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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 3 Completed

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    Lt Alfred

    I qualified 3rd on primes so was feeling optimistic about my chances. But they were shattered as early as the first sector or lap 1. I was used as a brake, squeezed off the track or plain taken out within the first minute of the race and ended up with 20 seconds worth of penalties and in 8th by the time I finished the first lap.

    My pace was good once I recovered but a mistake with tyres and bad pace in the wet made my disconnection pretty merciful.

    I don’t think any of my accidents were anything more than unintended, and starts have been pretty good this season, but I don’t think I went more than one corner in the first half of lap 1 without being knocked about by someone or other. I was hoping for a good result today.


    Skipped qualifying so the tyres wouldn’t wear out before the rain came.
    Gained a load of places on the first lap and there was loads of action in the first half of the race. On entry to the pits on the first pit stop there was a slight glitch (10:35 in the video).
    Around lap 23 I spun out on the first corner and fell to third and with Kevin a long way back it was a boring last few laps.
    I tried a different angle for the video but it hasn’t come out too well. No highlights this week.


    @lemon @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @powderfinger, @strunk27 @ms20 @Sparky2315 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @cscottyf195 @dazza1782 @mat-k @i300rn-5urv1v0r @roblo97 @zsmokey

    I’ve updated the championship standings to include the results from the last two races. Dropped scores have been taken into account. The link is below:


    Lt Alfred takes advantage of the dropped score rule.

    If there are any errors, let me know and I can amend :-)

    The final race in Brazil tomorrow – if you cant make it, let me know so a reserve driver can take your place.


    @maddogmolloy Wow this must have been our closest season so far. 8 points between us and 1 point between our teams. My season falling apart in the last 4 races has messed up my season. Better really need a good race in Brazil to take some momentum into our next season


    @mrgrieves if I missed a few races it would have evened us up a bit. You seen both our averages? Only 0.1 between us – incredible!

    The main fight today will be between both our teams. Going on your current team form though, me and @mcwoblin are going to have to be at our best to steal 4th place back!

    With almost all of the positions settled in the drivers championship, the fight still worth watching is between @dazzaarcher and @strunk27 for 8th. Extra focus in Red Bull today then! :-)

    There is a possibility that if @zsmokey turns up he could pass @infernojim for 12th place. @infernojim – reason to race tonight perhaps???

    If it rains again, my xbox will be thrown out of the window!


    Sorry guys unfortunately I wont be able to make tonight’s finale, hopefully it will be an epic!


    Count me in tonight lads.


    What a great way to end the season – not just in terms of victory, but also a real strategic race in which any one of four drivers could have won, and I’m very surprised it was me given that I’m normally useless at Brazil.

    In typical fashion, I left practice far too late and never fully discovered how long the tyres lasted, only using the game’s basic tyre info as a base for my strategy. I also had trouble setting up the gears; the dilemma with seventh gear being too short in qualifying but still too long on heavy fuel in the race was tricky to get around. I believe that cost me a realistic shot at pole.

    As usual, I fluffed up the start. I get way too cautious with cars around me and give people way too much room, and as a result I dropped from third to sixth. At that point Kevin was miles ahead and Alfred was showing some serious pace with fastest laps. My race looked over from that point.

    But then you all pitted early – surprising given that my options had barely worn, and the game reckoned they could go for 20 laps. It soon became clear that I would hit the cliff at 20 laps, not just lose a bit of grip. I consequently pitted on lap 17.

    Perhaps the stop came a lap too late, as Kevin made a great deal of ground on me and was much further ahead than before when I emerged from the pit lane. Given the timing of his first stop, I was expecting him to do a one-stop like me, but then he pitted with everyone else a second time and I was in the lead, again on primes that were far from worn.

    Kevin had been battling with Mark throughout most of the race, but their tussle got even more instense after their final stops. They were both cutting into my lead, but because they were often side-by-side, I was able to hang on and win by three seconds. I would have been destroyed had Kevin or Mark been on their own.

    The season’s been a great one. I took a break after Bahrain simply because the game was irritating me, but I soon longed to rejoin the fun on Mondays, and that win in horrendous conditions in Germany was a fantastic way to return. The only bad thing? Assists. Not that I mind people using them, but I was previously ran a league that banned them, and since joining here I can’t race with them off now lol.

    Well done Herbie on another dominating season, but I’ll be back next time. ;) I wouldn’t rule out Mark and Kevin on making a title bid in the next season either, what was a two-horse battle in most early races soon became three and four – they really improved a lot.

    Lt Alfred

    Qually for the final race of the season was the closest I’ve ever seen it, I think the top 4 were all seperated by 0.2 secs and the start of the race was close too.

    Originally I planned to run a one stop. I knew the setup was good enough for it, but I fought for too long and too hard over the first few laps with @ms20 over 2nd and had to stop to cover him. Following the first stop me and Mark continued our fight but I had a couple of comings together with @MadDogMolloy, not anyone’s fault, I think he was on worn tyres and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Following my second stop I think I ran three laps setting fastest lap after fastest lap and thought there was some hope of catching Mark and Kevin fighting for second but then the tyres began to degrade and I had to settle for 4th. A shame, but I think I’ve had better luck over the last couple of races than I did earlier in the season. Hopefully I can build on it and make the same improvements Mark and Kevin have made this season to catch the leading pack.


    Had a really enjoyable race on Monday. Qualifying went alright and on lap 1 i thought the Red Bull team were onto a winner as our pace was right up there with the top 3. Sadly i couldnt get past Smokey and then keep up with Jonny, Dazzarcher and Maddog. My pace didnt pick up till i got on a set of softs but by then it was too late and all i could do was have a great battle with my team mate and as we pulled out of the last corner side by side for the second year in a row ran out of fuel and stuttered to the line. Finally got some video editing to put together a quick selection of video




    Qualified 2nd on the option tyres.
    The start wasn’t the best as I broke too early in turn 4 and fell to 4th. I think I went into the back of Maddog so sorry for that.
    I caught up to and overtook Alfred on lap 7 and pitted on lap 9 as it was clear the tyres wouldn’t go far enough for a 2 stop.
    Managed to get past y2j, Alfred and Maddog in half a lap due to contact between Alfred and Maddog then had a clear few laps until overtaking Dazza on lap 16.
    The next ten laps I was catching up to Kevin and I pitted on lap 27 putting on a new set of options.
    The last 8 laps were hectic battling with Kevin and trying to catch up to Jonny who had an eight second lead. On the last lap I had a small slide which let Kevin jump into 2nd.


    Full race:


    Also highlights for Japan and Austin:


    Hey is there still room in this ? I am already in a Sunday League but would like a Monday one also, will take any car if there is space and will be on for close to every race :)


    @power hey welcome! We’ve just finished our third season so you can join us for season 4 if you like? I’ll invite you when I set up the new forum. Should be starting in a few weeks.

    We may have a series of 3 lap races at some point – bring your headset and join us!

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