12 at Senna corner.

  52. Hey, thinking about going to this years GP in Canada, but im from UK, so all will be new for me! Need all the tips i can get, what hotel to stay in to be close to the circuit and the action?? I know its all downtown, but maybe you’ve got some comments for me? Grandstand 15 seems to be fully booked, so is 22 better than 24?

    1. This will be my first F1 race (ever!) and I booked my travel through Octane Travel ( for both hotel and accomodation. It’s a whole lot cheaper than booking through some of the other package vendors and has a decent selections of hotels AND also includes free rail/bus pass for the weekend. I picked my seat on Grandstand 11 since it’s at turn 1 & 2 with a view down the grandstand stretch. Will see how that pans out.

      1. Which section & row did you get your seats in? The free travel pass makes life easier..

        1. Just heard back from my travel agent. GS11 was sold out but he was able to get me a seat in GS11, Sec1, Row BB. I have no idea how high up the GS that is.

  53. where are all the F1 fans camping in montreal?

  54. Anyone up for a ticket swap?
    I have 2 tickets in Grandstand 11 (first corners) and want to swap for seats in another section of the track during free practice 3, (Saturday morning session)
    mail me at with the details of your seats if interested.
    Looking for seats in 31,16 or the hairpin.

    1. Success! I found people to exchange seats.

  55. The Canada GP will be my first race. I have a General Admission ticket. Any recommendations on the best place to be? Also, what should/can I bring in as far as a lawn chair or just a beach towel to sit on? Thanks for the help.

  56. Hi, I have read through many of your comments on the general admission seating. I wish i bought grandstand tickets, but sadly a bunch of friends and i have all bought GA tickets for this years Montreal grand prix. I was wondering if anyone would know some good spots?? or hidden spots where we could sit and have a decent view of the track??

  57. Here’s a question for people who has sat in the grand stand….how much room do you have to put your bag infront/under the seat?

    1. I have been in Grandstand 1 twice in the past. On Friday and Saturday, the grandstand was never full so I had a lot of room. Sunday, it was completely full. You have about the same amount of room as any other venue I have been to; hockey, baseball etc. Not sure if anything will change.

  58. Hey All

    My buddy and I scored Grandstand 12 tickets in Section 4,(row K)

    Looking to swap for comparable GS 11 tickets for qualifying or race day. Any takers?

  59. Is the F1 ticket office near the Jean-Drapeau Metro station?

  60. This will be my first GP.

    Just have a couple of questions:
    1. Is there a schedule of races i can see online?
    2. Is there a schedule of events, concerts, parties?
    3. Any recommendations for events, concerts, parties?

    Thank you

  61. Is the “Open House” on Thursday the only opportunity to get into pit lane or the paddock? Can you buy paddock passes at the track? Anyone know?? Thanks .LB

  62. Looks like i will not be able to go due to unforseen circumstances.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a refund for tickets?

  63. Are any of the grandstands covered?

  64. Hey guys, we have GA weekend tickets, never been to a GP or to Montreal before. Should we bring blankets to sit on or cushions? Is there even room to sit in the GA areas?

    1. Same questions I had. But forecast shows it raining all weekend, so I’m not expecting to be very comfortable no matter what I bring.

  65. Hi!

    I have a spare ticket to sell: Grandstand #24 (exit of the hairpin, great!). I sell it for $320 (instead of $400). If anyone is interrested, here’s my phone and my email: 0033 6 14 05 33 16,

    See you this week-end !

  66. Wish I had read this before opting for General Admission. :)

    I’ve been to MTL several times, but always with grandstand passes.

    This year, I’ve my little boys birthday on Saturday, so we’re driving up early Sunday morning. Even so, we’ll be lucky to get into town before 9AM, and to a General Admission area before 10.

    Anyone with GA tickets planning on arriving early on Sunday? If you are please let me know and consider holding room for two chairs :)

  67. I haven’t been since 1984. But it was sure a great time. Walked a lot of the course on Saturday, had good seats near the hairpin Sunday. Wonderful experience with my dad and cousin (RIP to both)….

  68. I was looking around online for information on a detailed layout of Grandstand 1 (that’s where I’ll be sitting this year).
    I couldn’t find anything, so I called the ticket office, here’s what I found out:
    Bottom row (closest to track) is row AA. 2nd is BB and so on… After ZZ it’s row A, then B and so on…
    As for the seat numbers, if you were standing on the track looking up at the grandstand, the leftmost seat is seat #1.

  69. I couldn’t have really asked for an even better blog. You’re always at hand to give excellent advice, going directly to the point for easy understanding of your target audience. You’re undeniably a terrific expert in this subject matter. Many thanks for being there for people like me.

    1. Big F1 fan planning to Make Montreal 2011 my first race. First off I’m not a big party guy so I’ll be staying in the suburbs and parking at Longueuil Station and taking the train on Sat and Sun. I’ve pretty much limited my choices to Grandstand 31 or 33. I see that 31 is closer to the footbridge (although not that close) so it is more convenient but I think the 33 would provide better views of the cars. My other issue is i need to drive back to Boston (6 hours) immediately after the victory lap. Would being in 31 over 33 get me to the train faster? I do realize that 120,000 people will all be leaving essentially at the same time but I’m hoping tots of folks rush to the podium and/or goes into Montreal after the race to party while I’m going the other way.

  70. Hey Michael,

    I’m also in Boston and was planning to head to Montreal for the GP as well! I’m thinking about leaving really early on Saturday morning (like 4AM), park at Longueuil and take the train to the track for qualifying. Does anybody with experience know if the Longueuil station’s parking lot gets full on Saturday and by when should you park there on Sunday? I also have to head back to Boston right after the race.

    I’m thinking Grandstand 34 since it costs about the same as 31 and 33 and there might be some overtaking at the hairpin.

    Good to know there are other people in New England interested in F1!

  71. Hi Juan,
    Most of this discussion has moved over to the2011 Canadian Grand Prix discussion link you will find above. I think 34 might be sold out now. From what I’ve read 33 isn’t as hot an overtaking spot as the hairpin but it is better than 31. I’ve heard the Longueuil lots are pretty huge but I’m sure we’re not the only two who plan to park there on Saturday/Sunday. I also posted a similar parking question on a travel board and the general consensus is if you get there early you should be ok and less people will go Saturday than Sunday so even if you arrive later you should be fine but make sure you get there early On Sunday.

  72. Canada 2007
    I had booked a flight to stay with a friend who’d moved to Montreal earlier that year. I then had a wave of OMG wash over me. June, June I’m going in June. A quick check and I found I was landing on the Saturday and the GP was Sunday. A quick call to the circuit and I had GA 2 tickets for only $70 each (about £35 at the time)! Luckily my friend lived centrally and a short hop on the Metro, with some very vocal Spanish Alonso fans in full flamenco dress, and we were there. The Montreal circuit in right in the city on an island on the river and doesn’t open until 8am – very civilised in my opinion. We took 2 chairs and plonked ourselves by the fence near the hairpin, before the grandstands and had a pretty good view of the cars coming off the straight and round the corner. You will all remember this was where Kubika had his terrible accident – right in front of us. It was horrible and as his car skidded off down the track we had no idea what state he was in. My legs went to jelly and everyone went quiet. Eventually we heard news and the race continued. This also was Lewis’ first win and he and Alonso were warring team-mates, I think the crowd were more on Lewis’ side as a huge cheer went up when Alonso was overtaken by Sato! It was an action packed race and the only decent picture I had of a car was Scott Speed’s Torro Rosso, which broke down opposite us – he was lucky he wasn’t hit by Kubika’s accident – all the other cars were going too fast!
    We walked round the track afterwards, which took longer than we thought. We should have been on rollerblades, which is the usual mode of transport of this track! The atmosphere was electric and people were having a good time just taking it all in. My friend was not a motorsport fan, but she said she wouldn’t have missed it and was glad she went with someone who obviously loved F1 so much. She now watches the Canadian GP on TV now she’s moved back to the UK!
    If you get a chance to go, then you are very lucky and you will love it. Montreal is a great city they love their F1, chequered flags and bunting all over downtown shops and bars. If the F1 wasn’t enough adrenalin for you there is La Ronde park with one of the biggest rollercoasters in Canada and a trip on the St Lawrence river with boat rides on the rapids. Stay a week and combine with the fringe arts festival, explore the city and fall in love like I did with such a fabulous place. One day I will go back.

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