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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 1 (NOW COMPLETE)

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    Newcomers! – Although the championship is already under way, new drivers are still welcome! Please post indicating what team you’d like to drive for along with your Xbox gamertag. Teams will be decided on a first come, first serve basis – Please see below the seats that are still available

    Calling all Xbox 360 owners!

    Love Formula One? Own a copy of Codemasters F1 2011? Want to be part of an online Championship? May I introduce the inaugural…


    Sounds good doesn’t it?

    The Championship is looking for 16 keen drivers ready to put their talent to the test. Created to provide exciting but clean racing, this first World Championship is open to everyone.

    There will be joy…there will be tears…There will be controversy but most importantly of all… it will be BRILLIANT!

    May I introduce the line-up (so far) of those individuals brave (or mad) enough to take the challenge…

    The drivers

    2 Seats still available

    (Gamertag in brackets)

    Red Bull
    1. VettelS (VettelS)
    2. VACANT

    1. Kvothe (gameprotage)
    2. Kyle (MadDogMolloy)

    1. Hollis Graham (CarnivorousPope)
    2. Mr. Powers (Omorfos Kevin)

    1. mrgrieves (y2jisaok)
    2. VACANT

    1. Lemon (Herbert Lemon)
    2. mnmracer (Mighty Dekunut)

    Force India
    1. arowan (vex4short)
    2. Lt Alfred

    1. strunk27
    2. infernojim (inf3rn0j1m)

    1. McWoblin (McWoblin)
    2. Hawksfan

    The Calendar

    Around the world in 10 races, the season will consist of classic tracks along with a few modern greats.

    Races will be held every Monday Evening from 12th March.

    Invites go out to all drivers at 8.20pm GMT. Qualifying will begin at 8.30pm GMT.

    1. Melbourne (12 March) COMPLETE
    2. Istanbul (19 March) COMPLETE
    3. Monaco (26 March) COMPLETE
    4. Montreal (2 April) COMPLETE
    5. Silverstone (16 April) COMPLETE
    6. Hungaroring (23 April) COMPLETE
    7. Spa (30 April)
    8. Monza (7 May)
    9. Suzuka (14 May)
    10. Brazil (21 May)

    Please note – There will be no race on Easter Monday (9 April). This will be in effect, a mid-season break.

    Game Rules

    Race weekend format: Qualification and Race. Practice should be done in private in the run up to the event.

    Assists: All allowed
    Damage: cosmetic
    Weather; Dynamic
    Tyre sim: On
    Fuel sim: on
    Race distance: 40%
    Penalty System: Minor

    Race Stewards: Penalties incurred in the race will count. If we can trust each other to race cleanly, then not having realistic damage will enhance the overall enjoyment of the championship. This system seems to have worked well in the other championships taking place within these forums.

    If you get a time penalty in the game (through cutting corners, using the car in front as a brake board etc.) then it will not be overturned unless you can provide evidence that you have been given a time penalty unfairly, and the majority agree.

    If you disagree with a crash penalty or would like to report incidents they have witnessed of reckless and dirty driving, video footage may be needed. Players will be docked points if they constantly break the rules.

    Racing: Clean with real-life F1 2012 rules taken into account. i.e. if you move to defend and then move back take your racing line, room must be left for the other car in the braking zone.

    Points System

    We are going to be using the same points system as used in the game (and in real life).

    There will be times when one cannot make the event due to other commitments. So it has been decided that we will use the ‘drop lowest score’ rule. This has been used successfully in the Collantine Cup. Basically a driver’s lowest result over the course of the season will be dropped. It will give everyone a free race that they could miss without destroying their championship hopes. Otherwise it undermines the whole point of having a championship and we might as well have one-off races.

    The Procedure

    I or the host for the event will create a Xbox party 10 minutes before the event. Everyone will be invited to this. After qualifying, there will be a 2 minute wait to allow drivers to prepare for the race, during which time no one is to select ‘Go to Race’ on the menu screen. The host will ask you all for confirmation that you are ready to proceed before beginning the countdown to the start of the race. There will only be one attempt at each race, no restarts.

    Headset usage

    If you have a microphone, you’re welcome to use it but please keep keep comments to a minimum.
    Note regarding Connection Issues.

    If a third or more of the field drops out in the first 5 minutes of qualifying, the session is restarted. If the host is having connection problems or if there is significant lag, a new host can be tried for the restart. This can only happen once per race.

    If there is a mass disconnection (a third or more of the field) before 75% distance, the race can be restarted as though there was a red flag. We will start another race in a new lobby (with the distance set to roughly how long the race had left to run), and on Lap 1, we all get ourselves into the race order at the red flag point, with the leader acting as the Safety Car. On Lap 2, we continue racing. If anyone can’t make it (time-wise or is having trouble connecting), then the race will be ended and points awarded for however far the race has progressed, ie, half points for under 75%, full points for over. If anyone fails to comply to getting into the correct order, they will disqualified and given a race ban.

    Note regarding absences

    Races can only be moved to a different date or time if everyone agrees. If the host cannot make it or is not online at the race time, then a substitute will host the race and it will go ahead as usual. No individual is bigger than the series.

    Drivers unable to make a round of the championship will not be penalised if they notify the others of their absence prior to that Round taking place. Drivers who do not turn up to multiple races without notifying in advance may have their place in the Championship offered to a reserve.

    If there is any rule you disagree with, it may only be changed if the majority agree.

    Please post indicating what team you’d like to drive for along with your Xbox gamertag. Teams will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.

    May the best driver win… but most importantly…

    Have fun!


    Looks very good, can’t wait for it to start


    Nice work @Kyle,

    I noticed that someone remarked that we haven’t got an organiser, and with mcwoblin showing no sign of returning, I’d like to put myself forward to be joint organiser with Kyle who took the initiative to start this thread up.

    @everyone in response to what days we can make Monday is not ideal for me, but with advanced notice I’m good for every other day bar friday.


    Cool Kyle
    Nights i can do are Monday and Wednesday but would prefer Monday.

    In terms of
    Assists: All allowed – i plan to do it with no assists but happy for everyone to have the option
    Damage: cosmetic – Should non or preferably full, but not in the middle. Nothing worse than a car with no front wing setting fastest laps after taking someone out at the start.


    Personally I prefer cosmetic to none because it feels a bit less mariokart-y, also with cosmetic you can tell if someone has crashed which I like.

    I’ll be playing with everything off except ABS so I won’t lock the brakes and smash into someone :).


    Good job . Hopefully some more people will join and we can get this under-way.

    Just one thing is would prefer maybe a better closing race to the season.

    I love Canada (though I’m not that good at it) but it hasn’t for me at least got the same impact Spa Monza Interlagos or Suzuka would have to wrap things up.


    Yeah I agree with Hollis. It might be better to have the races in the order they appear in during a season with Interlagos last, so more like:

    1. Melbourne
    2. Istanbul
    3. Monaco
    4. Montreal
    5. Silverstone
    6. Hungaroring
    7. Spa
    8. Monza
    9. Suzuka
    10. Interlagos

    Let me know what you think everybody.

    Also I’ve invited a couple of people off other boards who I think might be interested, hopefully they’ll join soon.


    I’m not really bothered by the order of the races tbh as long as melbourne is first.


    Hi I was wanting to drive for Mercedes if that’s ok with folk. My gamertag is Dr-Creamdream


    @ ms20 Thats quite the contradiction you’ve got there haha,

    I’ve PMd the other four absent posters including mcwoblin from the previous thread about the championship to see if they’re still interested in competing. I feel the biggest stumbling block will be numbers so we have to try and sort this out as quickly as possible.


    @ hoojey That’s fine, and nice gamertag lol


    In terms of damage If we can trust each other – we can switch to realistic. @mrgrieves I see your point regarding someone losing their front wing and still being quick.

    With the exception of Oz, the calendar was randomly generated. I thought it might of made the championship more unique. I don’t mind changing it.

    We’ll decide by majority. Everyone let me know what you think in regards to:

    1. Assists? should we restrict them or keep it open? What assists are people going to use?
    2. Realistic or cosmetic damage?
    3. keeping or switching to calendar suggested by kvothe?

    I will also invite a few others from different forums :-)

    @hoojey I’ve added you to Mercedes on the driver list!


    1. All assists on, makes it more inclusive; ABS and automatic gears (using a pad) a dynamic line corners only

    2. Either cosmetic damage or no damage, its not just an issue of trust because people make mistakes, and outbreak themselves ect. With no damage/cosmetic damage ect we also minismise the impact on other drivers who might be faultless in an incident and allow them to get back in the race. We can see how this season goes and then make a more informed decision in regards to this next season.

    3. I vote for Kvothe’s excellant arrangement of the calendar, although I feel its my obligation to inform you all that there may be a conflict of interest;)


    1. All on (although I must say playing with them off is much more fun :D)
    2. Cosmetic – same reasons as kvothe
    3. not bothered

    @kvothe manual gears is fine on a controller with a few hours practice and imho manual gears and turning off the racing line makes you faster


    @ms20 Yeah i know I’ve just always been a bit lazy in that respect. In the run upto Melbourne I’ll try and practice without them and see how it goes, and I follow my own line I tend keep it more out of habit and as a reference point to make sure I don’t outbreak myself when I’m going wheel to wheel.

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