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New RaceFans Videos: Your suggestions and feedback

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    As some of you may have seen we’re putting more effort into RaceFans Videos this year. You can find what we’ve done so far here:


    It’s obviously early days for this and with any new project we’re learning quickly and having to narrow down a long list of what we ‘could do’ into what we ‘should do’ and ‘must do’.

    So with that in mind, what kind of videos would you like to see from RaceFans? And how could we improve the videos we’ve published so far?

    I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Here’s our most recent video – we’ve got another coming up soon:


    Closed captions please if possible on videos as I’m not always able to listen with sound on (public places, etc., without access to earbuds).


    @discodave Thanks will look into that!


    @keithcollantine – Would it be possible to have videos of Craig’s articles? Subtle animations of drawings/photos to better call out the specific features (like changes to wing elements). His articles are a great candidate for “show, don’t tell”.

    In general, I like the videos a lot. I still wish that RF would offer us the option of a live commentary audio track for F1 races, although you’ve previously mentioned that is unlikely to happen due to other commitments.


    @Phylyp I think that’s a great idea and definitely something we’d like to do. Afraid I can’t make any promises as to when, though.

    What I can tell you is there’ll be a lot of new videos going up on Friday…


    Cheers, Keith, glad to know that’s on the radar.


    I really enjoy the videos! They remind me a little bit of that podcast you did with Ben Evans a couple of years ago, enjoyable and informative.

    P.S. really missing you on Sky’s Indycar coverage this year, any chance you’ll be back doing the “US Ad-break commentary” anytime soon? I enjoyed it more than NBC’s own commentary!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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