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    thank you for mentioning me, it has been a while since I’ve been on this site.

    I won’t have time to join in the upcoming months but I could probably join in October or November.


    A good bit of interest so far. There are some on other forums who would also like to join in too.

    If any of you know people outside these halls that might want to join then please invite them.


    I might be interested, though I’ll have to get a PS4 & the game first :P

    A FalCie Saber

    Hey guys, took me a while to get up and running on this site but Im here. Definitely interested in this, want to see if i can hold onto my WDC crown from the last xbox 360 championship run by Maddog.

    See use guys on the grid.


    @afalciesaber – You and me both, hopefully I can retain my crown from both @Bradley13’s PS3 Championship and the Collantine Cup!


    I got the game early so had the opportunity to have a good go at it. Loving it so far. Graphics are a big step up. Broadcast presentation and pre race commentary from Crofty and Anthony (especially in Chanpionship mode) is pretty cool.

    Ok it’s missing a few modes but I think the bare essentials are spot on. Shouting at your engineer over the headset is a cool feature but it’s replaced the tyre/damage indicator which might take some getting used to.

    Here’s the first race I attenpted as soon as I pushed the gane into the disk tray. Difficulty was too easy on lap one so I pulled over to see what the AI was like. More aggressive than I thought!

    Tried a 50% race today and couldn’t make my tyres last for each of the stints. Think I need to alter my driving style. Great fun though!

    Not gone online yet but had a look at a custom lobby. Only limited to 16 again but the additions include including a practice session and being able to run the grid in reverse order from the previous race. Oh and you create a custom season just like the older games too. Our Sprint race championship evenings look likely to make a comeback!


    Since my thread was closed, I’ll let you guys know my thoughts on the game here:

    So I had my copy of F1 2015 for PS4 delivered this morning, and I’ve played it for a good few hours now, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it so far for those of you who haven’t played yet, or are wondering whether you should.

    When first looking at the game, I was concerned at the lack of career mode. Aside from playing in leagues online, that was a huge focus of the previous titles for me, so it felt pretty foolish of them to remove it for the sake of a Championship Season (A mode in which you complete a season as your favourite driver…and that’s it). Nevertheless, this was the first mode I decided to try out, opting for my these settings:

    Practice: 15 minutes
    Quali – Short (Admittedly, I should have put it on full, this was a mistake on my part)
    Race – 50%
    Difficulty – Legend

    So, I decided to pick JB as my driver, in the McLaren (much to my surprise, it was the updated livery) and headed out. Practice was wet, and for the most part, I enjoyed myself. It was a difficult task to stay in touch with Fernando, and had it not been for an inspired call to switch to inters towards the end of the session, I doubt I would have beaten him. Next came qualifying, and the grip I had in the dry in comparison to the wet was massive. The car felt incredible…until I realised how slow I was. I finished the session down in 18th, just behind Alonso, albeit 7 tenths off of his time. Given that I’d only driven the car in the dry for about 15-20 minutes, I wasn’t too disheartened, and I was looking forward to the race.

    The race itself was good fun, I realised early on that fuel was something I needed to play around with, and being able to talk to the engineer and request the information through the mic was brilliant, it really made for a more immersive experience. The AI, I felt, were quite aggressive, never yielding, even when you have the racing line, but I suppose it’s better than the alternative. I finished the race in a lowly 17th place, not quite reaching the target of 12th set by the team (yeah, like McLaren can do that…).

    What was the most disappointing though, was when I realised that this is how it would be for the whole season. As far as I’m aware, the car won’t get any better, no matter how well I perform, and whilst I’ve trundled around at the back in the past, which hasn’t been a problem, I don’t think I can do it on this game. Before, it felt as though I was paying my dues, putting in the performance at the chance for a better team, but here…I will do one season and then everything resets, I just choose another driver, which leads me to believe I should just pick a higher up team to start with and have fun fighting for the Championship in a Ferrari, Williams or Red Bull.

    Another feature which I think is great, is the ability to switch between 2014 and 2015. Through the menu, you can revert back to 2014 and live out the season with all the cars and drivers, including Caterham. Given that last year’s game was such a flop (I didn’t play it), it’s a welcome addition to the game.

    Finally, I played some multiplayer. Additions such as practice are brilliant, but trying to find a random game to join is a little tiring and tedious. Once you get in, it’s good fun, even if littered with the usual reckless abandon of some drivers.

    For the most part, I think it’s a solid game. From what I’ve experienced, the cars handle well, the damage is also quite good and there are some really nice touches added in there (like seeing the delta time a new set of tyres could gain you as opposed to your old ones, when in the garage).

    It feels a bit hollow without a career mode, but if you take it for what it is, then I think it can be an enjoyable game. I do hope, however, that they attempt to fix the occasional frame rate drops, but they do tend to be few and far between, and I didn’t experience them at Monaco strangely enough.


    Well everyone I’m back from the dead. Been a super busy stretch of a year or so for me. This is actually my first time signing into F1Fanatic in who knows how long. Things have calmed down a bit over the last few months and what do I know, I get a email from @MadDogMolloy about some League racing.

    I’m on PS4, if the times we chose work out for me I’m definitely interested. I probably can’t commit to being able to race every week but I’d like to do as many as I can!

    My PSN ID is strunk22 [change of numbers I know ;)] anyone with psn feel free to send me a friend request. Just picked up the game today and I’m liking the way this one feels quite a lot. MadDog I’ll keep watching this thread for information.

    It’s been a while, I hope everyone has been doing well. Best wishes and I’ll talk to you all soon!

    Nic Morley

    I would love for this to be up and running. I have the game I love it, in my opinion it’s the best F1 game of the series; how the AI race you really appeals to me. :)


    @strunk27 mate it’s good to hear from you again! How did the piloting go?

    i hope to get something up by the weekend. Just trying to pull everything together i.e. Rules/structure etc.


    @kvothe @robocat @pezlo2013 @jamiefranklinf1 @bradley13 @mrgrieves @ljkobrien @strunk27 @afalciesaber @dazzaarcher @powderfinger @david-a @redmist @ed24f1 @xtwl

    Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the game despite what some of the critics are saying. I know I am – the actual core gameplay is the best the series has ever been.

    We should be up and running with our first season on PS4 shortly. I would like to say thanks to @bradley13 who has offered to assist in terms of recording results, updating the championship standings and keeping the wiki looking tidy. Both myself and Bradley have been discussing a few of the details of the championship such as the rules and the structure of the championship. There are two key decisions that need to be made and we are both in agreement that they would benefit the championship. However before we rubber stamped them Max Mosley style, we felt it best to run them past you guys first.


    The first relates to the car/team selection process. By season 6 of the Xbox 360 championship, races were starting to become predictable as it would always be the same drivers at the front winning races. We came up with an idea that made the races more interesting and it worked a treat! I’ll try to explain in the simplest way I can.

    Rather than ‘equal performance’, we would run on the realistic (2015) setting. Each driver would receive a set number of tokens/credits to spend on race seats over the course of the season. The cost of a race seat at each team would be determined by their level of competitiveness. An example would be like the below.

    Provisional costs of race seats

    Ferrari, Williams – 5 Tokens
    Red Bull – 4 Tokens
    Force India, Toro Rosso – 2
    Lotus, Sauber – 1
    McLaren – 0

    (Please note I’ve excluded Mercedes/Marussia from the list as I feel that both are either too quick or too slow and this would detract from what we’re trying to achieve with this system. Also there are no seats which cost 3 tokens in order to prevent drivers just playing it safe at every race and choosing the middle team).

    Drivers will be given the opportunity to choose their race seat in the lobby before each individual race event. Choices will be determined by reverse championship order. The cost of the race seat will be deducted from the driver’s token total.

    Drivers will need to ensure that they do not drop under 0 tokens at the end of the championship season. 10 points will be deducted from the driver’s championship total for each minus token.

    With the token restrictions, there is an element of strategy involved. For example, You could race in a top team for the first few events but would then only have enough tokens to race in a Sauber for the rest. It’s totally up to you how you play it! The one constant is that every race will have different drivers in different cars racing in different positions! It might not be the purest way of going racing but if it equals incredible unpredictable races like we had before and keeps continued interest in the championship, then that can only be a good thing.

    If it’s a success, then for future seasons, returning drivers will be assigned a number of tokens according to their performance in the previous season.


    We’re looking into creating a group on Facebook to provide the main home and focal point of the championship. It’ll be the place to chat, share stories of races and keep up to date with the latest goings on.

    Why Facebook? There are a number of positives of using it over this current thread:

    – It allows separate threads for each discussion so it’s easier to follow.
    – the newest messages appear at the top of the page.
    – We can upload images and videos direct from PSN
    – The notification system would be really good for reminding people of upcoming events.
    – The messaging system could be used for private steward panels. With past championships, we’d had numerous problems with a getting a group together over private message on this site.
    – It opens us up to a potential new audience. We found in our later x360 seasons that we ran this site dry of potential new entrants. I also know a few communities that might be interested in joining us and if it’s on Facebook they’re more likely to do so.
    – Threads updating in realtime without the need to refresh. This would be useful during the event for those joining us without a headset.

    Don’t worry though as we’ll still have a thread open on this site advertising the league. I also understand if you’re not comfortable with sharing your details outside of F1 Fanatic. However it’s easy enough to set up a new/separate account perhaps using your PSN ID as a name.


    So they’re the main things, but i thought I would also include the provisional set of rules that we are proposing. Apologies for the length but have a read and if you’re got any queries then let us know.

    The Format

    The host for the event will invite drivers 10 minutes before the event. There will only be one attempt at each race, no restarts.

    Car Performance: Realistic (2015 Performance)
    Practice: None
    Weather: Dynamic
    Assists: All allowed
    Vehicle Damage: On
    Collisions: On
    Return To Garage: Off

    Calendar and Circuit Selection Process

    Before seats are designated, a circuit will be chosen at random in the lobby. This has been done to minimise the need to put in hours of practice before each event. Once a circuit has been raced on, it will be removed from this random vote for future races.

    Drivers from the previous season voted for the circuits they least enjoyed. The following circuits had the majority of the votes and are therefore exempt from circuit selection:

    Circuits TBC

    Race Event Structure

    There will be two races at each event. The same circuit and choice of team will be used for both races.

    Race 1: Feature Race
    – One shot Qualifying
    – 50% race distance
    – Codemasters pre-defined set-ups only (Parc Ferme conditions therefore set-up frozen once Quali begins)

    Race 2: Sprint Race
    – No qualifying
    – Random Grid
    – 5 laps
    – Personalised set-ups allowed

    Points System

    The following points system will be used:

    Race 1:
    Pole: 1pt
    Fastest Lap: 1pt

    Race 2:
    Fastest Lap: 1pt

    To score points you MUST finish the race. If you disconnect before the race has ended you will score no points (even if you were in a points scoring position with only 10 or less cars left in the race).

    Drop Score Rule

    There will be times when one cannot make the event due to other commitments. So it has been decided that we will use the ‘drop lowest score’ rule. This has been used successfully in previous seasons. Basically a driver’s lowest points haul from a single event (over the course of the season) will be dropped. It will give everyone a free week that they could miss without destroying their championship hopes. Otherwise it undermines the whole point of having a championship and we might as well have one-off races.

    Obviously in the interest of fairness – if a driver is absent from an event, they won’t be able to keep the same number of tokens. 1 token will be deducted if a driver misses a single event, 2 for their second and 3 for each event thereafter (these races don’t have to be consecutively). This means even if a new driver enters the final event, they will still have enough to get a top seat and not feel left behind.

    Race Stewards

    The race stewards will consist of a panel of three drivers – MadDogMolloy or @bradley13 plus two others on a rotation basis. The race stewards have the power to look at any incidents or cases of reckless driving that have happened on track.

    A driver cannot appear on the panel if they have been involved in the race incident in question or are at a similar position in the championship standings to the driver being investigated.


    When racing close to other cars, it should clean with real-life F1 rules taken into account. i.e. if you move to defend and then move back take your racing line, room must be left for the other car in the braking zone.

    Penalties incurred in the race will count. If in your opinion, you unfairly obtain a time penalty and would like to appeal the race result, you can calmly put forward your case in the lobby after the race. It will not be overturned unless you or another driver can share video evidence proving that you have wrongfully been given a penalty, and the panel agrees.

    Penalty Points System

    – if a driver receives four penalties over the course of one season = 3 token reduction.
    – if a driver receives four penalties over course of one race event (both feature and sprint races) = 3 token reduction and a one race ban (this won’t count as one of your dropped races).

    Any corner cutting penalties won’t be added to penalty count if video evidence is provided. These rules are just in place for reckless driving, so including corner cutting penalties would seem unfair.

    Please note that if a 3 token reduction occurs after the final race of the season, the tokens will be deducted from the starting total for the following season.

    Reckless Driving

    Drivers are free to report incidents they have witnessed of reckless and dirty driving. If for whatever reason, a penalty is not given out during the race and is pointed out in the lobby afterwards, the stewards will be able to look at it and award any penalties if required. Stewards also have the power to double up on penalties in the event of the driver causing a major collision (ie taking out multiple cars at the start). Video evidence will be needed.

    If a victim is severally affected by a collision (ie incurs damage and loses time) then the stewards have the option of gifting them 2-3 extra tokens to make up for it which they can use for the rest of the season. This means that say for example the driver was thinking of driving a McLaren at the next race, the extra tokens could be used to potentially give them a Red Bull instead. Therefore a faster car in the next race would make up for a lousy previous race. Please note that this will only happen as long as the driver doesn’t rage quit and the driver calmly puts their case forward in the lobby at the end of the race. Again, Video evidence will be needed.


    Interesting concepts. I like them for the most part, though I do feel like it may hinder my usual style significantly, but hey, I like the challenge of it.

    May have been considered already, but I’ll throw it out there anyway. Have you thought about using 2014 cars for the sprint races? It adds a little more tactics to car choice, without the high risk of changing things too much.

    Only other issue is that I’m not on Facebook.


    Before seats are designated, a circuit will be chosen at random in the lobby. This has been done to minimise the need to put in hours of practice before each event. Once a circuit has been raced on, it will be removed from this random vote for future races.

    I’ve been, along with some friends,running a Belgian championship for several years now on both F1 games GT6/Project CARS now. You’ve got some great ideas in there as the token system.

    Above though is something I understand but somehow don’t. I thrive in practicing and finding a setup to suit me and getting those laps in. I’m never going to be as fast as I could be without practice and that somehow kills the joy for me. Back when I was in school I even did over 500 laps on a track because I had found some miracle setup which made the car an enormous joy. I did lap the entire field to never win again that season in Valencia, coincidentally in the 2012 Ferrari.

    Anyway, I’m not taking part as I have to much on my hands with my GT3 league on PC, two more races and I finally got my first championship in a while. Haven’t even bought the game due to the bugs, I lost to many championships and titles thanks to bugs and DSCs.


    Also, happy to be a full time steward for the league if you like. Got 5 years of experience in the matter and across two leagues in a lot of classes.


    @jamiefranklinf1 glad you like some of the ideas. They’ve worked well in the past and kept everyone interested as every race is different. Also means that even someone who joins later in the season and race in a competitive car and not be chugging it around at the back.

    Not sure how easy it will be to switch to 2014 cars whilst keeping everyone in the same lobby. If theres a way to do then perhaps it might be an idea.

    Oh and facebook? Its easy to set up – you could just use your gamertag if you dont want to use your real name.

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