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F1 2011 PS3 Championship

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    Whilst a lot of people are going mad over 2012. I think there is still a lot of fun to be had with 2011, especially now the online is a lot quieter.

    I would want to start up a 2011 championship should people be interested. Races will likely be on a weekly basis (fortnightly if people are busy over holidays), fuel and tyres on, 30-40% races (again depending on what people want), with full damage and penalties. Typical rules should people think others are being unsportsmanlike. I have a good idea on how to equalise the cars using the 2011 CP rules.

    If people are interested, or just want to hurl abuse at me for suggesting we all play a game that is (only) a year old, post your PSN name below!
    I’ll start: KeeleyObsessedF1

    Harry Westwood

    Ah, what the hell. Why not? I’m up for it :) but may not be able to because I have other league committments so need days and times and stuff :)
    PSN: Sirspuddington


    Not entirely sure that this is sensible, given I got the game 3 weeks ago, but what the hell…. I suspect the best place to put me would be the Virgin or the HRT, mind!

    PSN: mildertduck


    @sirspuddington @mildertduck (Just tagging you guys to keep you updated)

    That’s 3 people so far.. Anyone else? See OP for details..


    So I’m not the only one who still plays F1 2011, then… :P

    Good to know.


    Still trying to get this off the ground if people are interested!


    I might.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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