Shanghai International Circuit, China – spectators’ experiences

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Tell us about your experiences of visiting Shanghai International circuit.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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37 comments on “Shanghai International Circuit, China – spectators’ experiences”

  1. I have visited 2008 Sinopec Chinese GP. The grandstand was infront of turn 5 and 6.We could see the car until the end of turn 7. It is very easy to get there. There is a bus from city to the circuit just for an hour. I remembered there are 4 support races. GP2 Asia, Austin Martin Asia, BMW pacific and Porche carrera asia cup. I liked the facilities in the circuit. Toilets are clean and big, and the F1 village is fantastic. It only costs me 780 RMB(about 60pounds) for three days pass. It is very good to me, exept it is a boring race. Wish everyone can come to China to take a look.

  2. We went to Sinopec this year for the first time and loved it. Traveled from California to Hong Kong and then to Shanghai. We hired a car and driver( $100 US) for the weekend to travel to the track just for convenience.

    We had seats at the first turn next to the main grandstands where we could see the first four turns and the pit exits.

    The crowds and everyone where very good. Our section seemed to have mostly westerners but that was fun as well as we were able to share stories and experiences from other races.

    The track is well laid out and every thing is easy to find. The only disappointment was the lack of real Chinese food at the track. Mostly, hot dogs, pizza, and warm beer. Too much catering to western taste. We didn’t fly 17 hours to have hot dogs in China.

    Weather was good, sun was very bright and you needed to have head cover for sure.

    Will definitely go again.

    1. What did the driver you hired do whilst you were at the circuit?

      1. On Saturday he spent the day visiting some of the other locals at the track. The car was in the exact same place when we came out. On Sunday, he wasn’t able to park at the track so he was about a mile away. Don’t really know if he spent the whole day there but again he was in the exact same place when the race was over.

        He even brought drinks (cold tea and orange drink)in the morning when he picked us up.

        1. Thank you for sharing this, im coming to shanghai from sydney, how did you initially find a driver ? have you go a website or phone number I can use to also book one?

          would really appreciate your info, thanks :)

  3. one last comment. Weekend pass was $350 for the grandstands seats which was cheaper than other F1 races for the same seat positions. Total cost for us … roundtrip airfare, 5 star hotel ( room shared) and tickets was just over $2000 USD which was very reasonable.

  4. Shanghai gp for the 3rd year running, as living here. Always a great day out – always go straight for K stand as 1) its covered and 2) you can see a good 3/4 of the track, including the long back straight and hairpin.

    Re: the food… plenty of normal chinese stuff there – its just you wouldn’t know unless you could read/speak chinese!

    Lots of expats – I always go with an Aussie group sponsored by the Shed bar (do a search on with beer, food and transport (and plenty of beer!) provided all day – you can buy tickets at the track on the black market for no more than 500rmb (80USD) or pay 10USD and the guards will just open the gate for you (not joking!)

    Can’t wait for April – it rains almost everyday in shanghai in april!!!

  5. Hi
    Am thinking of going to the Chinese Grand Prix 2010. Any advice on most convenient hotel to stay and if staying in central Shanghai, how do you get to the track?

    1. hi sam, i’m from malaysia and we are going to the race this year aswell, we are a group of 6 and we are putting up at the bund riverside hotel on beijing road (which is city center). as for transportation, we are hiring a van just for convenience, feel free to mail me :

  6. Hi
    Im very excited to be in Shanghai for this weekends race.

    Trying to figure out how to get to the track from central shanghai and am getting conflicting information. There does seem to be a station on line 11 but i have read that it will be closed on race day for safety reasons. Also read that there are shuttle buses although cant seem to find anything concrete.

    Does anyone have any confirmed transport information on the quickest and most cost effective way of getting there?


    1. Tell me which district are you in?

    2. Not the fastest but definitely the most cost effective way to get to the circuit is taking the shuttle bus.
      Round trip ticket cost about 50yuan(5 pounds)
      There are several origin stops in the downtown area so i need to know where you are.

  7. Hi Sean
    Thanks for the reply.

    Im staying at the okura garden hotel on Maoming Rd (S).

    Any help greatly appreciated.


    1. I forgot to click “reply”…
      The nearest stop is 6 kilometers away.

      You can take a taxi because you might get lost in the public transportation.


      You can print the words above and show it to the taxi driver.
      When you get there, you should see lots of buses. If you haven’t seen…print out the following words out…
      And show it to anyone there then you can find those buses.
      Enjoy you trip~

  8. The nearest stop is 6 kilometers away.

    You can take a taxi because you might get lost in the public transportation.


    You can print the words above and show it to the taxi driver.
    When you get there, you should see lots of buses. If you haven’t seen…print out the following words out…
    And show it to anyone there then you can find those buses.
    Enjoy you trip~

  9. I visited Shanghai F1, 2010 on the race day sitting in front of Micheal Schumacher’s pit on Grand stand A. Shuttle service is the most convenient way to reach the circuit although one must take care between two separate starting spots in Shanghai each in Puxi and Pudong. The circuit is very nice though rain almost make it a nightmare each year for the drivers and the teams alike.
    Everything else about Shanghai is magnificent except food, which in line with the Chinese taste, is terrible to say the least. Tickets are afforable and I manage to get mine for just RMB1800= !!!

  10. Interesting. I’ve been on a big noodle high lately, I have no idea why – I just got totally addicted to noodles!! I’ve already tried nearly half of all the noodle recipe here ! Crazy huh. I should probably stop soon, I dont think eating noodles every day isn’t that healthy…

  11. I’m going to the GP this season. We bought our tickets on the F1 website and have been told to explain our vouchers for the actual race tickets at the circuit box office. I know the box office will be open on Friday but we need our tickets on Thursday to get into the driver autograph session. Has anyone had to do this before? I can’t find anything that says the box office will be open on the Thursday. Advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers

  12. Really looking forward to the weekend. What is the best way to get to the track? I have read about shuttle buses but I can’t find anything on line about where they leave from and cost/time.

    1. It depends on where you are. The shuttle bus has several departure stations in the urban area. Tell me which area you are then I can tell you the nearest station.
      The cost last year is ¥50.
      I don’t know if there is any support race this year but if there is, you should arrive at the circuit before 11am.
      The time is about 45 min.

      1. I’m going this year too and looking for information about where the shuttle buses leave from. Am staying very close to E. Nanjing Rd metro station. Do you know where the nearest one would be? Also, any idea how long the shuttle bus takes and how often they are?

        1. If you can take the metro…It’s a bit complicated…

          Take Line 2 at “E. Nanjing Rd metro station”
          Then transferred to Line 1 at “People Square”
          You will arrive at “Shanghai Indoor Stadium.”

          However the buses are at the much bigger outdoor stadium just next to the indoor stadium. You should easily see it.

          Personally I don’t recommend the metro because it’s very easy to get lost in it. The “People Square” station has three lines joined together…Over 300,000 people transfer at that station everyday. I would not recommend this even if you are a Chinese.

          If you think you cannot cope with the metro…you can just follow my reply to Sarah. The distance between yours hotel is just a ten-minute walk.

    2. Sarah, I didn’t find info about shuttle buses, Somebody told me they go out from the Shanghai Stadium.

      Are you going alone??

      Im going alone to the race, so if you want we can meet and go there..

      My email

  13. Hi guys

    Thanks for the quick replies! I am travelling with my husband (the trip is his birthday present). We are staying in a hotel on Guandong Rd very close to Peoples Square. We will go to qualifying on Saturday as well as race day.

    Hope the weather stays OK!


    1. I suspect you might get lost in Shanghai’s metro system so I suggest you go to the shuttle bus station in a taxi.
      Just print the Chinese letter out
      And show it to the taxi driver.
      After you arrived there you should see a huge stadium. And the buses are just under the stadium.
      Based on my experience there is no fixed schedule. As long as one bus is filled up then it will depart.
      After you arrive at the circuit there are shuttle buses to take you to your stand. I think this is a new feature because last year I walked literally half an hour to get to my seat…
      Just a reminder…Be prepared for the loooooong line in front of the shuttle bus after the race. I have been to Chinese GP three times and the time I arrived at home is usually 7pm…
      Enjoy your trip~

      1. Thanks Sean for your very helpful reply. Sounds pretty easy. Enjoy your weekend as well.


  14. Taxi will be like 100 to 200 RMB, maybe if anyone want we can share and go in a taxi.
    Im going for the 3 days, tomorrow i will try to take a bus maybe at the Hongkou Stadium or Shanghai Stadium.

    Im staying at Marriot close to people square, i will tell you my experience tomorrow..

      Really hope you can see this…The buses is only for Saturday and Sunday…

    2. hello danny,

      i know its a bit crazy, but i will be going saturday and sunday as well.

      if you are serious about sharing a taxi,

      please call me at


      or you can facebook me, search for Greg Ng



  15. Look forward to pointers on how to get there.
    I’m staying in Huaihai road near Xindiandi.

    I’m just 1 person; and still ticketless as of today. Planning to be just there on race day.

    1. The station I recommend to you is the same as my reply to Sarah.

      Although it requires you to cross the Huangpu River, the tunnel is not far from your hotel.

      So you can just take my reply to Sarah.

      Enjoy your trip~

  16. James Bagnall
    14th April 2011, 11:16

    I live not far from the track, and went last year, but won’t be able to catch this year’s race.

    For some additional info for people travelling:

    METRO: There IS a metro stop on line 11 for the Shanghai track (上海赛车场) (Shanghai race track), in the northwest corner of the metro map. Last year was the first year it was opened, and it works like a charm. HOWEVER – it was CLOSED on race day. Friday & Saturday it worked fine, and is very cheap & easy, however on race day it does not operate.

    Alternative Routes: I am not familiar with the bus running from the stadium, as that was not part of my route. Taxis are cheap, although drivers don’t speak English – the terminus of that branch of line 11 (安亭 An Ting) is quite a busy place, and you will be able to find taxis to/from there if you want a quick and easy link to the metro.

    Something to note in advance: All the metro signs and maps are bilingual, so if you are an English speaker, you should be able to find your way around the metro system. I agree with Sean that it can be a maze, but if you are an English speaker, you should be able to navigate it successfully.

  17. still looking for someone to share a taxi with

    if interested, please call me at:



  18. Hey guys,

    In Nanjing for a few weeks, and planning on getting the bullet train into shanghai, then metro to shanghai indoor stadium(unless there is somewhere closer?). do you think it may be possible to pick a ticket up from a tout outside the stadium or at the track? its kind of a last minute thing. there will be a good few of us coming from nanjing on this route.

    any help is much appreciated,


  19. Hi everyone,
    I’m in Shanghai for my third F1 stop this year and also finding it hard to find shuttle info to get to the track. I know the metro is available but thinking I might try the shuttle as it sounds a lot easier.
    Just want to confirm that there is a shuttle bus to the track from Hongkou Stadium…? and is it a return shuttle at the end of the day..?
    I’m staying at the Holiday Inn Downtown so it’s not to far away if this is correct.
    Any info would be a help.
    Cheers John.

  20. I took the hairpin seats in 2010, and with good reason.
    1. They’re cheaper than the main grandstand seats, but there’s a roof over your head, so you’re not worried about the rain – which it did that year!
    2. They provide an excellent view, from the beginning of the back straight all the way to the last turn and pit entry. Fog wasn’t really an issue when we watched, but in any case, had it fogged up, the race probably would’ve been stopped anyway.
    Other tips I can share:
    1. Go on Friday! It’s free admission for anyone who bought tickets for the weekend, so you can go sit at other seats where you normally can’t (say, the start-finish line and pit area). From what I understand, there’s also a pitlane tour available on Thursday, but I didn’t get into Shanghai until Thursday night, so I don’t know the specifics there.
    2. Bring a radio, just in case. The PA is a bit difficult to hear at times, even if you understand Chinese. The circuit was selling noise-cancelling headphones with built-in radios of the PA, but the audio quality was poor. Other people in the stands tend to figure out the radio frequency anyway, so you can just go ask them.
    3. Bring a jacket! It was rather cold in Shanghai when we went. Probably not as cold as Beijing, but you are in the open for at least 2 hours on Sunday alone, so you’ll still feel the chill – especially if you’re sitting in uncovered stands.
    4. Bring a good camera with even better lens. The hairpin is the best overtaking spot on the track, and is also the 2nd slowest corner on track, so lots of opportunities to get good photos.
    5. Have a Chinese friend! Their understanding of English is nothing like what you’d get in Singapore or Hong Kong. It will be an occasional struggle if you don’t have a friend who can smoothen out the linguistic barrier.

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