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    Don’t worry @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, fear not!

    Fast Johnny’s technical skills are second to none, almost as impressive as my skill with the ladies. Nonetheless, with my exceptional technical input, and brilliant advice to the engineers, our Williams car is virtually guaranteed to improve by the usual minimum of 6 tenths I bring to every car I test. I will eat my cat if we aren’t taking on the big boys next race.


    @DaveF1 Tough to call, actually. We don’t seem to have reliability issues, but we’re struggling on sheer pace. Buffing Dry Pace is pretty much an obvious choice, since I’m pretty sure that improves both pace stats, but I can’t really decide what else to buff. We seem to be better in qualifying than in the race, but even in qualifying we always get knocked out in Q1…

    What’s your call?



    Looking at the position we’re currently I’d go for dry pace. I’d much rather get knocked out in Q1 but move up the field than qualify in 10th and eventually fall down the pack.

    Bradley Downton

    Official LUKoil Russian Grand Prix Preview
    Finally takes place tonight!

    Laps: 53
    Chance of Rain: 25%
    Temperature: Cold

    Favorite Tracks: Bomeny (Ferrari), Mathershaw (Ferrari), Armos (Mercedes), Hofman (Infinti), Widger (Spyker)

    Weather Report
    FP1: Dry (Pirelli)
    FP2: Light Rain (Goodyear)
    Qualifying: Dry (Pirelli)
    Race: Dry (Pirelli)


    I am really looking forward to this :-)


    Yay :D

    Let’s hope that dry pace upgrade pays off

    Bradley Downton

    Ingram leads Williams 1-2 in FP1
    William Ingram headed his teammate Johnny Kingshark in first practice for Russia to claim a surprise 1-2 for the Williams team. Jamie Franklin finished third in his bid for his first podium finish of the season with race 1 winner Nic Morley 4th. Kevin Cucamest put in a strong performance for Caterham to go 5th with the second Lotus of Nykänen in 6th. Ferrari were well split and shocked by their performance as Mathershaw finished 7th with Champion Bomeny down in 16th. Haddleton put in a strong performance for Ford in 11th however teammate Kirkham remained at the back of the grid. Needham couldn’t match his teammate as he struggled to 18th while Graham just made the top 20 in his Red Bull.

    Full FP1 Results
    1. Ingram (Williams)
    2. Kingshark (Williams)
    3. Franklin (Lotus)
    4. Morley (McLaren)
    5. Cucamest (Caterham)
    6. Nykänen (Lotus)
    7. Mathershaw (Ferrari)
    8. Bakhtiari (Mallya)
    9. Frog (Marussia)
    10. Robson (Red Bull)
    11. Haddleton (Ford)
    12. Varga (McLaren)
    13. Chan (Sauber)
    14. Sunderland (Mercedes)
    15. Widger (Spyker)
    16. Bomeny (Ferrari)
    17. d’Hazorme (Sauber)
    18. Needham (Caterham)
    19. Gilbert (Marussia)
    20. Graham (Red Bull)
    21. Armos (Mercedes)
    22. Eberhart (Mallya)
    23. Czaczyk (Infiniti)
    24. Hofman (Infiniti)
    25. Peacock (Pagani)
    26. Butler (Spyker)
    27. Downton (Pagani)
    28. Kirkham (Ford)

    Bradley Downton

    Armos Heads Damp FP2
    Kaz Armos went fastest for Mercedes as light rain hit FP2 ahead of the inaugural Russian Grand Prix. Felipe Bomeny improved from his First Practice shocker by going second while Nykänen made sure a Lotus was third once again. Kingshark proved he just loves this track by going fourth fastest while the Morning’s fastest man, Kingshark’s teammate William Ingram, could only manage 24th.Downton was surprisingly disappointed with 5th for Pagani.

    We normally have such good pace in the wet, easily enough for the top three, and so, to only be fifth, after the team have worked do hard on an upgrade for these conditions.. It’s kind of a kick in the teeth, it’s almost like we’ve gone backwards

    Mathershaw and Cucamest also found themselves at the bottom of the times after strong first practice performance while Graham again was stumped as to his lack of pace in 27th.

    Full FP2 Results
    1. Armos (Mercedes)
    2. Bomeny (Ferrari)
    3. Nykänen (Lotus)
    4. Kingshark (Williams)
    5. Downton (Pagani)
    6. Gilbert (Marussia)
    7. Chan (Sauber)
    8. Franklin (Lotus)
    9. Needham (Caterham)
    10. Peacock (Pagani)
    11. Varga (McLaren)
    12. Hofman (Infiniti)
    13. Robson (Red Bull)
    14. Morley (McLaren)
    15. Bakhtiari (Mallya)
    16. Widger (Spyker)
    17. Kirkham (Ford)
    18. Sunderland (Mercedes)
    19. Haddleton (Ford)
    20. d’Hazorme (Sauber)
    21. Cucamest (Caterham)
    22. Frog (Marussia)
    23. Butler (Spyker)
    24. Ingram (Williams)
    25. Mathershaw (Ferrari)
    26. Czaczyk (Infiniti)
    27. Graham (Red Bull)
    28. Eberhart (Mallya)


    pfff :/


    Hooray, it’s back :D

    Oli Peacock

    How im consistently slower than @bradley13 i dont know, feels like EVERY session.


    @bradley13 I assume that was meant to say “damp” and not “damn”…that or you aren’t particularly pleased with the result?


    “Damn P2” sounds about right to me.


    Bring it on~

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