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2012 F1F Formula One PS3 World Championship (Season 2)

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    Quali: 1st

    Race: 1st
    Starting from pole I got a good start and was still in the lead through the 1st corner. @jamiefranklinf1 was just behind me from what I could see. Up past eau rouge I saw that he was still about a car length behind. All of a sudden I see him spin into the wall losing his front wing. I did not feel any vibration on the controller so I think it was lag. Im sorry about that but really, thats what I saw from my screen. For the first few laps I had a good tustle with @abboracing which was fun :) He was very quick but he pitted on lap 5 I think. I stayed out until lap 9 and then pitted for primes. I passed him again using DRS and then on the next lap he pitted which I thought was strange. I think he did an option- option- prime strategy while I opted for a one stop. I ended up winning by over 20 seconds. A good 1-2 for force india although there was only 4 people racing :)

    I dont think I will be that quick on F1 2012 so I have done all I can at this stage of the championship on 2011. Really happy to get some good points today. Thanks for everyone who took part and sorry again jamie that lag ruined your race. If it didnt happen then I’m sure it would have been a good 3 way battle for the win :)


    Quali: 2nd
    Qualifying was mainly just getting used to 2011 again. I had planned to do some practice, but I had too much to do for that to happen. My lap times tumbled, but I was never able to match Shane, who beat me by about 7 tenths of a second.

    Race: 3rd
    I got a pretty good start off the line, @shaneb12345678910 took the inside line, but I was able to get a better exit, which combined with half of my KERS, pulled me alongside him, I thought about backing off, but I had the inside line going into Eau Rouge, and with my better exit, was almost positive that I could pull in front.
    We entered the corner together, I moved as far to the left as possible, without running off the track too much, though I still had two wheels off the track, but nevertheless, on the exit, Shane swept to the left, hitting into me and sending me crashing into the barriers. I was lucky to only lose my front wing, but I knew that it was my race over, after 3 corners…
    I lost at least 10 seconds on that lap alone as I trailed back to the pits, with huge amounts of understeer, and pitted for options, hoping that with a fresh set, I would be able to close the gap for when the others stopped. This worked to some extent, as on lap 5, I was able to pass Electrolite, though I think this was partly due to him having troubles and eventually crashing out. I was still 30 seconds down on @Abboracing, but I was closing the gap. Some laps quicker than others. This could have been due to the two front runners fighting, or Abbmacher making mistakes, I’m not sure.
    I think I pitted on lap 9 for Primes, so that I could run to the end, but I was never able to get that close. At one point, I was 5 seconds behind @Abboracing but with him on fresh tyres, I had no real chance of catching, and as my tyres started to wear, I found myself pushing too hard, and having a couple of off-track moments, meaning that I finished 20 seconds behind second place.

    Congrats to Shane, he was pretty fast today. Little bit confused about the lag, as he wasn’t lagging to me whatsoever, and since moving, I have much better connection now (In the region of 15-19Mbps), so I don’t see how I could have been lagging, but oh well. Little bit of a disappointing race, as I think I could have done more to challenge for the victory.

    Looking forward to 2012!


    Today was embarrassing and it’s fair to say I’ll never get the hang of this game again after the new one!

    Bradley Downton

    Fuming I missed out. For some ridiculous reason my PS3 wouldn’t reconnect to the internet after last time!!! ARGH!


    sorry guys i couldn’t make it! 1st time ever i think in the entire series!!!!!! my 15 month old son wasn’t well… guess i had to prioritise…….. maybe not next time LOL !!!


    Great race, unfortunately I made the choice to pit twice, this cost me a shot at t he win. However, from the start, I got off the line well, took turn 1 gently too avoid running into @JamieFranklinF1 and team mate @ShaneB457 . I followed the pair down to Eau rouge and from what I could see and remember thinking it was not going to end well. Both cars looked to be going into the right hander next too each other. Hence I was not surprised to see JamieFranklinF1 hit t he wall. I was close enough to get a good tow from @ShaneB457 down the Kemel straight and set me up for a good battle with him until I pitted early on lap 5. Much respect to you @ShaneB457 we had quite a few corners running side by side with minimal wheel rubbing, I would say perfect, fair, great racing. congrats on the win Shane, Glad we could bring it home for the 1-2. I just regret opting for the 2 stop. I cost me the chance to run with Shane throughout the race.

    Bradley Downton

    1. John Brookfield ( @BROOKSY007)
    5. Moussa Awada ( @MoSs-611)

    3. Oli Peacock ( @olliekart)
    18. Luke Pickering ( @electrolite)

    4. Bradley Downton
    9. Jamie Franklin ( @jamiefranklinf1)

    6. Ben Moody ( @f199player)
    10. Ashley Blakeley ( @shyguy1992)

    Red Bull
    12. Nic Morley ( @RoboCAT)
    17. David Adeoye ( @david-a)

    Force India
    16. Shane Butler ( @shaneb12345678910)
    20. George Angus ( @abboracing)

    Ok guys. I’m very sorry I haven’t been online or in contact much lately, but it’s been hectic starting at Uni. Things are settling down a little now and I can pick this up again. The race at Spa was rather a disappointment, only 4 people, should have been 6 but for mine and Brooksy’s connection and kid problems respectively. It also appears from Spa that Shane’s account doesn’t quite match anyone else’s, and so I’d like to ask @electrolite if he saw anything, because this could be seen as an incident. I remember Jamie said something to me after the race, but I couldn’t follow it up due to lack of time. Now I have time and will be. I would also like to apologise in the fact that the Wiki cannot be updated until about 30th October as I am lacking the codes… because I stupidly left them on my old laptop and forgot to copy them over. I will be going home on the 29th however so should be able to fix this. Our next race is next weekend and it will be at Hockenheim on the 2012 game.
    And as a sidenote… we may have a special guest, his PSN is calado36, I’ll let you guys figure that one out ;)


    @bradley13 I remember it was definitely one or the other driver’s fault…but I can’t remember which :(

    Pretty sure I can do next weekend!


    @bradley13 How did you get hold of him? Also, if there is little attendance can I guest as a one off, just to see what my 2012 pace is like, I don’t mind though?

    Bradley Downton

    @electrolite – Ok, well, seeing as we now have three counts of them being side by side, and only one of Jamie going off on his own. I’m now going to look into this. I’ve heard both sides so will look into things a bit more and see what will happen, but this certainly doesn’t seem like LAG.
    @formula-1 – Via the power of Facebook! Sure thing, if we have poor attendance :)


    @bradley13 I dont know how this can be looked into any further since there is no video evidence of what happend. At no point on my screen was Jamie along side me. Out of Eau Rouge I was on the right of the track and saw that he was behind me. I did not move left or right and I kept a straight line. Then I looked behind and saw that he had spun.. I dunno really.. It certanly was not my fault.


    James Calado! That’s going to be great fun…as long as none of us have a Grosjean moment ;)

    Really looking forward to this one. The last time I raced at Hockenheim in this league I was fighting for the podium, so I hope to be up there again, securing as many points for Lotus as possible!

    Bradley Downton

    @shaneb12345678910 – On three people’s screen’s you were alongside, I’m struggling to buy that. I don’t however feel it would be fair to take the win from you, so you will it keep it. Having spoken to Jamie he feels that it wasn’t so much you pushing him off the circuit as a lack of spatial awareness, and so I will give you the lightest (and possibly most pointless) penalty this league has.
    A Qualifying Ban for Hockenheim.

    @JamieFranklinF1 – Don’t get too excited! Even if he’s online, he might not join! :P


    Im not going to make a big deal out of this and believe me, I could not care less if I cant qualify this weekend. But I still think I’m being blamed in the wrong here. Through Eau Rouge I kept right as much as I could as I was aware that he was near me to the left. I kept a straight line just up over the hill. I saw Jamie was directly behind me because of the indicator arrow and then I saw him spin into the barrier to the right and then spin across the track hitting the wall on the left. There was no vibration on the controller and I did not feel any touch whatsoever. I feel as though a penalty is harsh.

    Even though I strongly disagree with you on this, I guess you’re the boss and the decision is final.

    Bradley Downton

    @shaneb12345678910 – Look at it form point of view. There is no video evidence either way, but I have 3 people against 1 saying you two were side-by-side. I can’t be seen to do nothing, it’s not fair. I understand you feel hard done by, which is why I’ve tried to be as generous as possible, but I have to do something. I hope you understand.

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