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Video: Porsche lands on barrier in huge ALMS crash

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    One of the more shocking crashes I’ve seen in a while – this is Eduardo Cisneros and Marco Holzer tangling in the ALMS race at Virginia International Raceway earlier today. The oblivious cameraman was nearly flattened by a flying Porsche:


    Biggest crash I’ve seen in a while. After Cisneros landed right in front of the camera, I was sure of the worst, I didn’t think anyone could get out of a car that crushed. I couldn’t believe that he got out of their alive. Shows just how well built those cars are, because it looks like he went roof first into the guardrail.


    oh my god that was scary! This will be one to talk about for years to come.


    Whoa, they couldn’t have done it if they tried!

    Seriously now, that was veeery close. The camera placements needs to be revised, at least in corners like that one. Maybe a catchfence could’ve come in handy.

    Fer no.65

    Is it me or some of those American circuits are really not up to standard?

    It amaizes me that they don’t have catch fences alongside such a fast circuit.


    Watched it live. Terrifying to say the least, especially after being in Baltimore when that huge pileup happened. I’m I the only one surprised by how much the roof caved in? I guess it was because it flipped onto the tire wall right where the greenhouse met, but still.

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    @fer-no65 If by “not up to standard” you mean it doesn’t meet FIA standards with huge asphalt run-off areas and gravel traps at every corner, then yes, it is not up to standard. However, VIR is a beautiful track that produces great racing.


    Oh, that was big!

    Thank God nobody was hurt.

    Fer no.65

    @cumulonimbus don’t see why a catch fence and proper run off area (not saying all tarmac, i hate that too) would make the circuit less beautiful and produce worse racing.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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